Your toolbox to toolbox of self-care

Whether you’ve had a few weekends of all-night clubbing, or you’ve noticed that you spend hours online without any distinct purpose, sometimes we overindulge and give in to our cravings without being entirely aware. Not to mention the fact that so many people reach for alcohol or drugs to relieve stress and to escape their issues, leaving nothing but health troubles to deal with as the aftermath.

Consider this your judgment-free guide to helping yourself. It’s meant to provide you with a toolbox of self-care steps you can take no matter your addiction, craving, or indulgence in question. It’s designed to help you detox your body and cleanse your mind and to hopefully have a fresh start in order to cherish yourself more. Here’s what you can do when you notice it’s time to detox.

Help your body cleanse with water

Your body already has a built-in system for detoxing and cleansing, made of a slew of different organs and mechanisms that help filter unwanted ingredients from your system. For instance, your liver helps flush out toxins every day, your kidneys do so by helping you remove toxins through urine, and the same happens in your digestive tract. However, your role in those processes can be an “encouraging” one, because what you do does make a difference.

Drinking enough water allows your body and those natural mechanisms to naturally flush out toxins much more easily. So, to properly cleanse your body and your mind, start by drinking more water every day, and keep track of your water intake. 

Consider a digital detox for your mind

Although there are supportive, loving groups to be found on social media nowadays, chances are that you also see your newsfeed swamped with negative news, injustice, and prejudice – which might make you feel stressed, annoyed, angry, disappointed, or simply sad. However, it seems that we could all benefit from a social media detox, to refresh our appreciation for the non-virtual world and the people in our lives.

Take a break from social media for a while: it will help you reduce your stress levels, make you feel more grounded in the present moment, and give you more time to share kindness and love with the people you cherish most. Talk about a proper people detox!

Detoxifying drinks to give your cleanse an edge

If you’re new to the idea of detoxing and you’re wondering how to detox your system more thoroughly, you can actually rely on a few tried and tested methods. In addition to drinking more water, there are tailor-made detox drinks you can add to your diet every now and then, based on natural ingredients that can help your body eliminate those built-up harmful substances from your system.


The key with this detox approach is to follow the instructions that come with your detox drink, and of course, don’t treat it as the magic bullet for health – it’s a helpful addition to your cleansing program, but you also need to revamp your diet and your other lifestyle habits.

Sleep as your ultimate detox strategy

One of the most powerful mechanisms your body applies to naturally detox and cleanse is sleep. Consistent, regular sleep allows your brain to flush out toxic metabolites, such as various toxic proteins that build up in your brain tissue. So, one of the healthiest, simplest things you can do to detox your body and reduce your stress levels is to go to sleep in time and ensure that you sleep enough every night.

What to avoid when you want to flush out toxins

Considering the levels of stress people in the LGBTQ+ community experience on a daily basis, despite all the advancements we’ve made, it seems that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals tend to resort to smoking more often than their heterosexual counterparts. This trend alone indicates that you’re not alone in wanting to find a way to reduce stress with the most convenient of means such as smoking, alcohol, or drug abuse. 

While cleansing with the help of a solid diet plan and proper hydration will help to a certain extent, you also need to eliminate unhealthy habits from your lifestyle in order for those healthy steps to fully take effect. If that means asking for professional help and support from a therapist, by all means, find a reputable therapist in your community and seek help. 

From reducing the time you spend online to eliminating unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking from your lifestyle, there are many different actions you can take that can help you. The final thing to remember is that you’re not alone, and that our entire LGBT+ community lives to help and support individuals such as yourself to be healthy and strong.