Whenever I see a guy in a suit, casually yet oh-so-seriously walking down the street, I get a very familiar tingling sensation in my pants, similar to the one I get when there’s a semi-naked photo of Henry Cavill on TV (oh, stop it with the judging looks, like you don’t!). ★★★★

All jokes aside, there’s probably nothing as hot and powerful as a well-built man, in a tailored suit and pants, and an attitude that could sweep even the coldest of us off of our feet.

It’s a total downer though (you know what I mean) to see a man in a suit that looks like borrowed from his late late grandfather who, by the way, had way broader shoulders than him and legs at least five inches longer. I mean, come on! Gay or straight, have some respect for yourself and wear a suit that will fit your body and enhance all the right parts (I wouldn’t mind it if it enhanced the crotch area, pardon my French). I do have to be honest though – it’s been pretty hard to find a decent, well-fitted suit without breaking the bank. After years of trying out self-proclaimed experts, designers, tailors and who not and their ill-fitting solutions for the suits they’ve made I’ve decided to turn to some online browsing and, if things turned out appealing, ultimately purchasing.

There’s always that smidge of doubt when ordering something online – will it fit, will they get my body type measurements right, will it fail when it comes to color and design and other online-worries. I mean, shopping online is like dating online – they’ll put up a picture so photo-shopped that you’ll trip out you are meeting a David Beckham doppelganger when in reality he’ll be a trashy version of my drunk uncle Sam who starts stuttering after he’s had a few. And his parts (yes, those) won’t even be as promised! But, you sometimes need to go on the limb and try out things even though you’re reluctant at first. If I dismissed iTailor just because they are an online store, I now wouldn’t have an a-w-e-s-o-m-e closet packed with tailored, form-fitting, amazing suits, pants, jeans and shirts! I do regret when they get ripped in heats of passion though – but hey, needs, musts and all that.


The first time I’ve decided to order from them, I was like “Hm, okay, I’ll give it a shoot. Their web page looks promising, they appear professional and with the history of over 40 years in the business they can’t be all that bad”. The result? I was blown away! When I first tried the suit, it was a totally orgasmic feeling. It fitted better than any other suit I’ve ever had, and I’ve had plenty! And honestly – my buttocks has never looked better! A total come-to-daddy moment! I obviously followed up with ordering a few pairs of custom jeans and vests, and threw in a few tuxedos and suits (what, a girl needs to look fabulous!).

What’s additionally amazing about these guys is that they actually retain your pattern in their system so every other time you order – they just pull you out of the system and you’ll be able to reorder the exact same fit any time in the future. Plus, they are super professional and customer oriented. If, for some reason, the cut doesn’t fit the way it should, they are open to suggestions and adjustments to satisfy the customer. So awesome! The only “problem” with ordering online is that you don’t get to be touched for measurement by the super-looking tailors but to hell with it – at least you get an amazing suit!

With the range of 450+ fabric choices, gorgeous and high quality materials and 166 countries they ship to, iTailor is definitely the online store you should trust. I’d never change it, ever!

by Peter Minkoff | @MinkoffPeter