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Numbing lube is perfect for those who find that they need a little bit of numbing around the anus.

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Taking a bigger dick or a large toy can be harder for some people and numbing lube can help numb some of the pain related. Numbing lube might also be a good option if your partner comes too quickly as it will desensitize his penis too, meaning you can have a longer lasting session.

You might also choose to use numbing lube for your first time if you’re worried about the pain too much.

Some people also choose to use numbing lube for, large toy play, deeper toy play or fisting, which will potentially involve more time and intense feelings that an ordinary sized dildo or vibrator or penis.

Eros UltraX Fisting Gel (sold directly by THEGAYUK)


Male Cobeco Anal Relax Lube(sold directly by THEGAYUK)

Mister B Glide Extreme (sold directly by THEGAYUK)

PharmQuests FistIt Numbing Lubricant (sold directly by THEGAYUK)

Fist It Anal Relaxer Lube 500 ml (sold by Clonezone)

Pjur Back Door Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide 30ml 100ml and 250ml (Sold by Clonezone)

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