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By The Gay UK, May 26 2015 03:06PM

When the opening credits roll in Buck Angel's new documentary and you see that it is an 'I Love My Vagina Production’, you know that this is going to be a no-holds-barred look at demystifying the whole aspect of sexuality of trans men.

What the charismatic handsome hunky Angel does is fill this highly unusual 'sex education' movie with scenes of explicit sexual activity to insure that we are shocked enough not to forget his message of how liberated these men became after transitioning.

In a series of in-depth interviews Angel talks to a several FtM (female to male) trans people about how they felt alienated from the bodies that they were born with and their decisions to transition into a male persona. They all had a great deal in common as they discussed the surgeries to get rid of their breasts, and how the effects of taking testosterone changed their lives in ways they never expected.

Before transitioning some of them had played the traditional female roles with their boyfriends, some of them were in relationships with lesbians, but once all the hormone treatments kicked in, they all seemed to notice that their sexual libido shot through the ceiling and they started to be much more fluid and open to all different types of people to have sex with. Most of them also followed the same route that Angel took and opted not to have 'bottom surgery' with the end result that have started to be proud of the vaginas that had disgusted them previously, and now they were being penetrated and actually enjoying it.

They all unanimously agreed that transitioning had changed their lives completely and for the better. Some of them are now in relationships, some have sex with other FtM guys like themselves, some like sex with men, some others like it with women. In terms of gender they all feel male. In terms of sexual orientation, they are very different - some of them are heterosexual (they like sex with women), some are gay (they like sex with other men or FtM men) and some like to experiment with men, women and FtM guys.

As an outsider it is often hard to get beyond our preconceived ideas of gender and the labels that society insists that we all use. One of Angel's taking heads was the comedienne Margaret Cho who perfectly articulated her take on it all. Her sexuality had been 'straight' and then 'lesbian' and then she realised that she loved men sexually, and trans men in particular. She now identifies, as being queer as that, she feels, is not limiting and it makes sense to her as 'gay' simply doesn't cover who she is. And she aptly sums up the feelings she shares with many trans men by saying that she is happy with strap on’s...’a dick is a dick, whether it's been bought or grown.’

The message that is loud and clear in Angel's film is that the effects of injecting so much testosterone is that it makes you aware of many more possibilities, and that your sexuality is never finite whatever your gender is. I am however also convinced that we would have completely grasped that concept without nearly all of the film's subjects getting naked and playing with themselves on camera.

Above everything Angel is a powerful advocate for making this community visible and giving them a voice, for which he needs to be applauded for.

Read our exclusive interview with Buck Angel

By The Gay UK, May 26 2015 02:45PM

Icons come in all shapes and sizes, the larger than life ones end up being role models for every drag queen. But none of them have ever had as many shoes as the notorious Imelda Marcos.

In this delightful movie from 2004 that we have just unearthed we get to realize why New York was once plastered with posters that claimed ‘‘There’s a Little Bit of Imelda in All of Us’.

This Sundance award winning documentary about the infamous former First Lady of the Philippines is a sheer delight and shows what a consummate actor Imelda Marcos is. She believed if she behaved like royalty then people would treat her as if she were. Naturally this was not at all selfish as she kept asserting, she only acted like a star because it made all the poor people in her country very happy. Hmmm!

The film follows her from her youth as a glamorous Miss Philippines beauty queen. Well, she actually came in 2nd but bullied the judges into reversing the decision: so she sort of started as she meant to go on. She wed handsome Senator Ferdinand Marcos after an 11-day courtship, and their marriage suited each other for different reasons, but one of the undisputable facts in the story is that without Imelda, Ferdinand would never have won the Presidency at the early age of 36.

The movie doesn’t attempt dig up any new dirt about the corruption and intrigue that has filled her later life because it is already so well documented. And frankly there would be little point as Imelda is THE Queen of Denial: sitting as cool as a cucumber she calmly refutes anything and everything as mere rumours and gossip without blinking an eyelash. It is a wonderfully delicious performance and you never ever get a glimmer or hint to see if she is the ultimate self-delusionist or the world’s most accomplished liar.

For example, her couturier talking to camera about how demanding and unreasonable Imelda was, mentioned that most of his atelier had to work 24 hours per day to finish the intricate hand embroidery on all her many dresses, so much so several went blind. The next frame Imelda bursts into her usual mantra about ‘love’ ‘beauty’ and ‘truth’ without any hint of irony. And as to the tragedy regarding the Film Festival Center that she ordered to be built to rival that of Cannes in such a hurry that it the different layers of cement never settled and numerous workers died when their scaffolding collapsed and were left buried in the cement in the finished building? "Never happened", said The First Lady, but the building is rarely used, as the locals fear there are souls that are not at rest there.

A totally fascinating enigmatic megalomaniac who was responsible for so much corruption, and even more importantly, abuse to human rights, and yet I was completely mesmerised and in awe of this magnificent over-dressed creature on the screen. Even by giving the filmmakers unparalleled access to follow her (almost) everywhere, you were always aware that the pro in her must have manipulated them to ensure that each frame flattered her perfectly. In the same way that she carefully considered everything she said even though so much of it were all her clichéd mantras.

Imelda loved the fact that after the matter of her shoe collection hit the tabloids around the world, a poster appeared all over New York with a pile of shoes on it. It said ‘There’s a Little Bit of Imelda in All of Us’. However, how many of us will copy the ex First Lady who has already had a shrine built for her death that is dedicated equally to Her and Jesus?

By The Gay UK, May 26 2015 02:18PM

Twenty-something-year-old Evan Brisby is ambitious. Currently working on a gay magazine that covers the local community in Toronto his hometown, he aspires to bigger things and so sends samples of his writing to The Gazette, one of the city's daily newspapers.


He doesn't get offered a job but the editor is suitably impressed to give him an assignment to write a freelance piece on the city's nightlife, something that shy Evan is not really an expert on. He does however accept the challenge, as he knows that this could be his big break, and he also knows that Aidan his colleague at the gay magazine will be able to connect him up with exactly the right sort of people.

Aidan comes up trumps and hooks him up with Hunter who despite the fact he is Evan's age is evidently THE king of the night who runs clubs and hosts parties that are the best in the city. It is also obvious that Jordan quickly takes a shine to his interviewer who is so single-minded and determined to get the best story he can, is totally oblivious to his new admirer. Evan is also distracted by the fact that he cannot shake of the memory of a recent ex who very inconveniently keeps popping up in his mind and his dreams quite regularly.

This micro-budgeted homegrown movie from first time writer/director Eric Henry is evidently partly autobiographical and besides being a fond love letter to the city of Toronto, is very much about different kinds of acceptance. When Evan is not shadowing Hunter for his article he is still doing his regular writing job that includes interviewing people like the gay couple into fetish sex, or the straight couple who have embraced the husband's cross-dressing. Even when he is off-duty having a drink he has an uncomfortable encounter with an old man looking for company. Very admirable reminders about everyone needing to find their own path to happiness, but still a tad too preachy and really unnecessary to the flow of the story.

Kudos to the fact that the production values of the piece that are much higher than one has come to expect from movies of this type. Henry helped this by making good casting calls using Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski a very impressive newbie as Evan, Ryan Fisher as Hunter, and hunky male model/actor Matthew Ludwinski as Evan's lost love, even though the script he gave them had more than the occasionally grimacing moment.

The whole affair is an enjoyable boy-lite romance that may not stretch your mind too much, but if this is a genre you like, will nevertheless put a big smile on your face when you see that everyone does in fact live happily ever after in the end.

On Vod/DVD in UK on May 25th via TLA

By The Gay UK, May 26 2015 11:50AM

We have been to a few film festivals in our time but we can say without a doubt that the brand new trailer promoting San Francisco's Frameline Festival is by far the best we have ever seen It is also probably the gayest too.

Now in its 39th year Frameline is the world’s oldest and largest celebration of queer cinema. It so worth the trip, that's if you even need an excuse to visit San Francisco itself. After all, there is no place like here.

Watch it below

By The Gay UK, May 25 2015 07:30PM

Are you still calling your favorite inhalant ‘poppers’?

Well according to the Church of Scientology’s ‘Foundation For A Drug-Free World’ you are so behind the times. They have being touring New York City public schools teaching children about the evils of some fo the world’s more popular recreation drugs. Parts of the information they are imparting are the street names that are now used for inhalants.

We are not quite sure where/how they discovered these terms, maybe some leading Scientologists filled them in... but calling poppers names such ‘Satan’s Secret” suddenly makes us think maybe we have underestimated them.

Poppers that is, not the Scientologists.


By The Gay UK, May 25 2015 05:11PM

69-year-old identical Dutch twins Martine and Louise Fokken give a new meaning to the word sexagenarian. Both of them have been working as prostitutes in Amsterdam's red light district for almost 50 years now, and Marianne is still plying her trade daily. (Louise retired 2 years ago when arthritis meant she 'couldn’t get one leg over each other' any more)!


In this truly delightful documentary we discover that they are a wonderfully colorful irascible pair of Rubenesque women who have such joie de vivre. The film starts with following elderly Martine as she catches the bus from the suburbs clutching her tiny chihuahua (which she NEVER ever seems to put down) and en route to work calls in at the convenience store to pick up another box of 144 condoms. Immensely affable she greets everyone she meets with her big smile and constant chatter as if she is just heading for another day at the office.

Setting up her room she hangs her accouterments to show to passing strangers that she offers dominatrix and other kinky services for her 'naughty' men, and then dressed very provocatively sits in her large window enticing then to come in. The fact that all the 'working girls' in adjoining 'windows' are barely 20-years-old seems to hardly bother this old trooper at all.

The sisters explain that very few of the punters want full intercourse but just to simply 'get their rocks off,' and the film includes some hilarious scenes with Martine and her gentlemen callers and how easily she can get them to be satisfied. What should be regarded, as an intensely sexual experience seems to be harmless and a somewhat funny episode for the men who appear to enjoy the free cup of coffee afterwards just as much.

The sisters are inseparable and do literally everything together and live in their own apartments that are in buildings opposite each other. They dress in the same bright gaudy clothes, finish each other's sentences and clearly are each other's best friend. We see them in conversation with each other and also alone talking unguardedly straight to the camera about their lives to date. The information they reveal is somewhat patchy which makes their story even more intriguing. When Louise was 19-years-old and already a mother of 3 children her physically abusive husband 'forced' her into working, as a prostitute and Martine seemed to follow almost to support her sister's indignity and precarious situation.

They touch on the fact that they made so much money in the early days, but now stuck in municipal housing there is no sign of it at all. They are fiercely independent and talk about the days when they broke away from the organised crime 'pimp' system and even opened up their own brothel at one time. And there is a scene when Louise is reconciled with one of her daughters but no real explanation is offered as to why the child grew up with foster parents. It’s almost like there is a whole another movie to be made here.

The sisters own pleasure now is in painting bright garish canvases of scenes of their life in the Red Light District. Like the women themselves their artwork can best be described as somewhat naive. They do however make for a wonderful scene towards the end of the film when they are exhibited in a Gallery and all their old cronies turn up to show their support and their genuine love for these two unstoppable women.

They are two good-natured women with an infectious sense of humor who have obviously led a tough life yet appear to bare no scars or even deep resentments even, and the final scene where they are frolicking together in the snow like a couple of silly schoolgirls shows what a wonderful resilient couple they are.

A sheer joy to watch, and even enough reason to check up flight schedules to Amsterdam.

By The Gay UK, May 25 2015 03:00PM

Anne Meara actress and comedian and wife of Jerry Stiller and mother of actor Ben Stiller and of actress Amy Stiller died yesterday aged 85.

Extremely well-known to US Audiences, she is instantly recognisable to us as for her role as Cynthia’s meddling mother-in-law in Sex And The City. Married to Stiller for 61 years during which they constantly performed together, although he and Ben became bigger stars, Ms. Meara still appeared in over forty movies in her long career that included Fame, The Boys From Brazil, The Daytrippers and she co-starred with her son in Zoolander and The Night At The Museum.

Here is a clip of Jerry and Anne on ‘Good Morning Joe’ TV Show in 2012 when they were honoured by the Actors Fund.

By The Gay UK, May 24 2015 04:18PM

Anti-Gay marriage groups offer 'CONGRATULATIONS' to campaign in wake of Irish Marriage Equality Victory.

Whilst the outcome of yesterday’s historic vote in Ireland was widely predicted, the big surprise of the day was the unprecedented and gracious behavior of the two main organizations behind the No campaign. When they conceded defeat they both issued statements congratulating the equality side's victory.

Catholic-based anti-gay marriage activist group Iona Institute, which had aired a series of misleading fear ads ahead of the referendum vote, sent out the following press release:

‘We would like to congratulate the Yes side on winning such a handsome victory in the marriage referendum. They fought a very professional campaign that in truth began long before the official campaign started. For our part, The Iona Institute is proud to have helped represent the many hundreds of thousands of Irish people who would otherwise have had no voice in this referendum because all of the political parties backed a Yes vote.’

Mothers & Fathers Matter, the organisation behind last week's video featuring two gay men explaining their opposition to same-sex marriage, said:

"We offer our warm congratulations to the YES campaign on their victory. There are thousands of people who worked hard for them to achieve this result, and they can be justifiably happy with their efforts today. Though at times this campaign was unpleasant for people on all sides, nobody who involves themselves in a campaign does so with anything but the good of their country at heart. There is no better way to resolve difference than the way we are using today. From our point of view, we have represented a proportion of the population greater than those who support any political party. One in three Irish people in this campaign was not represented by the political establishment, the media, or the institutions of state. We are proud to have fought on behalf of those voices when nobody else would. Today’s result was achieved by the Government after they issued certain promises about surrogacy, adoption, and a range of other issues. A lot of voters believed those assurances and they must now be kept."

by @RogerWalkerDack

By The Gay UK, May 23 2015 02:19PM

The American TLC Cable Company yesterday cancelled one its top TV shows 19 Kids and Counting in the wake of allegations that Josh Duggar one of its cast members sexually abused five underage girls, including his sisters, over a decade ago.

Josh, 27, the eldest son of the Duggar clan featured on the show, resigned from his position as executive director of the anti-gay, far right group Family Research Council's (FRC) lobbying arm yesterday, saying in a statement: "Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends."

In a typical example of its anti-gay views, the FRC has a page on its website which states that gay people should not be allowed to work with children, because “disproportionate numbers of gay men seek adolescent males or boys as sexual partners”.

Anger has been mounting on social media since it has also been revealed that Duggar’s father had known for a whole year about his son’s alleged molestations before he reported it to the authorities, and that Josh Duggar was never prosecuted because it was then outside of the statute of limitations.

‘In Touch Magazine’ has reported on nine different occasions when the fiercely homophobic Duggar lectured people on family values before his "inexcusable" actions. One such time was when he argued that an LGBT nondiscrimination measure in Arkansas jeopardised the safety of children:

‘Enacting additional laws that are trying to protect one group of people over another is not really the solution and in fact it has the inverse effect on others… We have to make sure we’re standing up to protect the rights of privacy and protecting the well-being of women and children in our cities.’

His actions however were not met with total disapproval as conservative US Republican Presidential Candidate US Mike Huckabee quickly issued a statement saying that Duggar should be forgiven for what he dismisses as a ‘mistake by a teenager’.

Huckabee was recently also in the news for his other views of parenting when in a book he criticised President Obama and the First Lady for their approach to parenting which evidently gave him such great offence.

Their crime in Huckabee’s eyes was they let their daughters listen to artists like Beyoncé, whose music he called ‘mental poison.’

By The Gay UK, May 23 2015 01:00PM

On her TV Show this week talk-show comedian Ellen revealed that she has been keeping a secret since 1989.

She is in fact the mother of twins. No longer baby boys, although they still run around the house shirtless, and she finally revealed them to the world.

Smoking hot doesn't even cover it. Let's just put it this way. If the story was true, there would be a very long line of guys wanting to become Ellen's new son-in-law. Us included.

Check out the video.



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