Frankie Grande feeling confident and isn’t ruling out another 3 way relationship

Frankie Grande is back out on the prowl and has revealed that he’s dating again – and is not ruling out another three-way relationship.

After he recently revealed that his three-way relationship hadn’t worked out, Frankie Grande has revealed that he’s dating again and “and ready to meet whoever is the right person or persons out there for me.”



Speaking to US Weekly the TV star said that he was “feeling strong and confident” following on from his breakup from his boyfriends, Mike and Daniel at the end of January.

Frankie Grande.
CREDIT: Channel 5

He hasn’t ruled out another thruple either saying he was ready for the “right person or persons”.

Speaking about single life Frankie said, “When [I became] publicly single, I got so many messages from boys that I had not spoken to in so long on Valentine’s Day, being like, ‘Boo, what are you doing today? How you doing?’ I was literally like, ‘Oh, my God, wait, what’s happening?

He added, “I think the single people smell that I’m single.”

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