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With the reveal of Perez’s secret task, have the producers of Celebrity Big Brother 2015, given celebrity blogger Perez Hilton a free pass to the final?

The controversial contestant has consistently annoyed and upset other housemates, however there is no denying that Perez and his detractors, Katie Hopkins et al, have made for one of best Big Brother seasons in a long time and they’ve been enjoying record breaking ratings since the format moved to Channel 5 in 2011.

Yesterday, pulling Perez back from the brink of actually walking out, Big Brother offer him the ultimate plum job – a secret task that would enable him to skip out on being nominated for public vote (around 90% of the house were most likely to nominate him) and actually pull the strings to enable his biggest hater, Cami Li to face the public vote.

His task was to convince his fellow housemates that he was walking out – and in a dramatic exit, breaking the fire exit in the garden, Perez clacked out of the Big Brother house into a secret room, where he can watch the remaining housemates’ every move.

So have the producers done us a favour in allowing Perez to stay to the very end? You have to admit, the ride has been intense to watch.

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Larger than life Greek pop singer Demis Roussos who started his career as part of the progressive rock group Aphroditie’s Child along with fellow member Vangelis, became a major presence as a solo artist in the UK pop scene in the mid 1970s.

His most successful single "Forever And Ever" was No. 1 in the Charts in 1976, and he followed that with five other Top Ten Hits. As his career grew so did his waistline and so too did his signature kaftans which were the epitome of camp, and they just got bigger and brasher.

Roussos’s other claim to fame came in June 1985, when he was one of the passengers of TWA Flight 847 from Athens to Rome, which was hijacked by Hezbollah-backed terrorists and diverted to Beirut. He and most of the 153 passengers were held on the plane for 17 days.

Demis Roussos 15 June 1946 – 25 January 2015

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Hollywood producer and director Byran Singer has shared a picture of his brand new son, just one hour old.

Bryan Singer Instagram
Bryan Singer Instagram

IT'S A BOY: Bryan Singer shares a picture of his gorgeous new born son. Just one hour old.

The openly bisexual director and producer Bryan Singer proudly posted a picture of his son, Dashiell, on his social media accounts. His son was just an hour old at the time.

His captioned his photo: Couldn't resist. Our son Dashiell one hour old. #nofilter @mischaclu.

He had the child with Michelle Clunie, who is a close friend of Singer. The 44-year-old actress starred in Queer As Folk US, agreed to be a surrogate mother. According to sources the pair intend to raise the child together, with both their names on the birth certificate.

The duo, who have previously dated, announced the pregnancy in October, when Bryan's rep said, "Mother and father are both very excited about the upcoming birth and look forward to co-parenting the child together.

"The pair have been planning this baby for years and have been trying for the last two,"

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So, finally, it hit me. One week to the day since my visit. Wave after wave of uncontrollable sobbing, shaking, tears, snotty nose, feeling total despair over events that happened nearly 70 years ago.

They say the visit changes you, and its effects may not be immediate.

They hope it changes you for the good, ensuring that what happened there is never forgotten or repeated.

Where is there? Auschwitz.

Believe me, I’m not being melodramatic. Actually, I’ve spent the last week feeling guilty as I haven't cried once - and I usually cry at the drop of a hat. But this time - nothing. The only time I felt anything like emotion connected to this event was when we saw items, personal belongings, something to humanise the enormity of the situation, something that gave sense to the figures mentioned.

But let me take you back a week. Having done a mad dash to Luton from Manchester overnight for my 5am check in, I joined the others as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s (HET) Lessons From Auschwitz visit to both Auschwitz and Birkenau camps.

My knowledge was sadly lacking in much of the details around this topic - I thought there was only one camp, but there is the original one at Auschwitz and the larger one at Birkenau; along with a chemical factory site, that used forced labour from the camps, and around 40 satellite sites of farms and factories, that used and housed slave labour.

We were sorted into manageable sized groups comprising of students, teachers, staff from HET and the visitors, usually journalists. We boarded our allotted coaches and headed to the Polish town of Oswiecim, or as we know it Auschwitz. Once there, we visited one of the few remaining Jewish cemeteries - scene of vandalism and some restoration. It seems ironic that there are no Jewish people living here now, the few that returned after the war either left or have died. Maybe as a result of its legacy, who knows.

The coach took us to the camp of Auschwitz where we met our guide for the day. It all seemed odd. You expect a peaceful, almost reverent place, but what you get is a full car park, visitors of all colours and nationalities, all set against a backdrop of the site of one of the worst human atrocities ever.

Auschwitz felt like a proper camp. Brick barracks and offices, electric fences, guard posts whereas Birkenau felt temporary, as if its main purpose was well thought out and planned into the temporary structures it used for shelter from its very first day. Auschwitz was a political prisoner camp initially, but it developed. It grew to provide a solution to a very Nazi problem. What to do with all those undesirables? Those political opponents who wont go away? Those sexual deviants we don't want to talk about in polite society. Those of a slightly different skin colour, and then there are those Jews... What to do?

I always thought that Auschwitz and all those other camps would be in Germany itself, but no, this one and its close neighbour, Birkenau are in southern Poland.

I always thought Auschwitz was the main, and possibly only camp in this area, I hadn't really heard of Birkenau. But Auschwitz, when you visit, has the feel of being a testing area. Its only gas chamber is a reconstruction as the Nazis tried to destroy all evidence of what happened here when the allies advanced. The first gas chambers were simply well sealed rooms, used to test the mechanised killing system on Russian prisoners - at first anyway.

When you visit some of the areas of both camps, you are asked not to take photos, and I can understand why. The reconstructed gas chamber in Auschwitz is one of these. It is slightly below ground, but still has the original walls, complete with marks. It took our HET guide to explain that these were nail marks, scratched into the plaster, made by the inmates while they asphyxiated on the Zyklon-B poured into the room from above

Some of the barrack buildings house exhibitions. Explanations of what happened here. The numbers, the process. Photos of people being herded like cattle, emaciated workers, striped pyjamas, and then there is the hair.

The inmates were shaved - totally. Male and female and their hair packaged and sent to German weavers to aid the war effort. All displayed in the one room. Nothing prepares you for the effect of walking into a room, walls of glass, packed full of human hair, floor to ceiling, matted, discoloured.

Then there are the artificial limbs, collected from the less able bodied, less able to work and earn their meagre keep, so not even worth registering or lodging. That’s how it went once both camps were in full “production”.

The cattle trucks arrived, off loading their cargo, and an instant decision made about whether you lived or died. Right or left, simple little words but all the meaning in the world in that situation. The ever efficient Nazi machine finding ever more inventive ways to save time by bringing the railway lines right into the camp, closer to the gas chambers and crematoria.

The items that got to me the most, and I cant get out of my head? The toothbrushes, the toy doll, the wire-rimmed glasses and the house keys. Everyday objects we’d all pack, wear or make sure we have on us. Here they were, 70 years later, still awaiting their owners to come back and collect them.

Watch any film like Schindler's List or Sophie's Choice and you feel that Hollywood has over-dramatised the story for effect. They haven’t. They didn't. It’s how it was.

Children taken from their mothers, the elderly kicked and shoved, human beings being treated in unimaginable ways. The worst is knowing you are standing somewhere where 1.5 million died, on this spot, this little piece of Poland.

My reason for going? For putting myself through this? Simple, I don't want it to happen again, I don't understand how it happened, how it was allowed to happen, why people allowed sectors of a population to have their basic human rights eroded to the point they were no longer seen as human. Then I look around me, and realise that we’ve had genocides since, we are living in societies that are already limiting some people’s civil liberties, simply because they are the wrong colour, wrong religion or wrong sexual orientation.

I’m not naive enough to think that I can change the world alone, I can’t, but one thing I took away from this visit is that I may only be able to do small thing: vote, sign petitions, lobby MPs, write articles like this, but I form part of a bigger entity. Like-minded individuals who want to do the same, make the same changes, let governments, political parties, big business know that we are here, and we won’t let anything like this happen again or let this event be forgotten or questioned. There are nay-sayers out there, holocaust deniers, but programmes like Lessons From Auschwitz ensure that the facts are there. They cannot be disputed and are there to be witnessed by future generations.

I was amazed by the maturity with which some of the students handled this situation. I fully expected to be a puddle on the floor most of the time and packed tissues accordingly. But they handled everything so well.

The HET do a pre-visit briefing, organise the visit and then do a post-visit debrief with all those who attend. The students become “ambassadors” of sorts, producing projects that encourage debate and educate others around this subject. So, now to you.

Firstly, if you get the chance, visit these places. They are life changing and should be supported. Secondly, when you next see a petition on your social media feed, read it before ignoring it. Your voice makes a difference, and thirdly, take note of the items in the news, and act on those that affect you.

Don't forget, we can still use our toothbrush, play with those dolls, put on our specs, and lock our doors, we’re the lucky ones.


The Holocaust Educational Trust:

State Museum of Auschwitz:

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So every so often we get sent a song that really captures us... Meet Dina Delicious, the world's number one Trans Bombshell and she's just dropped her tune Tick Tick Trick and it's sick.. In a Britney Spears meets Depeche Mode kinda way.

She's also dropped the video too, and as always, we're looking for the deeper meaning. We want to get to nudget of the story. So here it is...

*May not being the meaning.

* We may have made it all up after 6 cups, yes read it, 6 cups of Nespresso, that shiz is more addictive than Britney.

All starts off well - and Dina looks hot, in a Mariah meets Dolly sort of way... (but younger of course)...

Anyway, Dina, is driving (in the dark, with sun glasses on...) back home because she's got an important date. Or she's late for a re-run of Desperate Housewives, or I Love Lucy or something. We never really get to the bottom of it, because the video keeps flashing up pictures of this...

Which is all very erotic. Because it's two men and we, at TheGayUK, get off on that kinda thing. Yep. Naturally we find this distracting but wait, something catches our eyes...

Biatch be drinking Champagne...

Don't worry she's stop driving at this point. We think... (pinky at the ready).

She is really into this shiz...

Yep. This is us after 14 glasses of Babysham too... ...Ding Dong... (there's somebody at the door)...

The Avon Lady has improved...

I'm coming... Love the volume in you hair Bae... It literally takes her no time to whip him up into bed...

One word: Nipples. His. Enuff Said.

Anyhow Dina, takes no time getting to grips with the situation and ties him to the bed. I mean you don't want the f**ker to run away do you... (we constantly have this issue...)

Nicely done... (Nice lampshade to, someone's got taste)

In scenes like these we usually expect there to be lube on the nightstand...

Wait she's got a box... What's in the box?

Rumage, rumage... Come on dear... What's in the box

An alarm clock and some crab sticks? Wait... hold on, that's TNT... She's gone cray...

Yep, there she goes... cray cray alright.

**NAILS** Oh no wait - the plot... Look there it is... She's only gone and blown the bloody balls off...

(all stills - (c) 2015 Dina Delicios)

Anyway, you can see the entire video here and make of it what you will and if you want to buy it it's available on iTunes.

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Dramz dramz and more dramz as Perez hits out at Big Brother.

Perez tells Patsy that he wants to leave the House, adding “it will take a miracle” to keep him in. He says that he’s not in the House for the money and admits, “I did it for the opportunity to let people know who I really am”

Later in the diary room, Perez hides from Big Brother and refusing to give an exit interview unless Big Brother pays him more money. Talking tabout how he is feeling, he maintains that “If I said anything about people in this House, I said it to their faces, and the only person in this House that has kept me sane and given me the time of day is Nadia and you tried to fu*k that up”

Big Brother asks if it would be a shame if he left the House and Perez admits, “I’m just trying to be rational about things now...I’ve been in here too long already. Everything is telling me that I should quit, but then I’m like afraid to quit. I don’t fu*king know!” Big Brother then tells Perez that he wants to set him “the ultimate secret mission”, and Perez will have one hour to return to the House and convince the other Housemates that he is leaving. He will then go to a secret room, where he will observe the Housemate’s every move as Big Brother’s secret puppet master. When asked if he’s up to the challenge, Perez responds, “I’m still fu*king here, so yes…. I don’t have a fu*king choice…I am fu*king still in the fu*king Perez show!”

Perez re-joins the other Housemates to collect his suitcases, before heading straight to the bedroom, where Katie Hopkins is brushing her hair. When she sees Perez, she sniggers to herself. Nadia remarks, “He’s so upset. To have gone through all of this for no pay cheque at all.” In the bedroom, Katie Hopkins asks Perez if he would prefer her to leave the room, to which he responds a resounding yes. In the living Room, Michelle comments, “I don’t know why anyone is surprised; this needs to happen.” When Katie Hopkins joins the group, Calum says, “She’s so smug”, adding “The days don’t get easier! Fu*king hell. I’m thinking to myself, final countdown and there’s more drama”

In the bedroom, Patsy tells Perez that she’s sorry he feels he has to leave. Perez replies that he’s “so confident in enough in myself that me leaving doesn’t mean that fu*king Katie Hopkins wins.” He adds, “I can handle her, it’s this fu*kin g bullsh*t that I can’t fu*king deal with”

Most of the Housemates are in the living area, silently reflecting on Perez. Katie Hopkins remarks, “To be fair, it was just a Tweet”. Perez then walks into the garden, where he breaks the fire exit and leaves the Big Brother House. Calum says, “That’s a pretty big move” and Michelle speculates, “He’ll flip his lid with them out there”

Unbeknown to the other Housemates, Perez will be living in a secret room, watching their every move as Big Brother’s puppet master. Perez takes a picture of himself off the wall and remarks, “The Perez show is back”, before settling down to watch the other Housemates on a monitor.

Celebrity Big Brother TX tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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Following months of speculation, Nathan Sykes, previously a member of chart topping band The Wanted, has announced his solo career in an exclusive cover feature for the highly respected style title Hunger TV.


Two years ago, hearts were broken when The Wanted announced they were shutting shop, but it didn't take long before one or two them started to branch out on their own. We got these lovely underwear pictures from Max for one... But Nathan, the band's cutie, has announced that he's about to fly solo. In an exclusive interview with Hunger TV the singer shares all about his new work.

The high fashion, black and white shoot, sees Nathan take a new style direction in sharp designer looks from the likes of Burberry, Joseph and Zadig & Zoltaire as he speaks frankly on going solo, surprising people with his new sound, what fans both old and new can expect from his new record and staying grounded amidst the madness - exclusively revealing exciting news on working with some of the biggest producers and songwriters in the music industry, including Diane Warren, Babyface and Harmony Samuels.

Nathan gives details on going solo, and having the opportunity to be judged as an individual artist

“From being one fifth of a group to being a soloist, there is always the chance to surprise people as they are only now seeing 100% of me for the first time. It’s like a second, first impression and whereas I don’t necessarily think it’s important to change people’s perceptions, I do think it’s exciting that people won’t just see me as ‘the young one in The Wanted’ and can have the freedom to judge me as an individual and not just ‘that bloke from that band’.”


On what fans can expect to hear from the debut single and album

“I’m not going to be one of the those people who tries to claim they are not making pop music when they actually are so whereas parts of my sound may not be traditional straight down the line pop music or the pop music people heard from The Wanted, I’m still classing this as a pop album.

“I have tried to make something for everyone and have elements of soul, funk, Motown, dance, straight down the line commercial pop, some more stripped back acoustic tracks and there are a couple of piano ballads on there as well. I just wanted to make an album that people can really enjoy.”

On working with huge US producers and songwriters Diane Warren, Babyface and Harmony Samuels

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best producers in the industry. At the start of the process I made a list of dream producers and song writers I would love to work with which included Harmony Samuels, Babyface and Diane Warren, all of whom wanted to work with me, which was amazing.”

“Having already worked with Harmony on the track ‘Almost is Never Enough’ with Ariana Grande, he really helped me create the sound and he’s now the Executive Producer on the album and together we have created some of my favourite tracks on the album.”

“Working with Diane Warren and Babyface were two of the most surreal days of my life. There is never a dull moment with Diane and she is one of my favourite people on the planet and the session with Babyface produced probably the most honest and emotional song I’ve ever written.”

On how he stays grounded despite having such a big fan base, including over 1.6 million Twitter followers

“I’m quite a guarded person anyway and can be quite quiet at times but I have always had a great relationship with the fans and I’m looking forward to keeping that going with both old and new fans. After travelling, being on the road and recording in LA, always going back to family in Gloucester makes it quite easy to keep grounded amongst the madness.”

Nathan’s debut single is out this spring and the album will be out later this year.


Photography: Eva Pentel

Fashion PC Williams: PC Williams

Fashion Assistant: Sam Thompson

Grooming: Crystabel Riley

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We have lost a real TV legend. The warmth and genuine sorrow expressed at the tragic death of Anne Kirkbride shows how over four decades, the character of Deirdre Barlow had earned a place in more than just the Soap Hall of Fame.

Think of that character - first there were the distinctive physical characteristics; the big glasses of course, the unique vocal tics and the neck vein that was so prominent it had Facebook pages devoted to it. Then you focus in on the stories and the moments.

Scrambling desperately through the scattered contents of a lorry that had crashed into The Rovers, looking for Baby Tracey.

Marrying Ken in the same week as the Royal Wedding and being the only woman, aside from Camilla, who came close to stealing focus from Diana.

''Free Deirdre''

And of course... The Ken-Deirdre-Mike Baldwin love triangle.

It is not exaggerating to say that the character of Deirdre was at the centre of some of the most watched and talked about TV moments of the past 40 years.

These were big moments. To coin that horrible American phrase, watercooler moments. But such moments are getting rarer. In a time of Netflix and it's VOD rivals and hundreds of digital TV channels, the days when a number in excess of 20 million people would sit down and watch a single TV show are long gone.

The soaps of course still have that power to occasionally produce storylines that land on the front of the tabloids, as do reality shows. But with an increasingly splintered audience even they are not quite the big conversation pieces they would have been even 10 years ago.

Binge watching means that we of course still talk about telly. Witness a group of Breaking Bad devotees getting together. But we now tend to watch at our own pace. The idea of a family gathering in the living room to stare at the box in the corner and watch the same thing at the same time is becoming increasing quaint, the relic of a pre internet age.

The mourning for Anne Kirkbride is a sign of a character that we have watched several times a week over the past forty years who was part of big moments we have shared. Moments that made millions of us stop and watch.

When Ken and Deirdre were eventually reconciled, the news was announced on the scoreboard at Old Trafford during a game between Manchester United and Arsenal. It read: “Ken and Deirdre reunited. Ken – 1, Mike – 0.” If such a storyline happened now, it would be all over Twitter and Facebook or we'd wait to catch up online at the weekend.

TV has changed. How we watch it has changed too. In a world of often bewildering choice though, there is still a place for sharp writing and strong acting. But now technology means that we are as likely to find it as our own speed, sometimes years after the TV shows we obsess over were first produced. There may never be a soap plot that gets tens of millions of us holding our breath one night quite like Deirdre being sent to jail or the time that Mike Baldwin knocked on the door. But for those of who us who saw it, discussed it and lived it we will never forget Anne Kikbride. She was part of our conversation. She was part of our lives.

by Richard Glen

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Hollywood loves nothing better than Awards Season. After THE GOLDEN GLOBES all the different Movie Guilds vote for their peers and they include Directors, Producers and Writers and the most highly anticipated ones from S.A.G. the Screen Actors Guild.

Now in their 21st year, the Awards were given out last night at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in front of a star-studded audience that look as this event as a precursor to next months Oscars.

Ex Eton Schoolboy EDDIE REDMAYNE followed his Golden Globe Award with winning Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Movie for his sensational portrayal of Stephen Hawkins in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHNG. Redmayne wins more hearts with every new Award as he gave a classy, passionate acceptance speech paying tribute to all those battling with ALS (like Hawkins) and their families. He may have now edged into hot favorite for the Oscar as his main rival Michael Keaton had to settle with just accepting the Best Ensemble Award for Birdman.

The SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Movie went to JULIANNE MOORE for her heartbreaking performance as an Alzheimer’s sufferer in STILL ALICE, and she has no serious rivals to finally winning an Oscar after being nominated four times. By the way, her movie ‘STILL ALICE’ was directed by married gay couple Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, from a screenplay written by Glatzer.

DOWNTON ABBEY continued its winning streak too with beating out stiff competition when it won Best Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series for the 2nd time. Earlier this week it had been announced that there would be 6th series of Downton later this year.

MARK RUFFALO took home the award for Best Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries for his work in LARRY KRAMER’S groundbreaking drama about the AIDS epidemic ‘THE NORMAL HEART

The lesbian TV series 'ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK’ was a big winner as after picking up the Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, its star UZO ADUBA won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor.

Whenever there are winners however, there are sadly losers too. THE IMITATION GAME with its star Benedict Cumberbatch portraying gay pioneering computer scientist were nominated for literally everything but have failed to pick up a single award yet. Fingers crossed that at the BAFTAS on February 8th their luck will finally change.

Roger Walker-Dack

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