Everything you need to know about Swansea Pride 2019

This year Swansea Pride returns in early May, here’s everything you need to know from the date, the parade time and who’s headlining.

Put the 4th of May in your diary, because that’s when Swansea Pride returns to the streets of Swansea, celebrating LGBT+ life in the magnificent Welsh city. There will also be a variety of activities leading up to the main day including an art festival day (17th April) Cabaret (30th April), Drag night with Farah Moan (3rd May) and a showcase of the city’s youth talent (1st May).

When is Swansea Pride?

Swansea Pride takes place on the 4th of May and there is a parade, which will set off from 11 AM right in the city centre.


From 12 noon until 5 PM there will be not one but two stages of entertainment at the National Waterfront Museum. This event is free to attend and you do not need tickets. There will be food available from various food outlets.

What is the parade route for Swansea Pride?

What is the parade route for Swansea Pride?
mikeleahy / Pixabay

The parade route for Swansea Pride hasn’t yet been announced but when it is, we’ll update this article. However, we do know that the parade will wind through the city centre.

Who’s performing at Swansea Pride?

Headliners for Swansea Pride haven’t yet been announced, but when they are we’ll update this article. However, there’s plenty of entertainment due to take place on the day, with two stages of entertainment announced.

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