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By The Gay UK, Aug 29 2014 11:54AM

“I became one of the stately homos of England.”

by Chris Bridges | 29th August 2014


From a conventional middle class Surrey upbringing to global notoriety via his autobiography “The Naked Civil Servant”, Quentin Crisp was an extraordinary raconteur and wit. This new production, making its London premiere after an Edinburgh season, shows Quentin both in his beloved but squalid Chelsea flat as the 1970s dawn, and in his final years in his adopted New York, with the new millennium beckoning.

The show draws on Quentin’s own writing and performances in a new script by Mark Farrelly, who also performs (West End credits include Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf with Matthew Kelly). He is directed by the renowned Linda Marlowe, who has won awards for her own solo work such as Berkoff’s Women.

Quentin Crisp was an extraordinary character. Sharp tongued, controversial and seemingly fearless. Born in an age when gay sex was illegal and liable to land you in prison, he embraced what he was: a flamboyant and effeminate homosexual. Facing ridicule, beatings and scorn as well as the ardour of men in the back alleys of Soho, he became a notorious character. With the publication of his autobiography and subsequent television film of this, starring John Hurt, he took infamy and his waspish wit to a much wider audience. His one-liners were legendary as were his regular television chat show appearances.

Alienating the gay rights movement of the 1970s and causing furore with flippant comments about anything from A.I.D.S. being a passing fad, homosexuality being a terrible disease and his views on Princess Diana, perhaps more shockingly, the seemingly very English based institution, moved to New York and made his home there in his later years.

Farrelly’s play has strengths and weaknesses. He manages to capture some of the wit, acidity and pathos of Crisp but at times this is slightly patchy. The script is stronger in the first half when Crisp is shown alone in his London flat, addressing the audience as he postures and quips with the thin veneer showing some vulnerability beneath. Although physically much sturdier than Crisp, he does manage, mostly, to convey an essence of Crisp’s character and demeanour. The second half, where Farrelly depicts Crisp performing in New York just before his death, felt much weaker with the relentless round of bon mots becoming a bit tired and the audience participation element feeling a bit unnecessary to the show. I did, however, laugh quite a lot and it was good to be reminded of some of Crisp’s better one-liners in this well researched show.

Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope is on at St James Theatre until the 7th of September 2014

Buy tickets here:

The show will also be touring the U.K. from October with shows at Greenwich, Cardiff, Dundee and Hemel Hempstead.

For further dates:

By The Gay UK, Aug 29 2014 08:29AM

Grimsby Pride is just over 24 hours away.

by Newsdesk | 29th August 2014

Meridian Park | Grimsby Pride
Meridian Park | Grimsby Pride

Grimsby Pride is now in its 6th year is set to welcome a fabulous line up of acts, that include Booty Luv, Big Brovaz, Sister Act Showgirls and many more. The event is to take place in Meridan Park on Kings Road.

Gates will open at 11.00AM and the event is due to end at 6.00PM.

A statement from the organisers of Grimsby Pride reads, 'Our Pride event, which takes place on an annual basis the weekend after August Bank Holiday provides our main platform for a celebration of the diversity of the LGBT community in a context of entertainment, inclusivity and fun.

'The event is a focus for the visibility of the LGBT community and provides an opportunity to draw attention to important LGBT issues.

'The history of the LGBT Community in North East Lincolnshire stretches over several decades from various self help and support organisations including telephone helplines, to sexual health based charitable organisations, various social outlets etc. However until 2009 members of the local LGBT community had to venture outside of our area to have a sense of belonging and cohesion with like-minded members at other regional or national pride events.'

Grimsby's first pride took place in 2009, with a Pride called, 'The Event' it attracted 800 people.

The official afterparty is being held at Waves Bar, Cleethhorpes. Entry is just £3 from 6PM.

By The Gay UK, Aug 28 2014 04:18PM

Within a few minutes after the opening of this movie... Woody Allen's 46th, and probably one of his most tedious ... it is very obvious that the magic in the title refers strictly to the staged tricks created by the two leading characters and not to the film itself.

by Roger Walker Dack | 28th August 2014


Magic In The Moonlight
Magic In The Moonlight

Allen's very thin story, set in Europe some time between the two World Wars, is about a famous English professional illusionist who's stage persona is a very crass Chinaman complete with Fu Manchu moustache (which I'm guessing that Allen must have considered was not racially offensive). Wei Ling Soo aka Stanley is recruited by his best friend Howard to unmask an American psychic who he believes is faking her way into the bosom of a wealthy American Family vacationing in their chateau on the French Riviera. Sophie is aided and abetted by her scheming mother in order to get their hands on some of their fortune and marry the gormless heir of the family.

It turns out she really is a fraud but for totally different reasons than the ones that we expect, but by the time that the pompous sarcastic Stanley has uncovered this, we have lost all interest anyway. Forget the sleight of hand tricks he plays, as its the plot that is so slight to the point of being so transparently obvious.

Cold-hearted cynical Stanley with his very unemotional fiance back in London naturally falls in love with Sophie but as she is practically 30 years younger, we are as uncomfortable about this age-inappropriate romance as Stanley awkwardly appears to be as well.

Colin Firth makes heavy going of his portrayal of Stanley, and a radiant looking Emma Stone fares little better in this very stilted script that gives neither of them much of a chance to shine. The only cast member that relieved the fast encroaching boredom was the wonderful Eileen Aitkens as Stanley's Aunt, even though her part was very small.

Kudos though for the stunning period costumes and very glorious sets and locations which at least gave us something pretty to look at, but not enough to stop me nodding off from time to time.

P.S. Look closely in the scene set in a Jazz Club for the fleeting glance of the singer who is none other than the fabulous Ute Lemper.

By The Gay UK, Aug 28 2014 11:17AM

What’s your secret? What do you do in private that you wouldn’t share with anyone? What happens if the quiet, secret compartments in our heads start to invade our consciousness? And if the curtains are torn down for all to see, could we survive? Would we adapt or die?

by Matt Peake | 28th August 2014


By The Gay UK, Aug 27 2014 09:37PM

The Housemate with the fewest votes, and first to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House, was David McIntosh

by Newsdesk | 27th August 2014

Channel 5
Channel 5

After hugging his fellow Housemates, David left to cheers from the crowd, before performing a dance routine for the awaiting photographers.

David told Emma he thought there would be three people leaving the House and admitted “I am a competitive man, but it doesn’t matter…I’m good” He went on to say that when he was “starved” of food in the House and it was hard to "put on a show".

Emma then asked David what it’s like living in the House and he admits it “different” and there are many challenges. “There were three people everyone was arguing with” he said in reference to the American Housemates. David goes on to discuss Leslie and his decision to put him on the scrapheap, admitting “I got him hot under the cover!”

David talks about the “young lads” in the House and admits he “ended up spooning” Ricci a few time “out of force of habit”

David says that there “was no friction” apart from with the American Housemates, especially Gary.

After seeing a montage of some of his altercations with Gary, David admits “it was worse than that” He describes Gary as “manipulative” and Emma asks if the Housemates are not patient enough with him. David suggests that Gary’s “ridiculous, insane” stories wound people up, plus the fact they had to repeat everything three times. David adds, “He’s definitely a manipulative person…he’s playing a game. He’s an actor, but not a great actor”

Emma then asks David about Gary’s relationship with James and he says that he’s nice to Gary and tries to coach him through. When asked about James and Audely’s relationship, David says that they’re friends in the House adding, “James is not one to hold his tongue…he says what he thinks”

Before showing David his best bits, Emma tells him that “it’s been wonderful looking at you!”

Join Emma on Friday for Celebrity Big Brother’s second live eviction.

Emma then reveals that the Housemates will nominate for the first time after the show, face to face

By The Gay UK, Aug 27 2014 05:13PM

Lady Gaga joins Adam Lambert and Queen on the Australian leg of her tour...

by Newsdesk | 27th August 2014


Whilst on the Australian leg of her ArtRave tour Lady Gaga joined Adam Lambert and Queen to delight the audience in Sydney.


Together the pair sang, Another One Bites The Dust, afterwards Gaga took to Instagram to write, 'Tonight I felt alive in a way I have not before. I returned to the Radio GaGa mothership to pay homage to my leaders. It was emotional and wild,'


“So much fun tonight! @ladygaga” Lambert wrote on his page.

We love that Blazer on Adam Lambert... Must get one.

By The Gay UK, Aug 27 2014 02:44PM

Is age just a number?

by Joshua Walker | 27th August 2014

How old is too old?
How old is too old?

For the last few weeks I’ve been casually meeting up with a new friend - a 55 year old dentist from South London. He’s a little Roger Moore-ish (without being that ‘moreish’) – he’s handsome, trendy, sweet and interesting - but 30 years my senior!

So it’s completely innocent, we just occasionally grab drinks or dinner. Although he has started to peck me on the lips whenever I try to air kiss him. Something I just laugh it off (awkwardly). At times I’m forced to do ‘Matrix-like’ manoeuvres or resort to having to distract him as he leans in – “is that shop offering 2 for 1 on dentures?”

Tonight he had invited me out to see a play - and we were meeting for a pre-theatre dinner.

However, I got a curt message just now to say “Sorry I have to cancel tonight something’s come up. Also I now have a BF so may be best to leave it from now on. Good luck with everything”.

Which begs the question - did he think we were dating?

Yes we went out as a two-some, but does that necessarily mean we were a couple? No hand-holding, no kisses and (definitely) no sex! Marriage? Maybe. Dating - certainly not! (At least not in today’s world!)

I was also terribly impressed how he got a boyfriend in less than 24 hours. If only he moved that fast when we walking around London.

At 40, Dustin Lance Black is 20 years older than the six-pack owning, budgie-smuggling twink, Tom Daley. It all seems a little eerie to me.

What do they talk about? What do they even have in common? Let’s put it into perceptive, whilst Tom might like the classic sounds of the Bee Gees, it’s very possible that Dustin actually was one!

I sometimes think that daddy-issues or even money and security are sometimes the motivation for these unconventional relationships. I always (half) jokingly say, the older and fatter they are - the richer they have to be! And for me, Roger being a dentist is no substitute for wrinkles and grey pubes.

For a week I dated an Italian 18 year old. Whilst holding hands and kissing in public – I would get double-takes and angry glares. It was when we headed out for a posh meal one night and he was offered the Kids’ Menu I knew I had to let him go. Plus I don’t know what ‘yo-lo’ means and there’s only so many conversations I can have about ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’.

Although it might work for some people, dating older guys isn’t my thing - with dating someone older, I always have fear that in 30 years’ time - when I want to buy a sports car, get a piercing and contact Joan River’s plastic surgeon to achieve that science-fictionally youthful (and eternally surprised) look – they’ll also be recapturing their youth and I’ll be changing their nappies instead.

And with my 55 year old ‘friend’ acting like a baby now – doesn’t it make the prospect of future nappy-changing seem a whole-lot more real?

By The Gay UK, Aug 26 2014 09:46PM

After a four-week run at The Edinburgh Festival with stellar five star reviews and award nominations, Miller Theatre Productions returns with "Odd Shaped Balls" for a limited run at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden.

by Chris Bridges | 26th August 2014

Odd Shaped Balls is a new play exploring the difficulties faced by gay sports stars through the eyes of a young rugby player. Brothers, Richard D Sheridan (playwright) and Chris Sheridan (actor), forged the show after witnessing a real life incident of homophobic bullying in the sport that they love.

When rising rugby star James Hall is publicly ‘outed’ by his ex, his life becomes a struggle of dealing with increased media attention and the pressures of being labelled a role model on and off the pitch, while trying to adapt to changes in his personal relationships. The show takes an honest and often comical look into the changing room banter of male sports teams and their relationship to their fans and how it can intimidate players to live a lie.

With rave reviews and a fascinating subject matter, this play looks like it’ll be well worth checking (as does Chris Sheridan, judging by the publicity shots).

Odd Shaped Balls is on at the Etcetera Theatre from 18th to 20th of September.

Buy tickets here:

By The Gay UK, Aug 26 2014 04:51PM

A brilliant parody video has emerged about the future results of same-sex marriage in Ireland circa 2017.

by Newsdesk | 26th August 2014

Armagayddon | YouTube
Armagayddon | YouTube

The video, which was produced by like:minded productions in association with LGBT Noise, shows what life could be like for two non-gays in Ireland two years after gay marriage.

The video has already been seen by over 180,000 people.

Currently same-sex couples can be civilly partnered under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010.

A discussion about the legal recognition of same-sex marriages in the Irish Constitution has grown in Ireland recently. This amendment is due to be discussed in February to April 2015.

By The Gay UK, Aug 26 2014 02:26PM

Dear Zachary, thank you for this image.

by Newsdesk | 26th August 2014

Zachary Quinto | Instagram
Zachary Quinto | Instagram

One of the gay High Holy Days AKA The Emmys has arrived and many gay men around the world find themselves glued to their screens, the others are too busy just being fabulous elsewhere. However Zachary falls into the former camp.

He uploaded a picture of himself watching the Emmys as he changes in between scenes, for his new film with James Franco. He captioned the pic, 'literally watching the emmys as i change clothes between scenes for our movie... no complaints. GO FRIENDS!!!'

Bravo. This is exactly how we watch the TV. Usually with a glass/ bottle of wine and a bowl of cheesy wotsits between our knees.

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