Email & Switchboard Usage Policy

1. TheGayUK Email and Voicemail

1.1. The Service is provided to aid Contributors, Staff and Volunteers of TheGayUK to support the mission of TheGayUK, which can be read on our Mission Statement.

1.2. Voicemail boxes are provided to those members of Contributors, Staff or Volunteers who are in telephone contact with outside sources or other 3rd parties.

1.2.1. Voicemail is accessible by calling the Contributors, Staff and Volunteer number which is: 0115 752 0303. More details can be found in the Switchboard PDF.

1.3. Email accounts are provided to those Contributors, Staff or Volunteers who reach the Probationer level of writing.

2. Email Forwarding and Setup


2.1. Contributors may find it easier to have TheGayUK email accounts added to their personal devices which are linked to the internet such as Desktop Computers, Pads, Tabs or Smartphones. Instructions can be found in the EMAIL PDF available to download at TheHub.

2.1.1. TheGayUK is not responsible for any damages that may arise from the usage of TheGayUK email system.

2.1.2. TheGayUK is not responsible for any data costs incurred by using TheGayUK email or web services.

2.2. Please ensure that you have the right Signature placed at the bottom of each email you send from your account. If you don’t know how to install the Signature please email, The Signature is a legal requirement for every User using TheGayUK Email system.

3. Responsibilities and Misuse

3.1. Users are responsible for their own actions whilst using TheGayUK email and web services and therefore have the responsibility to follow these guidelines and ensure that they do not misuse TheGayUK’s internet and e-mail facilities.

3.1.1. The Management and Editorial team are responsible to ensure that all Contributors, Staff and Volunteers are aware of this policy.

3.2. Company confidential information must not be shared outside of the Company, without authorisation, at any time. April 2013 | Email Policy PDF

3.3. Email is also to be used for Company business only. Please do not use your email or Voicemail for signing up to personal services, especially where the email address will be viewable by the general public.

3.4. You are also not to conduct personal business using the Company’s Email or Voicemail. Please keep this in mind, also, as you consider forwarding nonbusiness emails to associates, family or friends.

4. Acceptable Use

4.1. The main purpose for providing an email service is to support the mission of TheGayUK. Therefore Email facilities provided by TheGayUK should not be used for:

4.1.1. The creation or transmission of material that brings TheGayUK into disrepute.

4.1.2. The creation, download, viewing or transmission of material that is illegal.

4.1.3. The unauthorised transmission to a third party of confidential material concerning the activities of TheGayUK.

4.1.4. The transmission of unsolicited commercial or advertising material, chain letters, or other junk-mail of any kind

4.1.5. Activities that corrupt or destroy other users’ data or disrupt the work of other users.

4.1.6. Activities that waste people’s effort or networked resources, or activities that serve to deny service to other users.

4.1.7. Unreasonable or excessive personal use.

4.1.8. The creation, viewing or transmission of material that is designed or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.

4.1.9. The creation or transmission of material that is abusive or threatening to others, serves to harass or bully others discriminates or encourages discrimination of others.

4.1.10. The creation or transmission of defamatory material or material that includes claims of a deceptive nature.

4.1.11. Activities that violate the privacy of others or unfairly criticise, misrepresent, including copy distribution to other individuals.

4.1.12. The creation or transmission of anonymous messages or deliberately forging messages.


5. Usual Format

5.1. TheGayUK format is usually HTML text messages and this will be set via a User’s webmail interface.

6. Monitoring, Logging and Space

6.1. The Company owns any communication sent via email or that is stored on Company equipment. Management and other authorised staff have the right to access any material in your email at any time.

6.2. If you find that access has been blocked to your email account please contact a member of the Management team.

6.3. All mailboxes are assigned 100MB of storage space. More space can be provided to Contributors, Staff or Volunteers who are likely to be handling large volumes of email or large multi-media files. Please advise the Management Team if this is the case. Each User is responsible for keeping their mailboxes within the set limit.

7. Personal Usage

7.1. Please do not consider your electronic communication, storage or access to be private if it is created or stored at on TheGayUK systems.

7.2. TheGayUK permits use of its email facilities by Contributors, Staff and Volunteers for a reasonable level of personal use. Reasonable personal use:

7.2.1. Does not interfere with the performance of Contributors, Staff or Volunteers undertaking work for TheGayUK.

7.2.2. Is not detrimental to the main purpose for which the facilities are provided.

7.2.3. Is not of a commercial or profit-making nature, or for any other form of personal financial gain.

7.2.4. Is lawful and complies with TheGayUK Rules For The Conduct Of Members and any other regulations, policies and procedures and in particular this policy.

7.2.5. Does not incur unwarranted expense on TheGayUK.

7.2.6. Does not have a negative impact on TheGayUK in any way.

8. All-staffers and AllWriters

8.1.1. There are 2 general mailing lists:

8.1.2., which is an email address which every account is linked to

8.1.3. which is an email address which every editor’s email account is linked to. Usage of these forwarder email addresses is permitted for emails that are directly related to the running, managing and achievement of TheGayUK’s core activities. Please do not use the Email service for any other message that are not related directly to TheGayUK’s primary mission. (e.g the selling of a second hand bedstead or cat sitting services).

9. Attachments, Downloads,Viruses and Spam

9.1. TheGayUK does not employ any virus checkers on email accounts. Please be aware before opening any attachment sent to you from someone outside TheGayUK network.

9.1.1. TheGayUK is not responsible for any damages, loss or cost incurred by any virus or harmful file downloaded via our email service.

9.1.2. TheGayUK does have an active Spam and Junk filter attached to all email accounts. Please check your Junk folder regularly incase real messages are mistakenly placed in the wrong folder.

10. Security

10.10. Individuals should be aware that e-mail messages are vulnerable to security breaches during transmission as they can be intercepted, read, lost, redirected or even altered.Individuals are responsible for ensuring that e-mails are addressed correctly.

11. Suspension of Service

11.10. TheGayUK reserve the right to suspend, delete or block any email account, at any time for whatever reason.

11.11. Illegal activity will be reported to the police or appropriate authority with immediate effect.

April 2013 | Email Policy PDF April 2013 | Email Policy PDF