As Big Brother opens his house again on Channel 5 it seems as though one contestant is already causing outrage amongst the acting community. Will Simon Gross be this summer’s “Big Brother villain”?

Simon Gross is an actor and producer who set up SGProductions to tour community homes with his own produced shows. According to his website he’s ‘had the privilege to set up Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on a ‘Gotcha’ for Noel’s House Party.’ Other achievements include ‘learning to distinguish between a spatula and a whisk’ on Britain’s Worst Cook.

His real fame though appears to be coming from the acting community who know or have worked for Simon in the past. He already has his own hashtag trending, #AbusedBySimonGross, summing up how many actors and performers are feeling about the man ready to face a summer locked up in the famous TV house. Even drag queen and show producer Titti La Camp cast her warning on Twitter saying, ‘Does Simon really think entering the Big Brother house on Tuesday will right the wrongs of the past? Kama is coming.’

It appears as though Simon’s legal team are becoming hot on the heels of anyone using the #AbusedBySimonGross hashtag by sending out letters and emails asking they be removed.

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We contacted Simon’s PR agent for comment without response.