By The Gay UK, Nov 22 2014 05:00PM

Okay, who is looking forward to Andrea Faustini's rendition of a Whitney Classic.

Andrea Faustini is bound to wow a national audience tonight live on the XFACTOR as he takes on the classic Whitney track, I Have Nothing.

§Speaking about performing at the live shows, Andrea said, 'I just want to sing my heart out, show everyone who I really am, and give everything I have. I think this is the greatest chance I've ever had in my life. I still can’t believe it right now.'

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Andrea, who is the bookies' favourite to win this year's XFACTOR said in an interview that he felt overwhelmed when it was announced that he would be taking part in next year's XFACTOR Tour. The tour features the finalists of the show.

Here's what the other contestants are singing:


Lauren Platt - How Will I Know?


Only The Young - Something About The Way You Look Tonight

Stereo Kicks - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Ben Haenow - I Will Always Love You

Fleur East - I'm Every Woman

Stevi Ritchie - I'm Still Standing

Tonight's show is the Whitney Vs. Elton John, you can watch it on ITV1 from 8:00PM

By The Gay UK, Nov 22 2014 03:31PM

As a community we are used to people making the most ridiculous statements about how being gay will spoil the world for straight people, but a new condemnation from a County Commissioner from Galveston, Texas may just top the lot.

Right-wing Republican Ken Clark proclaimed: ‘this is how the decline of the empire happens if we acquiesce to these sort of items little by little!’

And what is this devastating new devolvement that was making the walls of the world come crushing down? Simply a requirement by the IRS (Inland Revenue Service) to offer same-sex spouses married in other States retirement rights & benefits just like any other (straight) married couple.

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The scary thing is that Clark was not alone in his views, as a local Pastor added; 'if we, as freemen, do not draw the line here against political correctness, moral decline, our children will inherit the bonds of moral slavery’.

Same Sex Marriage is now legal in 35 of the 50 States. Texas is not one of them.

P.S. Here is the audio of his whole rant.

by Roger Walker-Dack

By The Gay UK, Nov 22 2014 01:11PM

An incredible insightful list of negative feelings towards being male has surfaced on Twitter written by a Nine-Year-Old boy.

The list of nine concerns from the nine-year-old, unidentified boy, includes 'Not Being Able To Be A Mother,' 'Suppose To Play Football' and 'Boys Smell Bad'.

A teacher in the US, asked students to make a list about what they didn't like about being their gender.

The crushing list features his worries which include thoughts about his career path and the responsibilities of being a bread winner, and the restrictions are placed on men by society, such as not being allowed to be a cheer leader, to biological restrictions such as being a mother.

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His full list was:

- Not being able to be a mother

- Not suppost to cry (sic)

- Not allowed to be a cheerleader

- Suppost to do all the work

- Suppost to like vilence

- Suppost to play football

- Boys smell bad

- Having a automatic bad reputation

- Grow hair everywhere

By The Gay UK, Nov 22 2014 11:00AM

The official GAY wing of L.A. County Jail known K6G is evidently so fabulous that straight inmates want in to. This notoriously rough prison set up the special unit in response to a 1985 ACLU lawsuit aimed to protect GBT (gay, bi, trans) prisoners from the general population.

LA Weekly made a short documentary about life inside K6G when they were shown around by Dave Williams aka Yah Yah a transgender inmate known for her performing impromptu fashion shows in her dorm. The residents of the wing are a creative bunch and turn their bedsheets into halter-top baby doll dresses with matching white Cinderalla glovesand their jail uniforms in to tie-dyed hot pants. Yah Yah is the Wing’s elected “House Mouth,” which is sort of the prison equivalent to a mother superior.

She runs the show in K6G. Despite being incarcerated, she has a surprisingly upbeat attitude about life behind bars, which she tries to pass on to her fellow inmates. 'We make up songs,' she explains. 'In this dorm, we have what is called the "Word of the Day." If I say the word of the day, the whole dorm will say, ‘Yeeeeeah!''

The sense of community there is so strong that it isn’t uncommon for people to re-offend once they’re released to be back with their chosen family, and in fact weddings are fairly common among inmates. They are given a great deal more freedom than the general prison population to express as a community. As one inmate describes, “You’re allowed to be with whomever you want to, talk to whomever you want and do whatever you want to, basically, as long as you do it in a respectable way.”

Straight inmates fake being gay to live in the less menacing Gay Wing so that they can escape gang violence, but also to gain access to the dorm to have sex with gay prisoners. However Prison Officers use a gaydar test to keep the straight guys out. One way they try and weed out the fakers is by quizzing them on their favorite gay bars. “Where do you hang out?” “Describe what it looks like inside.” “What’s the cover charge?”.

Personally we think there is cause enough to let them in if they are just damn cute!

by Roger Walker-Dack

By The Gay UK, Nov 22 2014 10:58AM

Pornstar and DJ Pierre Fitch has been sharing his kitchen with a hot guy - and isn't afraid to show him off.

Is this Pierre Fitch's Boyfriend?
Is this Pierre Fitch's Boyfriend?

In a Instagram post, Pierre asked his followers, 'Who is the sexy guy making veggie sushis in my kitchen !'

This isn't the first time the unidentified lad has been posted about by Pierre. On the 18th November Pierre posted a picture of the same guy, prompting questions from his fans about whether this was Pierre's new boyfriend.

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Pierre Fitch is one of the world's most popular adult stars, having amassed over 215,000 likes on his Facebook page.

By The Gay UK, Nov 22 2014 09:51AM

Another Country singer, Billy Gilman, comes out as gay via a YouTube Video.

Will Nashville become a little more friendly towards gay artists after a second Country singer Billy Gilman, 26, came out yesterday in solidarity with Ty Herndon, who came out as gay during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Billy came out in a YouTube video to his fans, in a way that echoed Tom Daley's coming out in December 2013. The video has been viewed 551,000 times in just two days.

In the five and a half minute video the vocalist talks about life with his partner, who he's been with for five months, and his difficultly with major record labels wanting to re-sign him, despite selling 5 million records.

No major label showed up to a showcase he did, highlighting the struggles that gay artists have in the music industry. He had been signed to EPIC, home to Alexandra Burke and Olly Murs, before moving to Image Entertainment.

His debut album went double platinum in the US, selling over 2 million copies.

The star also shows a sneak peak of a new music video he's planning to release independently.

By The Gay UK, Nov 22 2014 02:00AM


Actor Sean Hayes best known for playing Jack McFarland in the ground-breaking TV Series ‘WILL & GRACE’ married his partner of 8 years composer Scott Icenogle in Los Angeles this week.


17 Hilarious Karen Walker Quotes

TODAY IN GAY: Will And Grace First Airs

Although Hayes played the most visible outrageously gat characters on mainstream television for 8 years, he didn’t publicly ‘come out’ as gay until 2010.

By The Gay UK, Nov 21 2014 10:00PM

HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust is to mark National HIV Testing Week (22nd – 30th November) by relaunching its highly popular postal HIV testing service for gay and bisexual men.

The Fastest Direct service is a collaboration between Terrence Higgins Trust and Public Health England, with additional funding and support from HIV Prevention England. It is available free of charge to gay and bisexual men living in England. Men wanting to test will be able to place an order at and receive an HIV test kit delivered to their door. The process involves a simple finger-prick blood test, which is then posted in a pre-paid envelope to a laboratory for testing. Results are returned within 14 days, either by text message (for negative results), or with a telephone call to provide support and referral to a specialist HIV service (for reactive results).

Read our review here

TheGayUK Editor Jake Hook Reviews Postal HIV Test Kit

In 2013, there were an estimated 43,500 gay and bisexual men living with HIV in the UK, one in six of whom remain undiagnosed. Undiagnosed infection is widely recognised as a key factor driving the UK’s HIV epidemic, as someone who remains undiagnosed is much more likely to pass the virus on unwittingly than someone who has tested and is on treatment. National HIV Testing Week was established by Terrence Higgins Trust and HIV Prevention England in 2012, in a bid to reduce high levels of undiagnosed and late-diagnosed HIV among gay men and Africans in England.

In 2013, Terrence Higgins Trust ran a pilot postal HIV testing scheme in England, which demonstrated significant demand and acceptability for the option to test for HIV at home. Around 32% of those who returned a test had never tested for the virus before, and 25% had not tested in the last 12 months. 97% of users agreed that they would use the service again.

Cary James, Head of Health Improvement for Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “There are more than 7,000 gay and bi men in the UK who have HIV but don’t yet know they have it. To slow the spread of the virus, we need to take every opportunity to get more people testing more regularly, and that includes finding new ways to reach people outside of the clinic. We are very pleased to be relaunching Fastest Direct, and we would encourage anyone who hasn’t tested before, or perhaps hasn’t tested in some time, to take advantage of the service and be sure of their HIV status.”

In April 2014, the sale of HIV self-testing kits – where a person performs an HIV test on themselves and receives an immediate result – became legal in the UK. However, no kit has yet been approved that is available for sale.

For further information on HIV testing, or to request a postal HIV test, please visit

By The Gay UK, Nov 21 2014 07:57PM

A nervous Kendra Wilkinson is all strapped up ready for her Bushtucker Trial, Cockroach Shaker, and has 10-minutes to find 10 stars within the ice cubes.

Strapped up in a massive Cocktail shaker the US reality star, most famous for being one of three girlfiends of Playboy Hugh Hefner, screamed as she was turned upside down, whilst looking for ten stars in ice cubes. Sounds easy until you factor in that she was locked up with a variety of nasty creepy crawlies.

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Watch below as Kendra does her best to win 10 meals for her campmates.

Watch on Friday 21 November at 9pm - 10.30pm ITV 1

By The Gay UK, Nov 21 2014 07:44PM

Sir Ian McKellen helps London South Bank University graduate Rhys Chapman, raise over £25,000 to produce short film to highlight homophobia in football.

Sir Ian
Sir Ian

In September Rhys launched a campaign on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to raise the production budget for the project, and this was given a boost when Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen agreed to lend his iconic voice to the pilot film.

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Within just two months Rhys had raised the money he needed through public donations on Kickstarter, even attracting support on social media from other celebrities including Stephen Fry and Alan Carr. In another Hollywood tie-in, The Kevin Spacey Foundation also made a generous contribution to the funding total.

Rhys’ short film - entitled Wonderkid, will follow a young professional football player coming to terms with his sexuality and searching for acceptance in a hyper masculine environment. The film will aim to challenge the perceptions of athletes and highlight the pressure they face living up to the identity society has created for them.

Rhys said, 'It’s an honour to receive support from such influential and admirable individuals. Without their backing and the knowledge I received at LSBU, my vision would not have come to life so soon and I am truly grateful.'

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