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For the past week gay social media sites have been buzzing about the rather shocking discriminatory policy of IMPULSE SOUTH FLORIDA, a community outreach group dedicated to spreading HIV awareness and education.

They recently threw a massive pool party in Miami to help promote the recently renovated Vagabond Hotel, a local landmark. They made men over 40 years of age pay a hefty $50 admission when it was free to anyone else. To add insult too injury the party had been rather ironically heavily promoted and hashtagged on Instagram and Twitter with #JudgmentIsDirty,

“I’m amazed at the invite I just received – free admission up to 40 years of age and $50 over 40,” Ed Stevens, a would-be party goer said to South Florida Gay News. “In addition to whether this is even legal, It’s a shocking and blatant attempt to exclude mature people and another instance of how people in our community should know better, given the discrimination and judgments we face in the mainstream world. And I was looking forward to going back to this beautifully restored landmark.”

“The primary strategy is to organically establish a following of socially active, young gay men through engagement at large, organised events, such as Evolution, which occurred in Miami on April 18,”

Impulse responded in a press release yesterday. “The purpose of events like Evolution is to create a lively, fun atmosphere where these men can interact while simultaneously being exposed to information about HIV in a non-judgmental environment.”

That’s all well and said but as many other disgruntled would-be partygoers have been pointing out this week is the reality that the very same group of gay men who were made to feel very unwelcome also constitute a significant percentage of the donors who have helped keep IMPULSE in funds in the past.


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I’ll jump straight in and start by stating the bleeding obvious, that I don’t think gay people should be voting purely on political parties’ record on gay rights. I believe there is a much bigger picture that needs to be looked at. Sexuality should not define us as individuals and although we have some way to go until things are really equal for us, I feel that there are more pressing issues that should be given consideration at this time.

David Drexler "Our Dreams Cannot Fit In their Ballot Box" Via Flickr
David Drexler "Our Dreams Cannot Fit In their Ballot Box" Via Flickr

With just just under two weeks to go until the General Election, it’s looking like it will be a close battle between Labour and the Conservative Party, with losses likely for the Liberal Democrats and some gains for UKIP. The campaigning is ramping up a gear with each rise of the sun and the various political parties have been releasing their manifestos.

As part of the manifestos, most of the political parties have mentioned LGBT rights and the Labour Party have a specific LGBT manifesto. It’s great that the parties are being mindful of LGBT rights and it shows what great progress has been made in recent times. However, it could also be seen as an attempt to win the ‘pink vote’ and I’m cautous of voting for a political party just because they have pledged to do the most for gay people.

The last Labour government did a lot for gay people; lowering the age of consent, repealing the ban on gay people serving in the armed forces, repealing Section 28, introducing civil partnerships, and a whole host of other equality legislation. The current Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition has introduced marriage equality for gay people and set up a £2 million fund to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools.


Who are the MPs Against Equality?

Harvey Milk, A vinatge gay icon who changed the face of gay politics

COMMENT: How will the gay community vote: Pinks for Blue or Red?

The Green Party have always been supportive of full equality for gay people. Then there’s UKIP, who despite having some truly awful characters in their ranks and being the only main political party not to address LGBT rights in their manifesto, have an LGBT network.

In fact, at this year’s Warwickshire Pride festival, which I organise, so far UKIP are the only political party to book a stall there.

Now I’m by no means a UKIP supporter, but the point I am making is that all of the political parties have aspects that could appeal to a gay voter. But as mentioned previously, there is so much more to take into consideration.

If you cut me open, my blood is red (take from that what you will). I know exactly who I’ll be voting for on May 7th. The issues that matter to me are the economy, protecting the NHS, and supporting the most vulnerable in our society. The state of the country and our society as a whole is more important to me than my individual rights. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one (fans of Star Trek will recognise that quote).

It would be wrong of me to tell you who you should be voting for. Ultimately you will know what your values are and where you stand on certain issues. What I will plead though, is that you at least exercise your right to vote. You never know; it could be your vote that counts the most.

by @MrDanielBrowne

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Life is pretty bleak in this concrete jungle of soul-less tower blocks of shabby apartments on this housing complex in a poor rundown suburb of Paris.


Sixteen-year-old Marieme is hoping that one day she will break out of there so for a better life so she does her school work, plays American football, and then goes home to look after her younger siblings whilst her mother is out all hours doing cleaning jobs to keep the family together.

However when Marieme learns that her grades are not enough to continue high school she gives up being a good girl and falls in with a gang of three girls who seem to wreak havoc wherever they go. At first Marieme sits on the sidelines observing the girls led by a real toughie who calls herself Lady, but she soon gets drawn into their questionable activities when they slack off school every day. She swaps her braids for a more glam look and starts copying their more outrageous dress style. It’s not long until she is the one menacing other kids on their way to school to relieve them of every cent they have to fund the gang's nefarious agenda.

They use the money to check into a hotel to try on all the clothes they have stolen from the mall, get wasted on a diet of booze and pot noodles, and give a full rendition of Rihanna's Diamonds. It's their idea of a high life, sad as it is.

Things change when Lady gets roundly beaten in a fight with a member of another gang, so an emboldened Marieme ... known by the girls as Vic ... steps up to the plate and takes on the victor and beats her up. It delights Djibril one of her brother's friends who she has been hooking up with in secret, but it infuriates her bully of a brother, and when he threatens her, she knows it is time to leave home.

In this situation the only way out is to start selling drugs, which she does for another gang in return for a share in a safe house in another neighborhood. As tough she has become, this is very much a man's world, and despite all her efforts, she is still a girl.

It’s the third feature from French filmmaker Céline Sciamma and although it doesn't quite have the same resonance of her award-winning Tomboy but it does nevertheless pack a powerful punch. It's a bleak grim reality that these tough bad girls inhabit and come-of-age in but Sciamma does at least infuse it with a glimmer of hope.... and some compassion too. It's zillion years away from the cosy life of Boyhood!

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For many people watching last night's Diane Sawyer special with Bruce Jenner, it seemed that she was mis-gendering Jenner after telling her that he was now a woman. It may have seemed disrespectful, but here's why it wasn't.

Many took to social media to question Sawyer's use of masculine pronouns, however at the beginning of the interview it was made clear that Bruce was still using male pronouns and had asked to be referred to in that way.

A statement released by GLAAD may help people understand what might feel like a minefield when assigning pronouns to those who are trans, transitioning or transitioned.

At this time, Bruce Jenner has not requested that a new name or pronoun be used, therefore we are respecting his wishes and will continue to refer to Jenner by his current name and with male pronouns. Some transgender people prefer to change their name and/or pronoun quickly. Other transgender people may take more time to decide what name and/or pronoun feels right to them. To be respectful, use the name and/or pronoun requested by the individual.

During the 2-hour special, Jenner told Sawyer:

"I am a woman now. I have told a lie all my life, and this is who I am. I cannot hide anymore and I just can’t pull the curtains". He adds "I still have all my male parts but I identify as female."

He believes that what he is doing is going to change the world by talking about it all now.


How Twitter Responded To "Bruce Jenner" In A Maxi Dress

COMMENT: Germaine Greer, Bruce Jenner, and the Fight Against Transphobia

By The Gay UK, Apr 25 2015 11:36AM

Aiden Leslie has literally been making waves with the launch of his new video that he shot on Breezy Point Beach in NY.

The 38-year-old openly gay singer-songwriter has already made quite a name for himself on the nightlife circuit, and now he is taking a more soulful approach with his latest song I Just Go.

Take a look at the video as Aiden really is as hot as he looks and we are happy to nominate him as our Pick Of The Week.

By The Gay UK, Apr 25 2015 08:12AM



At the beginning of the interview Diane Sawyer made it clear that Bruce was still using the pronoun He, therefore our review of the interview reflects that.

When Bruce Jenner won the Olympic Gold Medal for the Decathlon in 1976 he broke the hold that the Soviets had on that event for years and instantly became an American Hero. For years this strapping handsome 6’4” man was recognised as the World's Greatest Athlete. Tonight however she is sitting down to give an exclusive interview with ABC TV’s Diane Sawyer to finally confirm the news that he worries may disappoint so many of the fans who have looked up to him for years.

Jenner is visibly extremely nervous as the cameras start to roll but she soon finds confidence as he begins to tell the real story for the very first time. What we discover in the next two hours is an outstandingly honest and open person who is also disarmingly charming. Jenner doesn’t shy away from any of Diane Sawyer’s probing questions and is utterly frank with his answers. Jenner's words evoke a response from Brandon, his son, who puts it very simply when he tells his Dad that he was proud of his when she won all her medals, but that pales into insignificance with Jenner's bravery now.

Jenner tells the waiting world "I am a woman now. I have told a lie all my life, and this is who I am. I cannot hide anymore and I just can’t pull the curtains". He adds "I still have all my male parts but I identify as female." He believes that what he is doing is going to change the world by talking about it all now.

Jenner explains that this is the very last time he will do an interview as ‘Bruce’ as he is about to undertake more of his transitioning which she reveals she started back in the 1980s when for a few years she took hormones.

A deeply religious and a family person Jenner married Chrystie the first wife in 1972 and they had two children before they divorced nine years later. Wife number two was singer Linda Thompson and they had two children before they separated five years later, and then in 1991 Jenner married Kris Kardashian and as well as fathering two daughters Jenner became the step-father to the infamous Kardashian sisters. Jenner shares that the first person he revealed her gender confusion too was Chrystie, and he is very quick to point out that this was not the cause for the failure of this, or the other marriages.

Jenner makes a point of explaining to an inquisitive and rather bemused Diane Sawyer that he is 100% heterosexual and has never ever even considered having sex with a man. He however has done his homework on this particular topic beforehand and quotes a very simply way of explaining the situation.

"Sexual identity is about who you go to bed with, whereas gender identity is about who you go to bed as."

Jenner has been an integral part of her family’s infamous hit Reality TV Show for years, so his relationship with all the children has been carried out under the glare of spotlights for some time now. His four eldest asked to be part of the interview so that they could publicly express their support for their father’s transition.

I think even Diane Sawyer was surprised with the answer Jenner gave when she pushed Jenner on how the ubiquitous Kim Kardashian had reacted. Kim had said that her husband Kanye had turned her around to the whole idea. West used his own life as an analogy: “I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am. I could have the most beautiful little daughter in the world, and I do. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself, they don’t mean anything.” Kim added her own advice telling her dad "you’ve got to rock it".

Aside from the sensationalism of having a celebrity having the bravery to come clean to the world with such astounding and highly personal news, both Jenner and Diane Sawyer took time out to acknowledge the ongoing struggle of other people transitioning which is still so greatly misunderstood and still results in suicides and violent crime. Jenner expressed her deepest hope that talking about this topic in this manner on primetime TV may save more lives and give others the strength to become who they really are.

When Jenner explained to Diane Sawyer that next time they meet she would only see Jenner as the woman she now is and she finished the interview with "I am saying goodbye to peoples perception of me, but I am not saying goodbye to me."

I think when the reviews are in, we will find she is even more of a Hero than ever before. Certainly in our book.

The similarities of Jenner's story with that of the Award winning TV series TRANSPARENT is remarkable . That featured a retired Professor also in his 60s who finally decides to transition and has to share the news with his adult children. It's a rather joyous positive journey based on the real life story of the series creator Jill Soloway's father .

by @RogerWalkerDack

By The Gay UK, Apr 24 2015 04:14PM

When gay art student Sam ‘came out’ to his parents they disowned him and cut him off without a cent. Faced with high tuition fees, rent and living expenses to find in Chicago, he resorted to turning tricks as it pays so much better than any other manual labour. However when Aaron his long-term long-distance boyfriend moved to town and in with him, he resented the way that Sam earns his living.


The first time one of Sam's paying clients came for his weekly rough and tumble, the more worldly Aaron recognised him as an infamous gay-bashing bigot that had just written yet one more book denouncing the 'evil ways of homosexuality. After his 'appointment' was over Aaron suggested that when the man came back for his next hook-up, that he should secretly film the whole naked encounter and use it to blackmail him. Not only would it possibly expose the hypocrite to the whole world, but if he wanted to buy the tape to keep them quiet, they could make enough money to insure that Sam could retire from his call boy career.

It was a rather inconsequential plot for a lightweight movie made by the somewhat anonymous Shumanski filmmaking brothers from South Africa. Like their previous gay themed movie Wrecked there is an abundant amount of full frontal nudity and explicit sex that at times just feels like porn with a plot. Its redeeming feature is its mumble core approach to filming (not often used in gay movies) that gave the whole piece an edgy feel to it.

On the acting side indie actor/director Joe Swanberg who's first 'big' feature Drinking Buddies was recently released to critical acclaim, plays the angry client Andrew Tucker. Looking at Swanberg's resume to date you can see that he rarely keeps his clothes on through a whole movie, so it seemed no big deal for this straight actor to have explicit gay sex on screen. Interesting also to see young Nathan Adloff (playing Sam) in front of the camera after being so very impressed with his own writing/directing debut in a delightful sleeper from last year's Nate & Margaret.

It's a harmless piece of boy-lite fare that by trying to push our buttons by what it thinks is daring, will only have us reaching for the remote control to skip over all those parts which fall flatter than some of the sexual encounters, to get to the end quicker.

By The Gay UK, Apr 24 2015 07:46AM

Shocking pictures have emerged showing ISIS fighters hugging men accused of being gay before savagely stoning the two to death.

WARNING: DIsturbing images are used in this report.

@Raqqa_Si (Twitter)
@Raqqa_Si (Twitter)

Two more men have reportedly been killed in Syria, for being gay or accused of being gay, in an escalating assault in the area on those ISIS believe are homosexual.

In pictures released by @Raqqa_Si, a campaign group against ISIS and the Assad regime in Raqqa, two men are seen being led to a holding ground in Homs, a city in Western Syria. Surrounded by onlookers they are treated to an informal reading of their crimes before being bludgeoned with rocks and stones until they die from their injuries.

Stoning causes a traumatic death that experts suggest can take between 3 and 10 minutes for the victim to die.

One expert reporting:

"If you are hit in the head with large stones, then it likely wouldn't take long at all.

But, if you are hit only in the body with smaller stones, then it may take quite a while before you actually die from internal injury/bleeding."

In pictures released, the men from ISIS apparently hug the charged in a sign of “forgiveness”. Before the stoning commences, an ISIS fighter can be seen, standing by a car, reading out the charges against the accused, using a microphone in a make-shift hearing scenario.

It has not been made clear if the two men were a couple.

There have been a number of chilling executions of men accused of being gay in Syria. Up until now, the men have normally been thrown off tall buildings in the region. Many of the accused survive the fall only to be stoned by the bloodthirsty crowd of spectators.

Hala Jader, award winning journalist for the Sunday Times, tweeted the pictures, saying:

"#Isis stones homosexual couple 2 death.

First they hug them apparently in forgiveness, then kill them."

By The Gay UK, Apr 23 2015 05:46PM

We have a language of all of our own which just comes with the whole package of being gay.

Whilst we all understand each other, it's much tougher for straight guys to cotton on to what the hell we are saying.

Talented Youtube Vlogger Davey Wavey quizzed three strapping straight men about their knowledge of our ‘dictionary’ and here are his hilarious findings.


By The Gay UK, Apr 23 2015 04:16PM

Does The Pope really read The Gay Uk? For months the Pope and the Catholic Church has maintained a radio silence on the appointment of Laurent Stefani, France’s openly gay future Ambassador to the Vatican, but then just two days after we ran a story about it, the Holy Father changed his mind.



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