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Prince William and his wife Kate have refused to join the movement to pardon gay men who were criminalised in the UK for being gay, despite a huge campaign led by Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Fry.

The campaign is seeking the pardon of around 49,000 men who were prosecuted for their sexuality, a crime that was highlighted in the blockbuster film, The Imitation Game, starring Cumberbatch, who portrayed Alan Turing. Alan Turing was a computer scientist who in World War II cracked the infamous enigma code, which helped to bring about a swifter end to the war against the Nazis. Sir Winston Churchill described the code breaker as having "made the single biggest contribution to the Allied victory in the Second World War".

Around 15,000 men are still estimated to be alive.

Within years of this great achievement, Turing was convicted of Gross Indecency, and his punishment was to be chemically castrated. Within two year he had committed suicide.

(c) The Weinstein Company
(c) The Weinstein Company

In 2009, Gordon Brown posthumorously pardoned Turing with an "unequivocal apology". Four years later the Queen granted a pardon under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy. Campaigners are asking that pardons like these be extended to all men who were charged and convicted of these homophobic laws.

In a letter to the Government, which was published in the Guardian, campaigners called for royal family to add their support to the cause, saying,

“The UK's homophobic laws made the lives of generations of gay and bisexual men intolerable.

"It is up to young leaders of today including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to acknowledge this mark on our history and not allow it to stand.

"We call upon Her Majesty's Government to begin a discussion about the possibility of a pardoning all the men, alive or deceased, who like Alan Turing, were convicted."

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said the issue was a matter for the government and they would not make any public comment on it.

Over 89,000 people have signed the petition already, at

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Another horrifying set of pictures have been released reportedly showing a man being thrown off a tall building after being found guilty of being gay.


The chilling pictures show a man, with his eyes covered being thrown of a building by IS militants, after being accused of being gay. However after falling at least seven floors, the man, who does not die, is savagely stoned by the crowd waiting at the bottom. The pictures, which are hosted on LiveLeak, have been labelled as being from Syria.

Last month two men were thrown off a tall being in Iraq after being found guilty of being gay. The two were thrown from a tower in Nineveh, Iraq, in the latest way of horrifying executives by ISIS. Nineveh is an ancient northern city on the eastern bank if the Tigris river.

After the man landed on the ground, he can be seen being propped up by a fighter wearing army fatigues with a portable radio. The next series of pictures show the man having stones and rocks thrown at him, by a crowd that circle him. It appears that his entire face has been covered.

The accused man is propped up by a man with a walkie-talkie and his entire face has been covered.

Moments later the man can be seen in the centre of a circle of people who are hurling rocks and stones at him. The news demonstrates the escalating danger to LGBT people in ISIS strong-holds.

The images show that ISIS militants are heightening their attack on gay men or those suspected of being gay.

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Well he is on Broadway at least. It was just announced that out gay actor JIM PARSONS is heading back to Broadway in his most holy role to date.

Jim Parsons is heading back to Broadway, in his most holy role to date. The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning Big Bang Theory who is the highest paid gay actor on TV will star as the Almighty in a limited engagement of AN ACT OF GOD. This new comedy is based on The Last Testament: A Memoir By God, and will open in May 2015.

Parsons made his Broadway debut in 2011 portraying Tommy Boatwright in the THE NORMAL HEART for which he received a Drama Desk Award nomination. He reprised the role in the film adaption of the play and received his seventh Emmy nomination, this time in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie.

Openly gay director JOE MANTELLO who has also directed WICKED and TAKE ME OUT on Broadway will direct an Act of God.

We wonder if the Pope is looking forward to this as much as we are?

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Dust of your platforms and dig out your flares as the world’s number one touring ABBA production ABBA MANIA, returns to St George’s Hall in Bradford on Saturday 21 February.

Celebrate 40 years since the Swedish Supergroup scored their second UK number 1 with Mamma Mia in this special concert presentation that will revive special memories of a bygone age when ABBA ruled the airwaves.

Following their Eurovision success with Waterloo in 1974, Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid, aka ABBA, dominated the charts for nearly ten years, enjoying nine UK number 1 hits and becoming Sweden’s highest paid exports. Their timeless songs were written to be enjoyed live and ABBA MANIA gives you exactly that. Two hours of uplifting, dance inducing and sometimes heart-breaking songs, fully live with fantastic staging, lighting and effects. The show recreates ABBA’s sound not only perfectly, but respectfully too. ABBA MANIA is not only for life long, die hard ABBA fans but the new generation of fans, who never had the opportunity to see ABBA live. Hits include ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Waterloo’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘The Winner Takes it All’, ‘Super Trouper’, ‘Fernando’, ‘Take A Chance On Me’ and many more that continue to fill dance floors worldwide.

Please call the Box Office on 01274 432000 or visit for more information

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Michelle Visage has questioned if she will be named the house's most "vain" housemate because she's "A Drag Queen".

Channel 5
Channel 5

Michelle Visage, who is a judge on RuPaul's drag race and mother of two, joked during a task in which housemates had to guess what the public's perception about housemates were. Categories include most annoying, most disappointing and most vain.

Team Calum is made up of Nadia, Keith and Michelle, and on Team Kavana is made up of Katie Hopkins, Katie Price, Cami-Li and Perez. During the game, Nadia becomes upset that the public has decided she is the most disappointing Housemate and Michelle jokes, “Am I going to be most vain because I’m a drag queen?” Team Calum completed the task in the fastest time.


Michelle Visage? Where did the name come from?

Perez saved from eviction, social media calls FIX

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Despite the baying crowds shouting GET PEREZ OUT, the great British public have decided to keep the controversial celebrity blogger in the house.

Channel 5
Channel 5

Perez Hilton is one of the most controversial housemates the celebrity Big Brother house has ever hosted and despite the deafening crowd screaming to "GET PEREZ OUT", the Clap singer is still firmly embedded in the compound.

Hundreds of people took to social media last night to show their despair that the father of one and former Lady Gaga pal is still in the house, after Nadia Sawalah became the fourth housemate to be evicted.

Speaking about her relationship with Perez, Emma asked whether Nadia thought she had paid a price for her friendship with Perez and asked Nadia if she knew why the other housemates didn’t see in Perez what she saw. Nadia answered: ‘Some of them did, Katie Price, Keith.’ She also commented that some of the Housemates lost the courage to be his friend.

Rumours, are of course circulating that the show has been fixed for Perez to win the show, with the Daily Star running a front page claiming, “B BRO ‘FIX’ FOR PEREZ TO WIN”.

There have also been claims that the producers of the flagship show for Channel 5 have edited out sexually “aggressive behaviour” from Perez towards Katie Hopkins and that despite Perez receiving 3 formal warnings he has not been removed the Big Brother house.

Perez faces the public vote for eviction in an “eternal nomination” twist voted on by app users who follow the show, which was revealed after his exile in a secret room to spy on his fellow housemates.

By The Gay UK, Jan 31 2015 10:50AM

Nadia left the house to quite a lot of booing and started her interview with Emma, still clutching her toy rabbit, saying that she had employed some lucky charms to secure her eviction, wearing odd socks and wearing an outfit that her agent would hate.

Channel 5
Channel 5

Emma asked her if it bothered her she went into the house to cheers and came out to boos. Nadia answered: ‘I’m a very likeable, lovable person.’

Nadia admitted that she had ‘made herself unpopular’ with her friendship with Perez. She also admitted that she is a huge Big Brother fan but said: ‘I should never have crossed over, it was a disaster.’ Nadia later said that she is ‘more in love with Big Brother’ than ever.

She also mentioned that Big Brother had asked her what she would miss from the house and she sat in silence for five minutes. Nadia also revealed that she silently kissed all the people who had nominated her.

Emma told her that it seemed to get involved in a lot of the arguments in the house and she had adopted the role of peace-keeper in the house. Nadia said: ‘I didn’t want to have a role, I went in to have a laugh.’

Emma commented that Nadia did pay the price for her friendship with Perez and asked Nadia if she knew why the other housemates didn’t see in Perez what she saw. Nadia answered: ‘Some of them did, Katie Price, Keith.’ She also commented that some of the Housemates lost the courage to be his friend.

Channel 5
Channel 5

Emma asked Nadia what she thought of Katie Hopkins before she met her and she answered: ‘I thought she was a silly cow.’ Emma then asked if Nadia was surprised how popular Katie was in the house and Nadia said: ‘She did a campaign, she worked it.’

Nadia commented that ‘it was pretty horrible’ when Katie Hopkins had to be nice as a task at the start of the show and said she knew it was fake.

Emma ended the interview by asking who Nadia wanted to win and she answered: ‘Keith.’

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Users of the gay hook up app Grindr have complained that their phones started calling premium rate numbers after a rogue advertiser pushed mobiles to call without their owner's permission.


The malware ads, which have now been withdrawn, caused mobile phones to automatically dial premium rate numbers when users opened the Grindr app. Speaking to a Grindr spokesperson said,

"Grindr is aware of this issue and takes it very seriously. Ensuring that our users have the best experience possible is one of Grindr’s top priorities and we will not stand for users having to deal with malicious advertisements.

"We have both direct advertisers as well third-party ad networks which supply advertising to the app. The ads you reference were served by one of these third-party ad networks.

"While we do have a number of safeguards in place to monitor for ads on third-party networks, we serve billions of ads on our network, so there is the occasional chance that ads like this may appear.

"In this instance, we immediately reached out to our third-party networks to have these malicious ads removed."

One user told the website, that even if you tried to cancel the call you were still charged the connection fee. Some users have reportedly been stung with bills of up to £65, for calls they didn't know were being placed by their handsets.

TheGayUK reached out to Grindr to find out whether refunds or compensation would be offered to users affected by the malware.

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In 2001 light years ago before superstar BRADLEY COOPER picked up 4 OSCAR NOMINATIONS he had a WET AMERICAN HOT SUMMER.

Literally. In one of his first ever movie roles Cooper played Ben an arrogant summer counselor, and the movie would probably all be nothing than a distant memory except for his steamy gay sex scene. It’s not quite the explicit no-holds-barred-lets-show-everything scene we expect nowadays but it‘s still as hot as hell watching his co-star MICHEAL IAN BLACK taking Cooper’s movie virginity wearing nothing other than a pair of white tube socks.

We suddenly remembered all this yesterday when NETFLIX announced that ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ is now getting an eight-episode prequel miniseries set to air this summer. They have confirmed that the majority of the original cast will return for this that includes Christopher Meloni, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd Elizabeth Banks and naturally Mr. Cooper and Mr. Black. Plot-wise, whereas the original film took place on the last day of camp, the prequel will take place on day one. We just cannot wait.

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HBO the leading TV cable company have just announced that they have commissioned a pilot for VIRTUOSO a new period drama about musical prodigies set in 18th Century Vienna. The show will be created by Alan Ball (‘True Blood’, ‘Six Feet Under’), and Sir Elton John and hubby David Furnish.

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