Plans are in motion to create the best pride event Gloucester has ever seen by pride officials. The count-down has begun.

The Parade will begin at Shire Hall from 12:30 with traditional speeches from key members of the community starting at 12:15. The parade will then leave from Shire Hall, head up Westgate Street to the Cross and continue along Eastgate Street. The parade will then reconvene at the Park for the main event.

Entertainment in the park will commence at 12:00PM and there’s plenty of talent to enjoy throughout the day including pride favourite Ryan Jagger and Miss Felicia.


The party doesn’t stop when the park closes. It will go on throughout the night. There are many events that you can head to, with almost every-where celebrating the after-event of Pride throughout the county.

In Gloucester

The Westgate After Party


Free Entry All Night.

Starring: Ryan Jagger, Miss Felicia, Lady Penelope Parsnip, Monica Tension and Ruby Slippers


In Cheltenham


The Embassy After Party

Free Entry before 10pm. £5 after (£3 guest list)

Starring: Jake Simms