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Now we know this is a little old (like three days already) but we thought we'd revisit the Zac Efron climax without hands skit with James Franco and have a closer look.

Now with the miracle of the pause button and screen grabs we are able to bring you a closer look at Zac Efron's sex face.

Impressive. Well not really, but we had 10 minutes and we were wondering what to fill our times with.

In the video, Zac Efron is being interviewed by James Franco, who is playing the character Skylark, a get in their and ask the big questions kind of presenter in the US.

Zac then talks about how he can climax with no hands – and that he masturbates 17 times a day. All we can say is #RedRaw.

Of course its all a spoof to promote James’s next movie The Interview out in December.


What does your sex face say about you? Are you a POWER PLAYER or a YOUNG BUCK

Want to make your semen taste better? Try these top ten tips to get the Man Mayo tasting better.

Ever wanted a perfectly hung, non-judgemental boyfriend. Your dreams have come true...

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We are getting quite addicted to this wonderful new alternative to television i.e. web series. Each week we find more really fabulous ones that tell great gay stories that make us laugh, and occasionally cry, and always keep us thoroughly entertained. Here’s The Gay UK’s pick of the week from the latest crop.



If when it comes to dating you believe that all men are dogs, then you will love this new series that writer/director Roman Feeser is just launching.

In the first episode we meet Charlie a cute young single guy unlucky in love who is sitting on a park bench with his best friend sharing the intimate and sordid details of his last bad date and declaring he is ‘exhausted from dating by everyone else’s rules’. In subsequent shows he convinces his three best friends to create a new gay dating app based on the NY Dog Park codes i.e. each park is based on specifics. Big parks for the big dogs, little parks for the smaller dogs etc … and they plan to add different profile rooms based on who you want to sniff out and maybe even put on a leash. Bright, breezy and very funny: definitely one to watch.


At the ripe old age of 30 Danny Carter finds himself aged out of his chosen profession. Having spent the past 10 years dancing as a Go Go boy at L.A.’s hottest club, he must now face the reality of having to find a new career. The trouble is he discovers after just getting by looking cute and dancing his tush off for all this time, he simply has no skills to do anything else. As he says at the start of episode 2 when he wakes up with yet another strange man in his bed ‘One the best things about being a Go Go dancer is the ability to black out. You just wake up with all this cash. I mean I’m going to be pulling $1 bills out of my crack all day long’.

Not anymore though and in this wonderfully hilarious new series we follow Danny as he tries to ‘find his purpose’ in life whilst still managing to wake up each morning and having to ask ‘what’s your name again?’ of the latest stranger he has ended up with. This delightfully entertaining slice of West Hollywood gay life written by its bubbly star Jimmie Fowlie, and allegedly based on a true story, will strike a cord with everyone, especially if you have ever backed out on a date yourself.


Who are the hottest openly Gay and Bisexual Actors Under the age of 40

Four men take on the Kim Kardashian butt photo - and they kinda look great.

Naked Boys Towel Dancing. See these two guys dancing in nothing but their towels.


Tells the stories of one-night stands, which with all the "hookup" apps, casual sex has never been easier. Each episode of Swipe Click Bang features new strangers who've met up to get it on. Some encounters are hilarious and awkward, while others are provocative and scary. Many of them are about men dating women (which could also be scary) but we loved Episode 2 entitled ‘Hit it or Quit It’ where a naive unsuspecting young man gets his Grindr cherry popped and learns that a hook-up is often just a hook-up and nothing more. Unaware of "the deal" implied in many a Grindr encounter; he hilariously tries to turn his hook-up into a date.

By The Gay UK, Nov 27 2014 05:13PM

Whilst you are waiting in long lines to snap up a real bargain, you may just pick up more than you bargained for.

In this hilarious new video by TOM GOSS two men have a full relationship from start to finish whilst waiting for a Black Friday Sale to start. He claims that that it is based on ‘many true stories’. We actually believe him as Black Friday is a time for consumerism, long lines and most especially, gay drama.


Welcome to Dollywood, we speak with the one and only Dolly Parton

The best of the naked shower selfie viral campaign... #weareALLclean

Scandal and secrets... It's only Downton Abbey this Christmas

You can read our interview with Tom Goss in the next issue of TheGayUK out early December.

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But I don’t want to get married

The introduction of gay marriage six months ago could be described as the most significant step in gay and lesbian rights since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1969.

Whether we like it or not, marriage is the most central institution of social society and allowing gay couples to marry is to allow us to play a full and normalised role in adult society. But now that the matrimonial club is open to everyone, gay couples have to ask themselves: do we actually want to get married?


There are many reasons couples choose to marry: the big day; a celebration of love in front of friends and family; and to gain legal recognition of their relationship. But some feel that marriage is too heteronormative, they are not ready for that commitment, or that it just isn’t for them. With proper legal advice, it isn’t necessary to get married for a couple to have the same legal rights as a married couple during the relationship and for them to make decisions about what should happen if it all goes wrong.

Relationships generally come to an end for two reasons: separation or death. In this article, we look at how you can protect yourself in the event of separation.

Generally speaking, if you’re married or in a civil partnership and get a divorce or dissolution, the courts have power to divvy up the assets, order a sale of the former family home, or allow one partner to occupy the home or buy out the other’s half.

However, even unmarried couples can have similar rights too in relation to property ownership, regardless of whether the couple bought the property together or if contributions to a property are made some time later. Couples that live together are known as cohabiting couples. Cohabitation is on the up: in its latest Integrated Household Survey, the Office for National Statistics said that 152,000 gay or lesbian couples were cohabiting: almost ten times the number in 1996. But we aren’t alone: the number of straight couples cohabiting almost doubled in the same time.


If I die, will my partner be okay without a will?

My partner died, and now his family won't let me be involved with the burial - what can I do?

I donated sperm years ago, will I have to pay for the child?


Home owners who allow their partners to move in; people who move into their partner’s home and start contributing to the house; and couples who buy together can protect their positions by taking some simple legal advice and drawing up an agreement which determines who is responsible for what outgoings, and the rights of each partner to the home (and any equity in it) in the event of break-up. This document is known as a trust deed and acts as a contract between the parties which can be enforced by the Court. It may seem a bit dramatic considering the end of a relationship whilst it’s in full swing, but it’s better than prolonging the ache of a break-up with complex and expensive legal disputes over who owns what. In that scenario, only the lawyers win.


Many cohabiting couples overlook the need to draw up an agreement because they believe that the Court will protect them if they are in a monogamous relationship for several years (often called “common law marriage”). However, “common law marriage” is a legal myth which confers almost no rights whatsoever if things go wrong. It may seem like another unnecessary expense to draw up a legal document setting out your position; however, it is the best way to protect your position and give you legal certainty.

The formality of marriage is not for everyone. Cohabitation is an increasingly common way to build a life with the one you love. A bit of forward planning can safeguard both of you from expensive and traumatic legal battles down the line. Either a barrister or a solicitor (there’s no need to go to the expense of using both) can advise on your particular needs. It’s not about being selfish, but about mutually respectful partners making the legal side of their relationship clear. Once that is sorted, both of you can get on with the non-legal side of cohabitation: creating a home together.

David Peachey and Charles Irvine are both barristers at 1 Gray’s Inn Square Barristers’ Chambers and specialise in property, probate and trusts in the home. They can both accept instructions without using a solicitor to advise clients on these issues and help draft agreements protecting your legal rights.

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With World's AIDs Day around the corner and new HIV infections on the increase a new hashtag campaign hoping rival the Ice Bucket Challenge craze is underway, started by the very sexy Jack Mackenroth.

Jack has started an online campaign along with Moovz, encouraging other people to take sexy shower pics and then post them using the hashtag #weareALLclean.

It is hoped that the viral campaign will raise awareness surrounding HIV but also to raise money for Housing Works, a New York-based nonprofit organisation fighting on the front lines to end AIDS and homelessness, not just in New York but globally by 2030.

Some have decried that the hashtag is offensive to those living with HIV, but the Jack says, 'I was inspired by the use of the word "clean", especially common in gay culture, to describe oneself as STI/STD free. Indirectly this implies that HIV-positive people are somehow "dirty'',

'I thought a PG or PG-13 shower selfie or Vine video would be a fun way that everyone could easily show their support on social media for finding a cure by using the hashtag #weareALLclean when they post their photo with the link. They then nominate 3 other people to participate and hopefully donate to the project as well.'

Here's a few of our favourites to get you up this morning.

By The Gay UK, Nov 26 2014 05:46PM

Iconic artist Dom Pattinson - who shot to fame when George Clooney bought his work as a wedding gift for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - is hiding pieces of art across LONDON in the run-up to his exciting exhibition.

The acclaimed artist's work generally sells for a minimum of £6,000, but this extraordinary treasure hunt stunt will see his team hide TEN PIECES of art between Euston and Hampstead this Friday (28/11/14) morning for fans to hunt down and take their priceless piece home to keep.

The piece - called ‘Stand Proud, Stand Out’ - is a statement about gay rights, equality and human rights and features a dazzling, multicoloured zebra. And it's already caught the eye of one of his biggest celebrity patrons, Liam Gallagher.


Meet the artist who lived on just $1 a day

Man Who Was Homophobically Beaten Channels Experience Into Art Exhibition

'NUDE PRIESTS' In Homoerotic Orthodox Calendar

His ‘free art’ campaign has been hugely successful in the past - it was when he left his pieces around New York City that the works caught George Clooney’s eye and inspired him to get in touch to commission a special piece for the Pitt family.

This time, the artist is scattering free art across the city while preparing for his show with our client, Zebra One Gallery at the iconic Utopia Studios in Primrose Hill.

The historical studio has seen acts including Sir Paul McCartney, The Boomtown Rats, Bay City Rollers and many more pass through its doors, and was the location for the recording of the first Band Aid single, 30 years ago.

Pattinson’s show, which opens on December 11th, is being held in aid of Bob Geldof’s Ebola charity, with all proceeds going towards fighting the disease.

By The Gay UK, Nov 26 2014 11:51AM

A young man killed himself by jumping off the Severn Bridge an inquest in Gloucestershire heard.

Credit: fromthevalleys | Flickr
Credit: fromthevalleys | Flickr

His distraught mother told the corner’s court in Gloucestershire that she thought he might have been embarrassed after coming out – despite the family ‘fully accepting’ he was gay.

The body of the 23-year-old man, named as Darren Crotty, was found near the Sharpness Dock on the River Severn on the 29th April. He had been reported missing on the 5th March 2014.

Police had put out appeal for Darren, who lived in Bishopston.

He has been reported missing by his flatmates after they found a suicide note under his pillow.

Ms. Crotty said, ‘He was a quiet, intelligent boy with a good sense of humour.

‘He told us he was gay and we had no issues with that but I think he was embarrassed and perhaps unsure of his sexuality.’


1 In 10 Male Callers To Samaritans Are Worried About Their Sexuality

His housemate, Martin Leefield said, ‘I found the suicide note and he had written that he intended to jump off the Severn Bridge so I immediately contacted the police.'

A calendar at Darren’s house had been marked with the letter “S” on the 31st January.

The Mirror reports that the Senior coroner for Gloucestershire Katy Skerrett, said, 'He left a detailed suicide note and apologised for the stress this would cause but he always planned to do this.

'The trigger for him taking his own life we will never know but it was probably related to his coming out as being gay.'

If you are facing difficulties with your sexuality, the London Lesbian And Gay Switchboard is available to take your calls from 10AM- 11PM seven days a week. Their number is: 0300 330 0630 or you can use the Instant message system at

By The Gay UK, Nov 26 2014 10:55AM

You know you're a kid of the 90s when the word Jurrassic and Park sends shivers down the spine.

Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure from a screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.


The ten forgotten music gems of the 90s... Remember some of these?

The six cartoons that made us slightly gay - are the carebares the cause I'm gay... Not really, but we remember these fondly.

The ten campest Christmas movies ever... Wait the Gremlins?

The Jurassic adventure first crashed on to our screesns in 1993, taking whopping $1BILLION in DVD sales and box office. Overall the entire franchise has made Universal Studios nearly $3 BILLION.

Jurassic World will be released in 3D by Universal Pictures on June 12, 2015.

By The Gay UK, Nov 26 2014 10:36AM

If you're under 20 and in full time education and have a way with lyrics, then Amnesty Internation UK are looking for you.

If your passion is writing or singing lyrics which condemn racism, dismiss inequality, denounce homophobia, or speak on any other human rights matter, you could win an Amnesty International Award.

The Singer / Songwriter Award category is just one of the five categories of Amnesty International Youth Awards which celebrates young talent of those in full-time education aged from 7 to 19 years old.

This year’s Singer-Songwriter category will be judged by five judges selected by Amnesty International, including singer-songwriter Kate Nash. Speaking about why she’s getting involved, Kate Nash said, 'I fell in love with making and playing music when I was at school.


Openly gay boyband member from Union J, Jaymi Hensley says he will challenge Twitter Homophobia.

Comment: Speaking about the 268 trans people murdered last year, RICHARD GLEN talks about why Transgender Day Of Remembrance is so important.

'Not only is music a powerful form of expression, it can also educate and stir others into action. It’s great that Amnesty recognises music as such an important mode of expressing human rights, and I’m delighted to be a judge for Amnesty’s Youth Awards Singer-Song-writing strand.'

Amnesty’s Youth Awards is being run in partnership with teachers’ magazine TES and sponsored by SOAS, University of London and supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

To find out more about how to get involved, visit

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Hit 90's comedy, Birds Of A Feather is returning to its ITV home after a brilliantly successful renewed series.


Get ready as Dorian, Trace and Shaz returns this Christmas with a destive special followed by a brand new series, the eleventh overall.

The last series, which was shown on ITV at the end of 2013 makes a return to its new channel ITV1.

Reaching audiences of over 9.5 million, made it ITV's most successful comedy in over a decade.

Originally BOAF ran on BBC 1 from 1989 till 1998.

The series then settled to an impressive 8 million viewers per episode, something that even the XFACTOR is finding it hard to achieve.


Scandals And Secrets Abound for the Christmas special of Downton Abbey

EastEnders' Gay Love? Do Johnny Carter And Ben Mitchell Finally Smooch?

Holyoaks to battle the rise of new HIV Infections in gay men with Ste Hay HIV story line.

The new series will again feature the original cast of Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph as Sharon Theodopolopodous, Tracey Stubbs and Dorien Green.

Charlie Quirke returns as Travis Stubbs with Samuel James joining the cast playing Garth Stubbs.

Birds Of A Feather Returns In December Tp ITV 1

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