The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they will increase their presence on the streets of London at this weekend’s Pride In London.

CREDIT: ©-ronfromyork-Depositphotos
CREDIT: ©-ronfromyork-Depositphotos

London’s police force, The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they will beef up their visual presence in London during Pride in London 2016 following on from the horrific homophobic attack in Orlando last week, which left 49 dead.

The attacks in Orlando have left many in the LGBT community fearing for their safety. In a flash poll taken by THEGAYUK, nearly one-quarter of people said that they were fearful of an attack whilst on the gay scene.

A statement released by Pride In London reassured pride goers that police visibility will be increased and that the security plan has been reviewed and that the capital’s security is “continuously monitored and remains under review”.

“The Met Police and Pride in London recognise that people in the LGBT+ and wider community may have increased concerns at this time. Therefore, to help provide additional reassurance and to show support for the Pride event, the Met Police will have an increased visible policing presence at the parade and in Soho. There will be a proportionate policing plan in place on the day and Pride in London is also providing additional stewarding.

“We encourage those who wish to show their support for – and stand in unity with – the LGBT+ community to come and watch the parade and attend festival events, all details can be found on the Pride website.”

This year’s event will take place on 25th June with over a million people expected to turn out to watch the parade through the centre of London.



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