Could this be the only real-life Pride in 2020?

The organisers of Cornwall Pride are pushing ahead with plans to be the first, real-life, in-person Pride event in the UK in 2020.

Dozens of Prides around the UK have had to cancel or postpone their events due to the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, however, Cornwall Pride has come up with a plan to try and keep people safe, maintain social distancing and also putting on an event.


Although the 2020 event will look vastly different from normal years.

The organisers said, “We are excited to tell you that with your help we believe it CAN happen on the 29th August Bank Holiday Weekend.”

The Pride is going to split its experience over numerous sessions and if the numbers warrant it, numerous days.


Each session will allow up to 499 people to enjoy the event and there are hopes that there will be two sessions per day. Pride goers can choose their session and buy a ticket for £6.

This is the first time Cornwall Pride has charged for access to the event however due to the pandemic normal fundraising activities and sponsorships have not been possible.


Speaking about charging for tickets, the organisers said,


“Unfortunately, for the first time in Cornwall Pride’s history, we are asking you to donate as you can (minimum £6) to create the most amazing day of Summer 2020. We have great rewards for you to access Pride & every penny you donate will help make Pride happen.”

The pride will also be moving homes, away from Killacourt to another location, yet to be announced.

The team behind Cornwall Pride are aiming to raise £35,000 to help with the costs associated with putting on the event.


To buy tickets and to find out more visit,