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No Sweat: Three must have products to stop the sweat

Are you sticking to almost everything… and not in a good way.

Yep, this lovely weather does have a downside – the fact that you’ve probably become a sweaty beast like us. So here’s a couple of products we swear by.



Anthony’s No Sweat Body Defence

If you’ve got a bit of an issue with sweating “down there” you should give Anthony’s No Sweat Body Defense (£20) a try. Rubs on like a moisturiser but dries like talcum powder. Once it’s dry it leaves an anti-chaffing and friction barrier around your man jewels. Lovely jubs.

Right Guard Xtreme Cool 72H with Air-Conditioning Effect Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Aerosol

We gave our co-founder, Graham Davies a chance to try out Right Guard’s X Treme Cool, which for £4.55 is a bit of a bargain. He said, “I found it also to be a great little product. As a keen gardener, I’m going to sweat no matter how much antiperspirant I apply, though with this one I was surprised to find at the end of the day although still moist underarm I did smell fresh and the light fragrance remained. On first spraying, there is a cooling sensation, though it couldn’t compete with the heavy heat outside”.

Below the Belt grooming

Beauty guru and expert, Stephen Crowe told us that he can’t live without the Below The Belt grooming range. They have a number of products like the fresh, cool and active dry balls products… Here’s what he said, “Luckily I have been blessed with new products from Below the Belt and my balls have never been so fresh. Below the Belt grooming for men has all you need for groin confidence. The range includes a sports lubricant designed to soften your loins, a cream based deodorant to freshen your two veg and a life-saving waterless shower for those awkward times you’re going out straight from work or your just to lazy to wash your knackers before you go to sleep”.

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