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Hello from the co-founders, Graham and Jake

When we started back in early 2012, we set out to create a media platform for the gay community that was completely different from what else was offered on the market. We opened our platform to new writers and contributors who had never written for anyone else. We called our space a platforum, part platform, part forum. We wanted to give space to anyone with ideas, regardless of their politics, race, creed, sex, gender or indeed their sexuality, who needed a place to let their creativity flourish and gain traction.

We’re so happy to say that some of our very earliest contributors are still with us. Some have gone to land their dream jobs at other publications and some dip in from time to time. Some have visited far-flung countries, some have reviewed countless shows, some have even undergone cosmetic surgery to see how effective it was, some have bared their souls for us – every piece of content is treasured and appreciated.

In our time we’ve interviewed Lords, pop stars, soap stars, MPs, gay icons, (we even asked Cheryl Baker if she knew what poppers were). We’ve covered the heartache of some of the loss visited upon our community, we’ve witnessed and shared some of the most significant improvements in legislation for the LGBT+ community. We’ve also saved a cow from slaughter.

We started a digital magazine; we opened the UK’s first online sexual health clinic, we’ve provided free legal advice to scores of people, we began a free condom through the post service, we’ve opened a shop, we’ve media sponsored over 30 Prides across the UK. We’ve travelled thousands of miles every year to get to know about the people of the country we proudly have as part of our name – and never once charged a penny for the service we’ve provided.

It’s taken a long time to get where we are today. As a truly independent company, we’ve never sought money from investors, a huge publishing firm didn’t create us, and we weren’t (and still aren’t) internet millionaires who were able to pump in wads of cash into our baby.

What we have done is spent countless hours in front of our computers, uploading, editing, sourcing and publishing thousands of stories from around the globe.

On a marketing budget of just £2300 (over five years), 36000 hours from us, and a lot of help from our contributors, we’ve grown into an entirely different platform from our competitors. Every follower on our social media is real, every mistake we’ve made, an honest one (and learned from), every comment, like and reaction to our platform listened to and heard.

There has been a lot of change over the years since we started. Online advertising has plummeted, social networks change their algorithms regularly, making it hard for us to get our message to every one of our subscribers, and the media itself is under attack – sometimes fairly sometimes dangerously.

(Here’s the grovel) If every one of our readers gave just £1 we’d fund for the next DECADE (at current expenditure) ensuring that this brand, this entity, this home for many, can continue to connect, entertain and empower the LGBT+ community in the UK.

Thank you for reading

Graham + Jake xxx

What your money goes towards:

Two editors who ensure content goes up 365 days a year and manage over 100 contributors

Website hosting and security

Office space

Podcasting facilities

Photoshoot expenses

Electricity & Utilities

Broadband connection

Four phone lines

Public liability insurance



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