“This is clearly not the action we hoped to take”

The annual Bourne Free pride event has been cancelled according to the event’s organisers. In a statement the organisers that they hoped that the situation in the UK would be better by July, when the pride is due to take place, but they said, the “event takes months of preparation, time and money as you will all know. Securing facilities, completing all health and safety requirements, booking acts and securing contractors are just a handful of things that need to be completed months and months in advance.”

They added,


“We also work extremely closely with the local emergency services in the planning stages of our event and also throughout our event. We feel that this would cause further unnecessary strains on their services whilst they are, quite rightly, prioritising support to the community through this health issue. 

The event team and trustees have undertaken a risk based analysis of the event taking into account the current uncertainty around businesses, contractors and insurances as well as a predicted shortfall in volunteers. The Bourne Free trustees concluded that we should not be running the event and, with the support of our sponsors, felt there was no option but to cancel the July Pride Weekend 2020.

The event team would like to make it clear that this cancellation will not affect our other events which are planned outside of the predicted window for Covid-19. We are also looking at options for other events later in the year so that we can continue to educate, promote and celebrate equality and diversity.

Bourne Free would like to thank our sponsors for their support at this time and make it clear we have started to work on Pride Weekend 2021 and making it extra special.

Bourne Free would also like to thank you all for your understanding of this decision and recommend everyone to follow current guidelines and advice put forth by the government and NHS England. Support each other, especially those struggling, vulnerable or in need of additional help, throughout this public health issue.

Bourne Free Trustees



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