There comes a time in every man’s life when his penis just doesn’t want to play ball. The mind may be willing but the equipment is taking some vacay.

Why can't I get an erection?

Well there could be some lifestyle factors that are stopping you from getting a hard on. Getting hard is all about blood flow, so if you’re erection problem is a physiological issue it could be something to do with your blood pressure. Time to see the doctor! However, there are loads of psychological issues that could affect your libido too. Read on.


You could be getting drinkers droop. Although alcohol can seemingly put you in the mood for some loving. Excessive drinking will affect your ability to get an erection and could stop you from finishing up too.


Some prescribed meds like anti-depressants are known to cause impotence. Blood pressure pills and some allergy medications have also been linked to erectile dysfunction. ED. If you suspect that you’ve been prescribed meds that are affecting your boner then get back in touch with your doc. Ask to try some different drugs. Illicit drugs will also affect your ability to have sex.


Sometimes you’re just too dog tired to perform. Get some ZZZs and try again in the morning when you’re more refreshed. However there are a number of sleep disorders that could be affecting the quality of the sleep you’re getting. Issues such as sleep apnea or insomnia are problems that will drastically affect the quality of your rest. See your GP if you’re concerned.



Work Stress

Getting turned on whether you’ve got a hundred things on your mind is a near impossibility. Your inability to get hard might be because of your work stress, financial woes or even family issues. Working out, yoga, mindfulness and breathing exercises are brilliant ways to reduce your stress load.

Getting fat

Yep, an expanding waistline is really unhelpful to your manhood. Obese guys have lower levels of testosterone which plays havoc with your sexual prowess. Being overweight is also linked to blood pressure issues and arteries hardening, which can lead to a reduction in the blood flow to your penis.



We all know it’s bad for you… it’s also bad for your penis. It damages the blood vessels which inhibits the blood flow. Worryingly smoking can also shrink your dick too. So quit today.

Getting enough Vitamin D?

If you’re not getting enough sunshine your body won’t be creating Vitamin D which can cause your testosterone levels to plummet. Again effectively killing off your love mood. Getting just 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin is all you need to keep your Vit D levels up.

Are your teeth clean?

Men were three times more likely to have ED if they had gum disease a Turkish study found. The British Dental Health Foundation found that 4 out of five guys who had “severe ED” also had gum disease. This is caused by the bacteria from your diseased gums seeping into your bloodstream which damages your blood vessels.

Stop your mid-day fumbles?

Are you getting off during the day? Maybe you need to get a check on that and save yourself for the big event later on. When we’re younger climaxing more than once a day (or five) was achievable, as you get older you might finder it harder to keep it… So save yourself.

Don’t do it last thing at night…

Why wait until you’re about as tired as you’re going to get?  F**K first – then dinner, then TV then bed. Get the good stuff while you still have the energy!