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When we say it is as ‘hot as hell’ in Miami Beach we are not just talking about the weather. Although the fact that it is a rather wonderful 27 degrees this morning (as opposed to 13 deg. in London) does help.

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Next weekend we’ll retreat indoors and even though the air conditioning will be on at full blast, the temperature will still be rising. It’s the 17th Edition of Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (MGLFF): 10 days packed with 65 movies that cover the whole spectrum of the best of LGBT cinema. As MGLFF is the first major US gay film festival of the year it is the first one to roll out the new movies of the season.

Our Contributing Editor Roger Walker-Dack is already there to cover the Event for THEGAYUK and he sends us his pick of the new crop of must-see movies.

1) BOULEVARD: the Gala Opening Night movie is a real treat. One of the final movies that the late great Robin Williams finished before his untimely death, and in which he stars as Nolan Mack a 60-year-old devoted husband who has been in a marriage of convenience for decades and who is now forced to face his secret life after he gives a lift to a young hustler. It is a career-best performance from Williams and one the must subtle and understated he has ever played. As Nolan Mack poignantly learns, maybe it’s never to late to late to start living the life you really want. Unmissable.

2) NASTY BABY: This is the first American movie from Chilean ex-pat director Sebastián Silva (Crystal Fairy & The Magic Cactus) in which he also co-stars.

It’s the tale of happy gay couple with a comfortable life in Brooklyn who are anxious to have a baby with their best girl friend. However just as you get settled into a charming tale of domestic bliss, Silva does a 360o turn and introduces an unexpected trauma which really shakes you out of your complacency to the real lengths that this seemingly politically-correct set of friends will go too when push comes to shove. Devastatingly wonderfully, but be prepared to come out feeling totally stunned

3) IN THE GRAYSCALE: Also in my top three is a movie from another Chilean filmmaker, this time from newbie Claudio Marcone whose impressive debut is a tale about a young successful architect who is at a crossroads in his life. Married and a father of a young boy but recently separated from his wife, he is looking to find himself. Along the way he finds Fer an attractive young openly gay Tour Guide, but as Bruno soon finds out in this heartbreaking tender tale, life is not always so black and white.

4) THE EASY WAY OUT: Antoine is the middle one of three Parisian brothers, and is the one who has taken it upon himself to sort out his siblings’ unhappy lives even though his own is heading south too.

This rather charming French tale is all about the compromises lovers and families make to keep their relationships alive, and was adapted from a novel by Stephen McCauley (who also penned The Object of My Affections). Highly enjoyable.

5) THE DREAM CHILDREN: Why this enchanting Australian movie made in 2009 has taken this long to surface is something of a mystery.

Maybe a tad dated but it’s a highly emotionally compelling melodrama about a gay couple trying to adopt. The leads are played by two very talented and famous Australian soap opera stars who give convincing performances with and without their clothes on. Was so well worth the wait.

As well as my Top Five of premieres, MGLFF have also included in their programme three of the very best movies that were recently shown at BFI Flare in London. If you missed them there, now is a chance to catch up with them. They are ‘TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL’, ’54 THE DIRECTORS CUT’ and Francois Ozon’s ‘THE NEW GIRLFRIEND’.

MGLFF runs April 24 until May 3, 2015 and there are tickets still available for all the movies listed

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It was announced in Paris today that legendary gay auteur TODD HAYNES will be screening his new film in competition at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

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Carol / Facebook
Carol / Facebook

Carol based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr Ripley) stars the one and only Cate Blanchett stars in the titular role as a 1950's-era married woman who begins a romantic same-sex relationship with a young store clerk played by Rooney Mara. It also co-stars Kyle Chandler and Sarah Paulson

Haynes’s previous movies include Far From Heaven, I’m Not Here, Velvet Goldmine and he also directed the award-winning TV remake of Mildred Pierce.

Carol will definitely be on our list of favourites at this year’s Festival and we will track it’s progress to a cinema near you hopefully later this year.


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The ultimate high for every established filmmaker is to have your work accepted by the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, so you can imagine what a remarkable achievement this is when you are still a student and this is your very first film. This is exactly what happened to Robert Doobay a student at the University of Central Florida



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