The pandemic hit us out of the blue, making us unable to carry out the plans that we had for this spring. COVID-19 really changed everything around us and all the circumstances we have been living under, but that doesn’t mean that it has to change us and stop us from doing all the things we like. On the other hand, we are also unable to hit the gym, but who’s to say that we cannot do everything that is in our power to stay fit during this hard time? Luckily for all of us gays (who are still looking for ways to work on that summer body – abs and ass are not going to get perfect by themselves), there are certain things we can do at home with our partner that will help us both stay fit during the quarantine. Take a look:

Stay active

The first and most important piece of advice is to stay active. Staying constantly at home can take its toll not only on your mood, but on your body as well. Staying active at home means multiple things, but first and foremost, make sure that you take short walks during the day around the house. What both of you can do is organize together different activities such as cleaning or dusting the house – it’s certainly not the most interesting idea, but it’s a great way to stay active and to move a little bit. This will not help your body keep the blood flowing, which is one of the key factors in staying fit and looking good.

Make a home gym

These days all of us turn to alternative ways of exercising, such as following a group training online or finding a workout that suits our needs. Since there’s two of you, the motivation levels should be very high, and that’s all the more reason why you should make a small gym only for the two of you. Of course, you will not be purchasing any heavy equipment, but finding a time slot during which both of you will follow a certain workout is a great start. Bear in mind that home workouts tend to be a little less motivational, so in order to get the most of it, it would be good to get some supplements.

Do your research beforehand and find the best preworkout to stack in order to give you that much-needed kick before you start doing cardio or lifting weights. Such supplements are made in order to boost your energy levels and enhance your focus, which is certainly something that you need at the moment.


Combine workouts to make it more interesting

However, having the same workout day after day might really become quite daunting for us gays. We can all agree that we are in constant need of something new and interesting, and even though it doesn’t sound like it, we can apply the same rule when it comes to home workouts. Namely, you can create a schedule of all the workouts that you want to try out, and be sure that there is a plethora of quite interesting methods that you can go with. You can either turn to Les Mills and sweat it out, while the following day, you can try a dance cardio class. The options also include the popular Zumba, hip hop cardio workouts or kickboxing workouts. Looking on the bright side, this is the time to try out as many workouts as possible and thus find the one that you want to go with once this madness passes.

Have sex

Obviously, having sex is an amazing way to burn some calories and, truth be told, it is one of the best pastimes in quarantine. We do know that sometimes spending 24 hours a day with the same person can be quite nerve-wracking at times, but this is also an issue that sex can help you out. Namely, rough sex is an amazing activity for when both of you are feeling like blowing off some steam – you might not be able to go out, run it out or gossip about your partner to your best friends, but you can definitely pound each other (but make sure to figure out who will burn more calories – the top or the bottom). 

This is not the easiest of times to live in, but we should be optimistic, positive, and do whatever we can not to put out lives and our bodies at a break. So, grab your partner, buy some supplements, organize several workouts and get that blood pumpin’.