If you’ve prepared those fuzzy handcuffs for your Valentine’s Day and intend to use them as a Valentine’s Day present for your man, you might want to think twice.

If you’ve prepared those fuzzy handcuffs for your Valentine’s Day and intend to use them as a Valentine’s Day present for your man, you might want to think twice.

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First of all, come on, it’s totally unoriginal and such a cliché, and secondly, there are so many other gifts that you can get and still earn your sex at the end of the day. Even though many couples opt for those classic VD gifts such as a romantic dinner for two, a romantic weekend getaway and such, there are also those that are quite funny, original, and most importantly, very useful. If you don’t know what present to go with for VD (which is less than a month away!), take a look at these tips:

Clean to bottom


If you really want to get your man something that’s connected to your sexual life, you might as well choose something that’s really useful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a top, bottom or versatile, one of you is definitely going to be taking it. So, in order for everything to go smooth and clean, and still have a good effect on one’s health, you can opt for the Pure for Men pills that are, in lack of a better word, great. As Chris Davis from TAKE TWO says, they don’t want to eliminate the need for general hygiene, but they have found that many of their customers spend 70% less time getting ready. This is not only something that you might come in handy in your bedroom, but it’s also something that will definitely save time for your boyfriend who likes to bottom.

Be natural


If you’re not interested in anything that’s connected to sex, you might go with some examples of natural cosmetics. First of all, if your guy is really into cosmetics and knows the Holy Trinity of skincare (cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating) AND is very eco-friendly, then choosing natural skin care products is the best option. In this day and age, it’s very important to pay special attention to the natural ingredients of each product – especially if we want healthy skin. If he’s doesn’t care that much about natural products, this might be the way to teach him what’s best for him.

Some like it hot

There are so many different kinds of kitchen aprons out there. Some of them quite classic, other very sexy, but if your man knows his way around the kitchen and likes to cook, this might be an excellent idea. Make sure to choose an apron that fits his personality, or simply a very sexy one – it’s also very important that you like how it looks on him even when he’s cooking naked. Why is this also a great gift? Because if things get hot in the kitchen and your guy is only wearing the apron, taking it off and getting down to business might be even faster which means that the dish is not going to turn coal black while you’re going down on him!

Let him choose the gift

Now something completely original that doesn’t cost a single penny, well not yet at least. Namely, a great and very original idea is to make your own Valentine’s Day coupon book and let him choose the gift whenever he wants to. This coupon book might include 12 different types of gifts, such as going to the cinema or dinner, cooking him something interesting, to the sexy ones, such as a sexy massage or his favorite sexual fantasy. This won’t cost you practically anything now, and it shows how much original and thoughtful you are.

Scratch, scratch

Finally, a very popular option nowadays that you can see on Instagram quite often is the scratch map. This might seem lame at first, but it’s actually a very romantic and nice gift, especially if you want to scratch the destinations where you went together. This could be a great accessory to have on the wall of your living room, and will definitely motivate you to travel together all around the globe.

So yes, choosing a gift that you think is lame might not be lame after all, especially if you know how to give it. Make a back story; think of the reason why you want to give him that exact gift. Stay away from the classic ones such as shirts, bags and romantic dinners – there will be plenty of time for that in the future. Now focus on these original ones!


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