Cornwall Pride's chair Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes was recognised as the Winner's Winner and Inspiration to Others at the

Cornwall Pride’s chair Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes was recognised as the Winner’s Winner and Inspiration to Others at the awards.

Matthew on the left along with his husband, Nathaniel on the right

The chairperson of Cornwall Pride has won one of Cornwall‘s highest achievements, the Winner of Winners award at Pirate FM’s Local Heroes Awards.

On Friday 5th April Pirate FM hosted their annual Local Heroes Awards at Tregenna Castle Resort & Spa in St Ives.

The awards are a great way for them to recognise the heroes of our communities and celebrate their achievements.

Among the winners was Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes, who was nominated for ‘Inspiration to Others’ by his husband, for his work with Cornwall Pride.

Among the winners was Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes, who was nominated for ‘Inspiration to Others’ by his husband, for his work with Cornwall Pride.

After losing his dad last year, the 34-year-old from Ventongimps near Truro, still managed to turn a one-day parade in Truro into a Duchy-wide celebration complete with the world’s first Pride bus tour.


He has also managed to secure rainbow benches for Newquay, raise thousands for charity and he spends hours helping vulnerable people connect.

Read Nathaniel’s nomination here:

“I have nominated Matthew for the local heroes award.


Matthew this year has been working intensively hard to ensure everyone, and that means every individual, gets noticed for who they are what they belive in and who they choose to be.

This means him spending copious amounts of hours outside of his full time job. Sharing links. Connecting people through social media and events. Supporting individuals whom feel vulnerable in the LGBTQ+ community.

In 2018 Matthew had decided to choose some races to raise money for charity. He had set ourselves up to complete 180 miles rainbow run, 3 ultra marathons supporting Cornwall Pride, St Francis Home for Dogs and Children’s Hospice South West.

Matthew with the Cornwall Pride team had also organised 4 different events through the year to encourage people of all types of backgrounds and sexuality to come out, come together and celebrate the diversity of the Dutchy. With the gala being a huge success followed by our come out for cornwall pride trip around Cornwall on an open top double decker bus, to our fantastic turned Cornwall Pride day event, to a cherry on top finishing the year at proud Eden.

As well as the events above. Matthew had created a pride bench, painted rainbow, which was intended as a symbol of pride and a safe space of who you want to be. This was organised and supported by Newquay community and Newquay Council. Which equated to two benches being painted rainbow. Which in turn directly inspired the rainbow wall mural in Penzance.

In May 2018 Matthew’s father had been admitted into Cornwall hospice care where his father was to spend his final days with loved ones. Within this time Matthew had continued to organise and support all of the above as well as continue training for all three ultra marathons.

Matthews father had passed away on 25th of May. As resiliant and head strong Matthew is, he continued to push and drive all the things that matter not allowing life to slow him down.

2018 had seen to show its clear challenges.

Loss of loved ones
Impressive charity raising
Organising of events across the county
Consistently keeping the community connected and channelling people in the direction of local events or activities.
Running 3 ultra marathons”


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