Being a guy isn’t easy, and we all know that. Being a gay guy is even harder. The limitations of “yes” and “no”s imposed by the society are at times so tiring that anyone would flip. Luckily, the limitations we are supposed to be following are slowly fading as we are taking matters in our own hands and guiding ourselves to a better, more fashionable future.

CREDIT: Leonisa Menswear

In all honesty, if it weren’t for brave gay men and even more brave straight influential metrosexuals (the first person who comes to mind is David Beckham, an image of masculinity and a role model to most of male community) who challenged the world’s perspective by pioneering some of the most daring cuts and colors men, up until that moment, wouldn’t ever dear wear anything different than a gray V neck sweater with a shirt under and jeans, maybe pants of a really fishy cut.

Ah, but times are changing and we are changing with them. It is no secret gay men have had a neck for fashion since the dawn of time and therefore there should be no surprise in seeing these gay men pioneer some of the cuts and trends that will later catch on for sure, no matter how initially despised or misunderstood they are. by the straight community. Take male skirts for example – when they made their first debut on the runway, they were almost booed off the stage for being “too forward”. Phw! Like there’s something as being too forward! Now, they are an absolute must in hip hop culture, worn by daring and prominent male celebs like Kanye West and some of his fellow rappers. Talk about gay sense of style and fashion musts.

Anyway, what happens to be a topic no one is talking about these days yet is pretty essential to a fitted male-wear is the need for having a good piece of (or several) undergarments that will tighten you up in all the right places and emphasize everything that needs to be the focal point of your figure (no, shame of you, I wasn’t thinking THAT… ok, but now I am) – male form is now again leaning towards that Michelangelo’s David figure with men looking to broaden their shoulders, narrow their waists and have their bums apple shaped as much as possible. Long live the inverted triangle shape!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you are working, there’s always that extra fat around the hips, especially for those sitting for increased hours at work, staring at their screens and sometimes even skipping gym (blasphemy!)… this is where a proper undergarment, i.e. shapewear steps in to save the day… or a date!

Gays have always adored brands that are ahead of the time and Leonisa is just that. This brand holds amazing cuts for both females and males, and they are everything! Finally someone who understands the need to look great and feel even better.


I heard of Leonisa through a friend who’s been a faithful customer but he kept it under the radar, thinking I’d laugh him off if he’d told me. I accidentally walked in on him while he was changing, saw the shapewear on him (he was wearing tights that stretched all to his underbreast section) and flipped! I immediately knew I needed to try some of their cuts myself and once I did, there was nothing that could stop me from feeling like the best looking man in the room. Btw, Leonisa’s new collection is priding on undergarments that offer control, support and… well… enhancement. Owing to padding that’s placed in all the right places, male assets are looking just as they should – big, round and slightly provocative. The great news is that, unlike those usual spanx we can find in regular stores, these are made especially for a male physique meaning they have in mind the necessary comfort, too.

Apart from the bottom section there are men’s compression undershirts too which will make that tux look stunning on you. You can also find V neck shirts thoughtfully cut as well as tanks which will make all the difference in your appearance. Trust me, I know!

Personally, I love that Leonisa is all about online shopping – I can be chilling at home, browsing through their awesome offer, and then a few days later have it delivered to my door step.

Let me tell you this – if you need something to keep your posture right, hide those love handles or just help you boost your confidence, Leonisa is the place to choose your perfect underwear. I know I have and I’ve never regretted it, not for a second!