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Mr Showbiz is back in the house. We caught up with him shortly before he went in!

What have you been doing since you were evicted?

It's been mad. The eviction was a shock and the initial feeling was, “Why me?” Then I went into performing mode and said, “Well, I've had my five minutes of fame!” But I was gutted. I felt cheated. It was like being dragged away from your family even though I had only known those people for two hours. It was a horrible feeling. The Timebomb was a good idea but it was brutal.

You were only in for a very short time but did you have any favourites?

I'm a good judge of character and I really took to the twins. I love Chloe. Harriet I really like. I like the real people in the House, because a lot of them are not being real.

Have you kept watching?

Oh yes, I watch it avidly. I'm not sour!

Who have you suspected of playing a game?

Cristian, Kieran, Danny and Sarah, they're not my sort of people. I think that they are plastic and boring. They're not entertaining to watch and they are just arrogant and vain.

You're coming back in having seen it all. How will you use your knowledge?

I don't do fake and I'll bring them back down to earth. There is no strength in that House and that is what I bring. It's like a cake with no substance. I'm the icing on the cake, darling!

What will you bring to the house this time?


Will you change your approach from the way you went in first time round?

I was nervous, I had a few drinks and I went into Showbiz mode! I was very loud and I watched it back and thought, “Urgh!” but I made an impression and I will just go in there with a bang. That is the only way I can do it, but this time, I want people to see the real Simon who is a listener, a friend and a leader. Not just somebody who is flamboyant and loud all the time because there is more to me than that.

Were you surprised to get the call asking you back?

I was crying. I still can't believe it. I was so emotional and I felt like I had won the lottery and now I have been given another chance.

Now you're a Timebomb yourself, can you live up to it?

Yes! I'm just Simon. I'm big, I'm in your face but I'm real as well. No one got to see it last time but they are going to see it this time. The recognition I have had from the public has been tremendous just from that two hour stint. I was standing in Tesco on Sunday and there were people chanting “Showbiz” at me in the middle of the store! I will go in with a bang and live up to the Timebomb in my second, well-deserved, place.

Will they be pleased to see you?

Yes. I hope so. Why not? They seemed pretty shocked when I left, but if I walk in and there are long faces then I'll just make my mark and say, “Well, I am back bitch” and get on with it.

Is it an advantage to go out and come back in?

Yes, of course! I have got to know the people more. I know what I am walking into. It feels like you're bringing a new flavour to it and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Are you nervous?

I feel like you could do anything to me now and I would just bounce straight back.

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Sherry Vine is an actress and performer and a major drag star in NY.

She also happens to the Queen of Parody and in her very latest hysterical video released today she 'adapts' Jessie J's Burnin' Up to tell you what you need to do to become a top fashion model (like her).

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It’s hard to distinguish if some of the criticism leveled at this, the fourth adaption of Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel, is because the director of this English classic is Danish, or because ardent cinephiles are miffed that anyone should try surpassing John Schlesinger’s 1967 definitive version starring Julie Christie. Nevertheless this new pared down adaptation scores high with its take on the tale of how Miss Bathsheba Everdene discovers that her newfound wealth makes her the most eligible spinster in the County.


To be fair her first suitor Gabriel Oaks, the strong rough farmer of very few words, pops the question when he first meets the headstrong young woman before Bathsheba even knows that she is about to inherit her late Uncle’s very impressive farm. Poor Gabriel is not only unlucky in love and fails to get Bathsheba to accept him, but very soon afterwards his young sheepdog goes wild and in a freak accident, Gabriel loses his flock and the farm with it too. So instead of becoming his wife, Bathsheba becomes his employer when she hires him as a shepherd to work on her farm.

Her second suitor is a wealthy middle-aged landowner whose vast estates adjoin her land. Mr. Boldwood initially seems to view a potential marriage as a way of merging their properties together but it soon appears that this confirmed bachelor is quite smitten with his pretty young neighbour and steps up his courtship a peg or two in the hope that he will win her hand. She lets him down gentler than she had with Gabriel and gives him hope when she promised to seriously think about his offer of marriage.

The third man to court her is a dashing army Sergeant who is still smarting from the fact that a kitchen maid had left him standing at the altar recently. Now on the rebound Sergeant Troy in his bright scarlet uniform puts on all the charm he can muster to outrageously flirt with this wealthy pretty heiress, and totally out of character this normally level headed young woman falls for his veneer of smarm, and runs off and marries him.

Back on the farm with the new ‘master’ installed who is hell bent on gambling away all her income, Bathsheba soon comes to regret her mistake in marrying a scoundrel who had only courted after he had been jilted by the love of his life. Something that becomes quickly confirmed when the body of his dead pregnant ex-girlfriend appears on their doorstep.

Troy drowns his sorrows and himself, and so now a ‘widow’ Bathsheba is courted once again by Mr. Boldwood and this time he almost makes it to the finishing post. However, in Vinterberg’s take on the story, Ms. Everdene’s choices for a spouse had been clear all along. It was either to be the Goodie, the Baddie or the Hottie, and even in this rural 19th Century setting, we always knew who had to succeed.

Shot on location in Hardy’s lush Dorset countryside it feels as English as it could with Carey Mulligan shining so radiantly as the woman that everyone wants to fall in love, especially in this case, the camera. Michael Sheen gives a wonderfully moving performance as the heartbroken Boldwood; Tom Sturridge plays the Sergeant, and Belgian Matthias Schoenaerts does his best West Country accent as the broody Gabriel.

Coming in at 60 minutes shorter than Schlesinger’s epic, it still packs the full punch of Hardy’s classic tale, and for once this is a remake that is almost as good as the original.

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Some 40 years ago someone gave Sigurdur 'Siggi' Hjartarson a School Head Teacher in Iceland, a bull's penis as a joke.


It kicked started what turned out to become a lifetime obsession of collecting any mammalian phallus's he could lay his hands on ... it evidently pass those the long dark dismal days and nights of Arctic winters. Soon his jars of organs in formaldehyde filled ever nook and cranny of his home and his frustrated wife cracked another yet joke (even though she must have known by now that Siggi took them too seriously). 'Why' she asked 'don't you open a Museum?'

Thus the World's first ever Penis Museum was started ... although it is officially known The Icelandic Phallological Museum ... and the world flocked too it. Siggi, a very likable and seemingly sane man, continued to expand his vast collection of phallus's that had ranged in size from tiny (hamster) to outsize (sperm whale) but he was always aware that it could never ever be considered complete until he got a specimen to put into the empty jar labelled 'Homo Sapien'. Now that he is nearing retirement and in poor health, the pressure is on to insure that the dream of his legacy will be fulfilled.

According to an hilarious piece of Icelandic folklore concerning an old married woman who demanded the Sheriff permit her to divorce her husband because she wasn't satisfied with the size of his john thomas'. It was only 3" long and legend has that she insisted that it should be at least 5" to keep her happy, and over the years this has evolved into what the Icelanders now call 'a legal 5'! ( Who ever said they had no sense of humor in the frozen wastes of the North?)

Siggi located two possible donors who were prepared to give their all (i.e. scrotum, testes and penis...) so that he could die a happy man. One was an Icelandic explorer and eccentric local hero Pall Arason who at aged 96 years old had documented proof that he had slept with over 300 women. He initially claimed that he was more than adequately sized to qualify for the exhibit, but then he and Siggi started to panic as, like most body parts when you are that old, it started to shrink drastically.

Meanwhile in California native sixty something year old American Tom Mitchell, who sports a full seven inches (nicknamed 'Elmo' by his first wife), is so determined to be the chosen one for the exhibit. What he can boast of in size in his pants, he seriously lacks in other body parts, as he not only gets the thing tattooed with the stars and stripes, but he seriously starts to investigate having it surgically removed before he dies.

It's Mitchell's obsessive determination to be the first donor regardless of how he achieves it that makes this whole story becoming side-splitting hilarious. He has this totally deadpan expression and irrational annoyance, and he completely lacks any humility or a sense of humor.

Full credit to newbie directors Jonah Bekhor and Zach Math for pitching this wee joyous story so perfectly. There is no titillation, or eroticism at all, but a great deal to laugh about .... and most importantly for Siggi at least, a very happy ending.

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Ever since Jessie J ripped The Scripts’ Danny for wearing double denim in The Voice have we been scared to wear our favourite cloth all over.

However now is the time.

If you’re going to go double D, break the colour block with a classic, brown leather belt, couple it with a clean, crisp white shirt. For an effortlessly cool vibe, team with simply white plimsolls or tennis shoes - with no socks.


David Gandy gets wet all over

4 Summer Essentials Every Gay Boy Needs

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Making the transition from screen to stage is not always easy, especially when you are adapting something as beloved as Shrek.


Courtesy of Dreamworks / Animation Live Theatrical Productions LLC
Courtesy of Dreamworks / Animation Live Theatrical Productions LLC

The tale of the big green ogre rescuing the fair princess on behalf of the diminutive Lord Fardquaad is one which follows the plot of the film fairly closely, albeit with so many songs crammed into the running time, the whole thing teeters on the edge of being a sing through musical.

Like the film, the stage show has a bit of something for everyone, with a script which is packed full of kid friendly comedy but with enough one liners and near the knuckle jokes to keep the adults more than entertained, nowhere more evident than in every second of stage time held by Lord Faquaad. Gerrard Carey was just outstanding as the vertically challenged monarch-to-be, and gave a deliciously camped up performance which was quite frankly hilarious. Look up the definition of “scene stealer” in any theatrical dictionary and you should find his picture. Dean Chisnall’s portrayal of the grumpy ogre was suitably downplayed, but his powerful voice was simply incredible as he belted out the songs.

But it wasn’t just the performances that made this show, it was the whole package. For a touring production, the staging was incredible, utilising a slew of techniques to bring the tale to life in a way which far exceeded expectations. The set was beautifully put together, lavish and detailed, the lighting was well designed and the costumes and make up were stunning. The show pads out the backstories of the main characters a little, but equally allows the supporting cast to all get their turn, and with such a strong line-up, it would have been criminal not to.

Where the show doesn’t quite peak is in the songs themselves.” I Got You Beat” was a neat take on the courting songs of Irving Berlin, “What’s Up, Duloc?” was an upbeat big production number and “Morning Person” was a Bob Fosse inspired tap dancing routine. When coupled with the visuals of the set, the choreography and the polished delivery, the actual numbers were are all perfectly amiable and got the feet tapping. However, they were ultimately pretty forgettable; and whilst they certainly work on stage, most audience members left the theatre singing the 1966 hit, “I’m A Believer”, rather than humming any of the shows original songs.

Shrek carries with it an air of childhood magic and a theatrical experience which, provided you allow yourself to buy into it, will transport you back to that feeling of being a kid again. It’s a show which is bold, loud, colourful and utterly charming. Whether it was giggling at the occasional spot of toilet humour, laughing at the jokes which go over the kids’ heads, or simply being transfixed by the spectacle of a dragon flying about the stage, Shrek had me smiling throughout the show.

Shrek is currently playing at the Sheffield Lyceum Theatre ( until 6th June 2015 before continuing on its national tour at various venues throughout the country up to February 2016. Get yourself “ogre” to the tour’s website for full details (

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It has been hailed by many in the gay community as a fair representation of modern gay life, with believable characters and storylines, however the decision was made by producers HBO to close down production of the show earlier in 2015.

HBO / Looking
HBO / Looking

Now over 90,000 fans of the show have signed a petition asking HBO to reconsider its decision not to make a third series. Organisers of the petition are asking that the broadcaster to "Honor our stories".

Despite rave reviews, HBO made the announcement that it is to axe the series starring Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff. The story follows the lives of three openly gay men living in San Francisco.

A statement from the cable channel read, “After two years of following Patrick and his tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships, HBO will present the final chapter of their journey as a special… We look forward to sharing this adventure with the shows loyal fans.”

Add your voice to those who want a third series of Looking

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A gay couple in Cardiff have claimed that they were thrown out of the DC nightclub after security staff saw them kissing. In response the club's owner Richard Jackson outs a third of his staff in the national press in an attempt to show that bigots do not run the venue.

(C) Google Maps
(C) Google Maps

Oliver Brown, 21, and Hugh Squire have reported that they were subjected to homophobic remarks by bouncers and accuse the nightclub management of throwing them out after they were spotted kissing at the establishment during an office party in December.

According to the Daily Mail, the club faces closure following the claims by the couple.

Oliver Brown, a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, said:

"I believe we have been targeted because we are gay.

"If the bouncer had said he was kicking us out because we were fighting I wouldn't have a problem with that.

"But he saw us kissing so it was clear that was his problem, it wasn't anything we had done."

In response to the claims and according to the DM the owner Richard Jackson said about a third of his staff are lesbian and gay and refuted the allegations. He said the club’s gay manager warned the couple about their rowdy behaviour.

He said: "I can assure you all they were asked to leave due to rowdy behaviour. They were asked to leave because they were either spraying drinks into the staff.

"When security came over and asked them to leave that's when they started hugging and kissing and saying, 'Oh, you're only throwing us out because we're gay',

"My gay staff and friends are furious about this"

"We operate a zero-tolerance attitude towards any kind of discrimination.

"It wasn't too long ago that Tom Daley and his partner came in with many of my gay friends - to say we are homophobic is a lie."

Jake Hook editor of TheGayUK remarked:

"Outing staff to prove whether a company operates a zero tolerance on discrimination not an appropriate way of showing acceptance for LGBT customers. Employee's personal and private lives should never be traded as means to elicit good will. Staff sexuality should have no bearing on whether motives of removal were homophobic or bigoted and does not prove any policy."

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WNET the premier public media provider of the New York metropolitan area and parent of public television stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21 has just released a video of The Rejected, which had been ‘lost’ for years.

This programme was not only the first ever televised documentary on homosexuality ever aired in America in September 1961, but it very famously included homosexuals from the Mattachine Society (one of the very first ever gay rights groups) in the discussions too for the very first time.

Prior to this conversation often took place between ostensibly straight experts on the subject rather than with the subjects themselves, who are often blamed for their "condition." The Rejected took a progressive — for the time — view, often placing the onus on society and its treatment of homosexuals.

Though groundbreaking for its day, The Rejected is still a product of its time, it was filmed eight years before Stonewall, 12 before the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. The Rejected also featured interviews with Dr. Karl Bowman of the APA, Bishop James Pike, and Rabbi Alvin Fine to offer a religious perspective, along with anthropologist Margaret Mead, who had her fair share of secret lesbian affairs.

Over 50 years later, it's Mattachine Society’s President Harold Call’s remarks that resonate most deeply:

"The homosexual is no different than anyone else except perhaps in his choice of a love object. He desires the same kind of right to live his life freely and without interference, to pursue his happiness as a responsible citizen and to receive the benefits of constitutional rights, due process and protection of the law that all of us enjoy."


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As we sit down to talk with Stacey Solomon, she blurts out, “I’m probably more gay than anyone who reads the magazine…” We can tell this is going to go very well indeed.

TGUK: What’s the best thing about being Stacey Solomon?

SS: The best thing about being me is getting to dress up and go to amazing things and do the job that I’ve always dreamed about doing.

TGUK: Is this something you’re wearing later? (pointing at a dress even a Disney princess might have trouble pulling off.)

SS: Yeah… (Laughs) It’s my Cinderella dress… Most people go for what is going to look cool and fashionable, because they’re gonna get pictured… I went for like, what is the most glittery, sequin-ey most Disney-ey dress I can get.

TGUK: We’ve seen you’ve written a book and a GBF features prominently… What’s the best thing about a gay best friend?

SS: The best thing about having a gay best friend is the brutal honesty that I can always count on. If I do look like absolute poo, then he’ll be like, “Oh my god babes, don’t go on…”

TGUK: Marry snog and avoid… Elton John, Sam Smith and Boy George

SS: I would marry Elton John, he seems like he’s got it altogether. You know, comfortable, I mean I can’t marry him… He’s already married… I’d quite like to snog Sam Smith… If the opportunity ever arose… I wouldn’t say no.

TGUK: So you’re going to be avoiding Boy George?

SS: Oh that means I’m going to have to avoid Boy George! Can’t there be a best friend option?

TGUK: Do you know what Amyl Nitrate is?

SS: I have no idea…

TGUK: It’s poppers…

SS: Oh yeah, you sniff them and like they make your bum bigger? Is that right?

TGUK: It could do… Have you done it?

SS: No… (laughs) I’ve never done anything like that… I’m such a geek.

TGUK: Okay, so today we asked the internet how gay Stacey Solomon is and it answered, “It has come from reliable sources that she has been know to have the odd girl fling!”

SS: Ohhh! Who’s the reliable source?


SS:(Shrieks with laughter)

I’ve never had a girl fling, I’m sorry to say, But I feel like I’m a gay man rather than a gay woman. I feel really camp. I’m like the campest person you’ve ever met trapped inside a woman’s body.

TGUK: Do you know who else said that? Cheryl Baker!

SS: Yeah well… me and her. Same person. (Laughs)

TGUK: So champagne is…

SS: A drink? A drink that tastes like fizzy wee if I’m honest. Yeah it’s not my favourite. For sure.

TGUK: Who is your favourite Kardashian?

SS: Humm, that’s a toughie. I think I like Courtney the best. For some reason… oh no, Chloe.. (manager agrees). Chloe’s got like the most, funnest personality, but I like Courtney’s dress sense. I think she’s got great fashion.

TGUK: So your new single is about being Shy. You don’t come across as Shy…

SS: Really?

TGUK: You did once tell an arena of people you were going to poo yourself…

SS: I’m quite happy and open to share my feelings with people, but when it comes to like intimate situations I get really shy.

TGUK: So what’s the gayest thing about you?

a) Losing the X Factor to Joe McElderry

SS: Is that gay?

For the purposes of this interview yes…

b) The Iceland ads.

c) Judging Top Dog Model

SS: Top dog model. I got to be the campest presenter ever. 

TGUK: Do you have a dog?

SS: I have a Chihuahua Pomeranian. Hashtag Gay.

TGUK: In your house are we most likely to find a shrine to:

Peter Andre

Kylie Minogue

Or Simon Cowell?

SS: Kylie. I’m obsessed with Dannii, I am in love with her.

TGUK: So you’d use her as a conduit to Dannii?

SS: I mean it’s my only connection to Dannii. She’s genuinely the loveliest lady ever in the whole entire world. She still keeps in contact with me six years later. Whenever I do something she texts, “Well done, I love this” I love her.

TGUK: We do love a bit of Dannii if truth be told…

SS: I’ve got all her albums.

TGUK: We’ve had a lot of sex to those albums… (with ourselves…)

SS: Me too. (laughs)

TGUK: Tell us something wildly camp about Simon Cowell

SS: Everything. (Laughs.) Really. He wears like the tightest trousers, he is so well pruned, he really looks after himself everything about him is camp.

TGUK: Did you get to know anything about his dressing room activities?

SS: No and I’m not upset about that. I’d rather not know.

TGUK: What’s the best way to get back at a cheating lover?

1) Bottle of Red, singing All By Myself out the window,

2) Cutting up his silks,

3) Everything he owns in a box to the left?

SS: Ermm. I think I’d be the one singing to the window. I’d probably be making my own rain. Just to add a bit of effect.

TGUK: What do you feel about men in oneies?

SS: I mean each to their own. They’re not attractive on anyone are they? But you know, comfort comes first.

TGUK: What should Cher do next?

SS: Come and see me. I love her. Cher if you’re listening. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet you. If you’re not busy.

TGUK: What would you do if she actually came back to yours?

SS: I don’t know. Probably sing her songs back to her.

TGUK: We’re just imagining Cher’s face.

SS: (laughs) She’d love it!

TGUK: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever read about yourself?

SS: People always write about how I’m feeling. There’s always like a headline: “Stacey’s tired today…” I’m like ‘no I just didn’t wear make up”, “Stacey’s really upset or heart broken today”. I’m like no! Didn’t anyone wanna ask me.

Sometimes people go on and randomly change my Wikipedia page. They add little things. It gets taken off the next day because it has to be confirmed, but it goes up for 24 hours. The other day someone wrote: “Stacey is currently dating Steve O who she thinks is a great person and she’s really excited to have met such a wonderful man…” I was like who took the time to write this nonsense.

Once someone on there wrote my eldest son’s dad was gay. That was on there for 24 hours.

TGUK: That gives you multiple points if that’s true…

SS: It’s not. Maybe I should just roll with it… He may take me to court over it. But as long as I get points.. (Laughs)

TGUK: Finish this gay mantra….

Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood…

SS: I didn’t hear a word you just said then!

TGUK: (We repeat) Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood… finish…

SS:(Looks blankly at us) Sing it to me…

TGUK: We can’t it’s a rap.

SS: (looks a little lost)

TGUK: Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood, strike a pose there’s…

SS: And?

TGUK: There’s nothing…

SS: To it?

TGUK: Wow. Minus-five.

SS: Sorry I was struggling..

TGUK: Do you know who Madonna is?

SS: Stop it!

TGUK: Will you ever wear a cape?

SS: Not now… She handled that so well.

TGUK: Have you ever fallen on stage?

SS: No. But ratio to the amount of times I’ve been on stage and Madonna’s been on stage…

TGUK: You don’t do too much dancing do you?

SS: Come on now, look at me. I’m not the dancing type am I. I’ve got two left feet and I’m like a stork. I trip over thin air. It’s best for me to sit still. Maybe a little walk to the right.

TGUK: Do you know what Space Docking is?

SS: No… by the smile on your face it does not sound good!

TGUK: We learnt this one from The Overtones! Well it’s when two men “dock” with each other’s penises,with their foreskins…

SS: (Looks astounded at us)

Like a little hoody? Well the Jews wouldn’t like it would they! How they gonna do that? That’s not for everyone. That’s why I don’t know!

Stacey’s album is out now



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