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The LGBT+ community is protected by several UK laws to ensure that gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people are not discriminated against and are afforded full protections. You should never find yourself discriminated against in the UK and if you do, please send us an email with the details.

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Your questions:

My school says I have to use the toilet that matches my birth certificate – is that legal?

Can I get fired for what I say on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit?

What does the law say about transgender rights and employment?

What about gender queer individuals, or those who adopt a different gender temporarily (e.g. transvestites)?

I have heard my employer can dismiss me for being transgender – is this true?

Do I have to disclose that I am transgender?

I have decided to live life as my target gender, how do I ‘come out’ to my colleagues?

My colleagues have been largely supportive, but there is one who is making me really uncomfortable by joking about my physical appearance and changes. What do I do?

I have various treatments planned as part of my gender reassignment? Am I entitled to time off?

Can a Landlord chuck me out if I’m LGBT?

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