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Fifty-two days on and President Donald Trump’s administration still hasn’t put forward a coherent LGBT policy after removing the LGBT section on the official White House website.

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Critics were dismayed when in January, the same day as Donald Trump’s inauguration the White House removed its LGBT policy page on the official White House website. The removal of key pages caused widespread concern about how America’s LGBT community would be treated by Donald Trump’s adminstration.

Fifty-two days on and the White House website still has no LGBT policy or information on its server. The administration has failed to put forward any coherent policies concerning the rights of LGBTs in the USA.


When users type in www.whitehouse.gov/lgbt they are greeted with a generic message thanking them for their “interest in this subject”. The page informs users to “stay tuned” as the website is updated.

Whitehouse LGBT



The former site which was maintained during President Obama’s presidency outlined the administration’s position on equal rights, including ‘eliminating barriers to equality, fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and engaging LGBT communities across the country.”

The page also provided links to anti-bullying and sexual health resources.

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The site is just in transition as Trump’s own team looks to update information and bring forth their own policies. As with each new administration, the official White House website, Twitter and other social media accounts are all archived for history.

So far the current administration has uploaded policies on energy, jobs and growth, making the military strong, standing up for law enforcement and trade deals.

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