The Pride In London team have launched their 2020 theme and it’s exactly what the fractured LGBT+ community needs right now.

The Pride In London theme has been designed to highlight some of the rifts between some of the communities within the wider LGBT+ movement.


The latest figures show almost a third of LGBT+ people (32 per cent) have experienced some form of discrimination from others in their local LGBT+ community.

In comparison, three in five black LGBT+ people (61 per cent) have experienced discrimination from other LGBT+ people because of their ethnicity.

More than one in four bi women (27 per cent) and almost one in five bi men (18 per cent) have experienced discrimination from others in their local LGBT+ community, alongside more than a third of trans people (36 per cent)*. 


Nearly four in five women-loving-women (79 per cent) have experienced misogyny from other LGBT+ people. A figure derived from the Invisible Women Report, conducted via the Her app and using an audience of around 500 women.

“Pride in London’s 2020 theme #YouMeUsWe is a rallying cry to the LGBT+ community,” says Tom Stevens, Director of Marketing for Pride in London. “No matter your identity, it calls on each of us to reach out, understand and support one another, demanding us to be better allies within our own community. 

“Historically, the Pride movement was built on a core foundation of us standing up for one another. As LGBT+ people, especially those from marginalised communities, continue to come under attack from many sides, this allyship is as important now as it has ever been.  It’s down to all of us to celebrate identity, and make sure Pride in London is a pride for everyone. It’s down to You, Me, Us, We.”