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By The Gay UK, Oct 22 2014 12:06PM

Two male strippers from the US have been Quarantined after sitting near an Ebola victim on a flght.

Goode Via Facebook
Goode Via Facebook

According to AP during a Skype interview, Axl Goode (pictured) and Taylor Cole confirmed that they have put themselves in lock-down at their homes for 21 days and are not allow to come into contact or be within three feet of anyone. The lock-down is self imposed as healthcare officials still have not created a policy on whether those who are on board flights with infected persons should face isolation.

The news came after they found out they had been sitting near Ebola victim Amber Vinson ona flight from Dallas to Cleveland in the US. The two strippers had been attending the Romanticon Convention.

The two dancers were amongst the 132 passengers on Frontier Airlines Flight 1142.

'I had just come back from a book conference and while there I read on how Ebola affects the body and what it does when you contract the disease and how terrible it is.' Good said in an interview with AP.

'So certainly–a lot of fear, a lot of panic. It took a while for it to hit me. That was pretty scary.'

He has said that he is shocked that the CDC has not ordered their isolation saying, ‘If a stripper can make a decision that’s more responsible than the CDC, then surely other people can make those decisions, too.’


By The Gay UK, Oct 22 2014 11:33AM

In a world where folk are obsessed by taking pictures of their bits or filming themselves during acts of self and mutual gratification then posting them online, or in some celebrity cases having them leaked, we were not surprise to find we’re not the only ones in the animal kingdom doing this!

By Graham Davies | 22nd October 2014

This horny panda apparently was caught enjoying some light masturbation after chomping on a bamboo stick, unaware he was being filmed on a motion camera out in the wild. Shot by the World Wildlife Fund and backed by some dreadful nineties porn music, we ask is any animals self gratification videos safe from the eyes of the world?

By The Gay UK, Oct 21 2014 08:59PM

So so so... OTown's Erik Michael Estrada has stripped off and is looking great!

But it's a little 'Look At Me... Don't Look At Me...'

Captioning his topless picture Erik said, 'Support the cause. But what ever you do don't look at my abs. Or how low under wear is. Or my junk. #seriouslysupportthecause'

We're looking and liking.

OTOWN who recently stopped by to chat with TheGayUK, in issue 5, are riding high on the success of their independent record Lines And Circles.

OTOWN first turned up on our radios in the early noughties with their mega hit Liquid Dreams.

By The Gay UK, Oct 21 2014 08:24PM

Goodness Liza, we often just spend days imagining various celebrities and their respective partners naked... No really. We do, we have court orders to prove...

However Lance Bass has shown off his gorgeous boyfriend Michael Turchin in his full glory. Okay not quite full frontal glory, but we get a good glimpse of his perky bottom, which made it worth coming into the office today.

And very nice it is too.

So as Lance creeps up behind his BF in the shower room, Michael is surprised and releases a not so uncute scream and says to the camera... "I'm Naked..."

Michael Turchin | Lance Bass Instagram
Michael Turchin | Lance Bass Instagram

Yes, Michael you are... We like it.

The couple have been engaged for over a year, and the former NSYNCER recently re-proposed in August this year. A source close to the pair say they are planning to get married in early 2015.

By The Gay UK, Oct 21 2014 05:48PM

Although the world of modern medicine is quite amazing, I feel that our focus can sometimes rely too much on what our doctors can administer. It seems we may have fallen out of touch with what nature can already prescribe us. After all, surely our civilization would have been completely wiped out if we were not already provided with natural medicinal resources on this earth?

Eat great, feel great...
Eat great, feel great...

By no means am I suggesting medication be swapped in favour of natural remedies, and whenever incorporating a supplement or out of the ordinary addition to your diet, you should always seek medical advice in the first instance.

After recently being diagnosed HIV myself, and try as I might, as I'm sure some HIV positive people may be able to relate to when they first found out, I could not find the wonder drug online to cure me! I'm assuming this was my denial stage. After re-assessing and implementing a new diet, I started delving into plants and herbs that had undergone testing and scientific research that provided some promising results.

The more I looked, the more evidence I came across not only from clinical trials but professional herbalists, ancient practices of medicine, even biblical references. It would seem that the plant world does have some interesting attributes in helping to strengthen our immune system, and dis-encouraging the growth of the HIV-1 virus within the body. A lot of the evidence found to support anti-HIV activity also shows anti-cancer activity too.

The following plants/herbs/spices are readily available and would not only benefit people that are HIV positive, but could be used within any diet/regime for general and specific health issues. It is not suggested that you take it upon yourself to incorporate any of the following before seeking advice / approval from your GP / Nurse / or nutritionist (especially if you are on any medication as certain plants have been known to interfere or react with meds). Some of the studies carried out have been done so via test tube so it is unclear how reactive the plant is on the human body.

If you are considering discussing the possibility of incorporating supplements with a professional, then it's best to ensure you initially bring it back to basics and ensure you have a healthy diet and are eating the right foods for your body. Spirulina and pomegranates will do nothing for you if your a chicken nugget and chocolate fiend.

Herbalists can help treat a huge range of health issues; immune system issues, allergies, autoimmune conditions, energy, stamina, fatigue, emotional health, hormonal health, fertility, digestion, nutrition, skin, heart & circulation, and joints & bones. To find a herbalist near you, click here.

MANGOSTEEN (Queen of the tropical fruits)

Historically used in folk medicine, this fruit is thought to have come from South East Asia. The entire fruit (rind, flesh, leaves, bark) contain Xanthones, which have; anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, to name a few. A study which took place showed that xanthone mangostin, derived from the mangosteen inhibted the replication cycle of HIV. (SOURCE

BITTER MELON (wild cucumber)

An unusual vegetable-fruit used as a healing aid for intestinal or stomach disorders (ulcers, colitis, constipation, worms). Bitter melon has also proved successful for people suffering with; psoriasis, liver disease, kidney stones, and diabetes. MAP-30, a plant protein within the veggie-fruit has been found to fight against the HIV virus. (SOURCE:


In Greek this word means 'Holy Herb'. In fact, it is so holy it's mentioned ten times in the Old Testament, being used to purify sacred areas and cleanse leprosy sufferers. Hyssop is an immune system strengthener and blood nourisher. The crude extracts of dried out Hyssop officinalis leaves showed potent antiviral qualities and anti-HIV activity.



Olive leaf is simply the leaves from an olive tree. With an antioxidant level doubling that of green tea extract, and 400% higher than vitamin C, no wonder the olive tree was referred to as “the tree of life” in the Bible. The real treasure within the extract lies within it's Oleuropein, that contains; anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. The extract is used for blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, ulcers, diabetes, cancer, HIV, and many more. Studies found that the Oleuropein prevents acute infection and replication of the HIV virus.



I recognised this immediately as an avid Nigella Lawson fan, she uses these seeds in one of her recipes. The seed has been used in medicines for thousands of years, and was also reported to have been found in King Tut's tomb. Used to encourage healing headaches, toothaches, digestive issues, haemorrhoids, respitorary issues, lowering blood pressure, treating cancer, and boosting the immune system. I read somewhere that the only thing black seeds cannot cure, is death.

Interestingly, one of the studies that was carried out on an HIV patient induced a sero-reversion (tested negative for HIV), and remained at healthy CD4 counts 24 months after the experiment.



For some reason I don't have the capacity to say this word correctly the first time I go to say it. Spirulina is a high-protein “super food” which is formed from a blue-green algae. Rich in vitamins; A, B1, B6, B12, C, along with proteins and minerals. Spirulina has been found to inhibit the replication of HIV in the blood. Available in most health food stores, I have personally started to incorporate this in my diet.



The neem plant is native to India and it's surrounding regions. The entire plant can be used in medicine and has been done so, especially within traditional medicines such as Ayurveda, to treat malaria, cancer, skin diseases, and diabetes to name a few. With research into it's benefits to people with HIV, the results concluded a significant influence on CD4 cells.



No introduction necessary. Personally I cannot stand the stuff! However, as a supplement for someone with HIV it could potentially slow the activation of any dormant immune cells, which would prevent the virus from replicating within the blood. Liquorice root contains the compound glycyrrhizin, which is the part that helps prevent replication. Liquorice root is also full of many anti-depressant qualities and could be used as an alternative to St. John's Wort. Large quantites are not advised (no more than 7g a day) as it may have implications with testosterone in the body.


SUMAC (Rhus chinensis)

Sumac fruits are ground into a red powder, used widely to spice dishes in the Middle East. It has a lemony flavour to it and is often used in hummus. Research has shown that compounds within sumac have anti-HIV activity and would be a useful medicinal plant for HIV patients. Sumac is also a wonderful antioxidant.



From East Asia this “five flavour fruit”, would traditionally be used in Chinese medicine to fight infection, help sufferers of insomnia, and promote healthy skin. Schisandra contains anti-aging properties and has also been used to normalize blood sugar/pressure, whilst boosting your immune system. The fruit has had great results for treating liver disease / hepatitis. China developed a liver-protecting drug titled DBD which is made from compounds within the fruit. The fruit contains lingnans, and it is these that have demonstrated anti-HIV virus activity.



I love this tea. I probably drink about 10 cups a day. A study shows a polysaccharide within rooibois leaves has strong anti-HIV properties. They concluded the polysaccharide plays a big part in the mechanism for the virus binding itself to T Cells, and the prevention of that. It is unclear whether this can be achieved by just drinking the tea, however. On the plus side the polyphenols within the tea help to ease headaches, allergies, bone weakness, asthma, eczema, stomach cramps, and also boost your immune system!



Massive antioxidant qualities within the elderberry. It's juice was actually used to combat a flu epidemic in Panama, 1995. Elderberries help the immune system's response to when it is under attack or low, and is also rich in vitamins A,B,C. The experiment that took place showed that flavanoid compounds in elderberries blocked HIV-1 entry.



The root of this herb is used to treat anaemia, kidney disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and HIV. Researchers claim that the herb increases the T-cell count within the body, making this a good immunity booster. Herbalists have used this herb in their medicines for years. Andrew Weil, author of “Spontaneous Healing”- which is an amazing book by the way- has used astragalus with his clients that are HIV positive.


Annoyingly, I cannot stand any of the following as they are all a type of mushroom. If you are like me, then they are available in tinctures, capsules, and other complexes. But again, consult your doctor first. Certain types of mushroom have had amazing coverage on their antioxidant and health promoting properties. A lot of research has gone into their impact on cancer, along with HIV.

MAITAKE (the dancing mushroom)

Maitake, or “the miracle mushroom” have been eaten in Asia for years. As a medicine, it has been used for in the treatment of cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, high cholesterol and HIV. Polysaccharides and beta glucans within the mushroom aid the immune system and promote T-Cells.



This mushroom is one of the highest antioxidants in the world. It has also been publicised previously about its health benefits with cancer. Chaga mushrooms have been useful in treating over 40 conditions. For extensive information on the chaga mushroom read here:


You probably wont ever see this kind of mushroom in a kitchen. They are bitter and hard. In medicine, they like the chaga mushroom are an amazing antioxidant and free radical fighter. Reishi mushrooms are also considered to be beneficial to those suffering with cancer, as they may suppress tumour growth. Reishi mushrooms have also been used with respiratory issues, such as asthma, as they appear to have a healing effect on the lungs. (SOURCE: )

An experiment showed that the reishi mushroom did in fact contain compounds that would help inhibit the HIV virus (SOURCE: )


We may recognise this mushroom the most from our love and knowledge of eastern food. This mushroom is a fantastic source of iron. The shiitake has been documented to provide immune support, protection against rheumatoid arthritis (RA), have cardiovascular and anti-cancer benefits, (SOURCE ) and test tube studies showed that lignins within the shiitake prevented HIV cells from attacking the needed T-cells. (SOURCE )


Obviously we are going to see a lot of vitamin C in the pomegranate, with that a high level of anti-oxidants, in fact more so than the almighty acai berry or green tea. Pomegranates do wonders for your skin. Not only can pomegranates help a dry type skin, but they can also help soothe outbreaks on more oily/combo type skin. This vibrant fruit promotes skin regeneration and can help slow the ageing process on our skin. For the rest of our body pomegranates can help; cardiovascular health, bone quality (from the vitamin K), aid digestion, treat anaemia (pomegranates are also high in iron), and have found to contain a property that helps lose weight. Research with pomegranates and cancer has suggested that they could help treat prostate and breast cancer. (source: )

An experiment that took place using pomegranate juice showed that it may help in blocking the HIV virus from binding to T-cells. (SOURCE )


by Jordan Lohan

By The Gay UK, Oct 21 2014 03:36PM

Five men have been arrested by police in Hopkinsville, Kentucky after the brutal rape of a 15-year-old boy, who has been left with a punctured colon.

Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville | google maps
Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville | google maps

The attack reportedly happened on the 12th October, at a house party. It was captured on video and shared by Snapchat.

Five men aged between 17 and 20 have been arrested by police in Kentucky. Police haven't yet released any details about the assault, but they have announced that the attackers knew their victim.

The victim was in a critical condition and spent days in intensive care. He was treated at the Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville. He is making a full recovery at home.

Queerty reports that the attackers have been charged with sodomy, first degree; promoting a minor in a sex performance; use of a minor in a sex performance; distribution of matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor. A $1million bond has been posted for one of the alleged attackers.

By The Gay UK, Oct 21 2014 01:34PM

When 60-year-old Alice comes to Toronto six months after becoming a widow, her daughter Suzanne a lawyer is too busy at work to be home to greet her mother.


She asks her unemployed friend Tru to step in at the last minute to look after Alice but then is shocked when she later arrives home and find that the two women have very quickly bonded. When Suzanne goes back to the office again that night, Alice takes Tru out to dinner to thank her, and the conversation soon takes a very personal turn.

Alice is fascinated to learn about 30-something-year-old Tru's life as a commitment phobic serial-bed-hopping lesbian's seemingly carefree life. She admits to having similar feelings when she was young, but confessed that back in those days one had either to get married or join a nunnery. This provokes Tru into joking that the latter would have been the same as being a lesbian. There is obviously an attraction between the two women, but both are afraid to act upon it.

The relationship between Alice and Suzanne is however is tenuous to say the least as if neither can deal with the other's grief for the departed husband/father. When it is clear that Alice's spirits are so lifted by just spending time with Tru, Suzanne steps in and meddles to try and ensure that she puts a stop to their budding relationship. It appears at first she is in denial that Alice could possibly be a lesbian, but it soon turns out that this lonely partner less woman has another reason to resent Tru making her mother so happy.

Tru on the other hand slowly realizes that with this welcoming older woman she is capable of loving someone after all. Alice never doubts her feelings but in some wonderful scenes talking to her late husband (seen on screen) she does question if this invalidates her life to date as she has not been true to her own feelings.

This very touching story is very much about the two women's quite chaste love but also equally about Alice's relationship with her own daughter which seems to have reached a very low point. It's unexpected and sudden ending was not the best way to finish the story as it didn’t really seem to give closure to all of them, well, at least to the two younger women.

It's an entertaining spirited movie about a delightful May/December relationship. Shauna MacDonald who co-wrote and co-directed as well as playing Tru gave herself a part that could/should have done more, but she did at least enable Kate Trotter who superbly played Alice and was a sheer joy as so convincingly conveyed the spirit of a woman finally discovering herself.

By The Gay UK, Oct 20 2014 03:31PM

Fans of the US version of Queer As Folk will rejoice in hearing that Gale Harold, who played the very sexual Brian Kinney is playing gay once more in Kiss Me, Kill Me, if the money comes in!

Gale who has also starred in Desperate Housewives, Defiance and Deadwood has been announced as one of the stars for new gay film called Kiss Me Kill Me.

The film, which is currently looking for crowd funding, is described as an Alfred Hitchcock/Agatha Christie-style "Who-done-it" set in a little town called West Hollywood and is being Directed and produced by Casper Andreas and has been written by David Michael Barrett.

Along with Gale is the rather beautiful, three time Emmy nominee Van Hansis, who also starred in Eastsiders. The delectable Matthew Ludwinski from Going Down In La La Land is also penned to join the cast.

According to the makers, 'This movie is a passion project. Every single person both before and behind the camera is involved because we believe in it. We are a small group, with a small film, and we want to make this movie for a small amount of money.

'Our risks and challenges will be enormous. Even though that is true of every film production, at every budget, the smaller the budget the greater the challenges. Actors can drop out, locations can become unavailable. Pretty much anything that can go wrong in life can go wrong while making a small movie. But our team has a lot of experience in film production and overcoming the various obstacles that will inevitably arise.

'And we have passion!'

There are 16 days to go and the project has raised nearly 50% of its goal, with 378 backers. You can pledge anything from $5.00 to $10,000.

By The Gay UK, Oct 20 2014 03:09PM

Tulisa, makes her hugely anticipated return to the world of music this December with her new single ‘Living Without You’.

‘Living Without You’ welcomes Tulisa back to her first love – her music, and sees her confidently reclaiming the dance floor as if she has never been away.

Her first release in two years, ‘Living Without You’ begins with a piano-led intro, before an electro beat kicks in to an instantly memorable, contemporary dance track. Contrasting garage influences and pop synths with lyrics about desperation and heartbreak. Tulisa’s powerful vocals and emotive delivery soar on this unmissable club tune that effortlessly demonstrates why she became a household name as a chart topping pop star. The track is produced by STL, the same team behind Tulisa’s No.1 single ‘Young’,

Tulisa shot to fame first as a member of N-Dubz, during which time she achieved two platinum albums and won 4 MOBO Awards. She has since established herself as a star in her own right, with a smash No.1 solo single and a successful stint as judge on The X Factor where she mentored two of the shows biggest success stories, Ella Henderson and Little Mix.

After a tumultuous year and a half, emotionally documented in her hit BBC show ‘Tulisa: The Price Of Fame’, Tulisa announced her return to work this September by becoming arguably the toast of this year’s X Factor series so far, when she guested at Judges’ Houses, emerging from the sea in Bermuda in THAT bikini.

‘Living Without You’ is released on 7th December through AATW.

By The Gay UK, Oct 20 2014 02:00PM

Like life, all good things come to an end, and for Norwegian electronica superstars that time is now, but fear not they are leaving with us with one last incredible album and a little hint that it’s not quite the last of them.


Album opener “Skulls” is a futuristic slab of electro-pop, addicting, pulsing and voiced by an ethereal sounding pop robot that Daft Punk would be jealous of and it certainly sets the tone for the rest of album, ie euphoric cry-on-the-dancefloor anthems.

Next up is a massively reworked version of the Robyn featuring “Monument” gone is the laid back chilled vibe of the original and in comes chunky synth riffs & throbbing beats, it sounds bigger and somehow more epic. “Sordid Affair” is next and it’s a polished little soft-dance number about heartbreak, following track “You Know I Have To Go” follows the same path but takes the tempo down a good few notches for a other worldly 3am walking back from the club on your own thinking about stuff experience.

“Save Me” up next and takes that tempo back up a few and grows nicely into a rather sprawling melancholic love song, the tempo goes sky high next for album highlight “I Had This Thing” the very definition of a euphoric-cry-on-the-dancefloor anthem. Robyn makes her 2nd and final appearance on the short but not sweet violin enhanced bleepy swirls and swear word laden “Rong”

The tempo remains firmly down for “Here She Comes Again” and “Running To The Sea” the latter is another superb piece of throbbing cry-on-the-dancefloor slice of melancholy euphoria, “Compulsion” is up next and it’s a big piece of dark undulating electronica, “Coup de Grace” is a sweeping electronic instrumental (the only one on the album) and it serves as a bit of an epic emotional build up to the last ever album track “Thank You” which is a touching pop robot voiced piano led little number, thanking us forever. *weep*

Whatever the future holds for Röyksopp this last ever album is a fantastic way to say farewell and thank you for the music

The Inevitable End is released Nov 10 2014 - Pre Order the album with the button below.

Links: / /

by George McPhail

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