The man who tried putting ACID into lube dispensers at a gay sex club in Sydney has been spared jail.

The man who tried to put hydrochloric acid into lube dispensers at a gay club in Sydney earlier this year has been spared jail. The man, Hengky Irawan, 62, has been handed a ‘good behaviour bond’ instead.

Owners at the Aarows in Rydalmere were alerted to the actions of Irawan after a detection system fitted to the dispensers drew attention to the tampering.


Despite the fact that the acid would have caused tremendous injuries had someone used tampered lube, the man, who was described as having a mental illness by his defence, has been handed a ‘good behaviour bond’, meaning that he was spared jail time.

The Magistrates failed to see the crime as a hate crime.

Magistrate Beverley Schurr said,

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‘It was directed towards patrons at the nightclub because he felt aggrieved about being kicked out earlier in the year.

‘It was ‘not about their sexual orientation [it was because he was] angry about being excluded himself.’


The court heard how he was kicked out of the club earlier in the year.

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