Sexy gifts under £5 for gay guys
Our very own naughty list

Wondering what to get the guy in your life or even a cheeky little something for yourself, why not get a sexy gift? Even if he’s not on the naughty list and best of all of these sexy gift ideas are under a fiver!

Getting started

Are you new to butt sex toys and want to start small? Or want to wear a plug during the day that’s small enough for you to feel something but isn’t going to interrupt your day? The Bubble Butt Player Starter Butt Plug in black is the perfect starting point. Its smooth, silicone sleek design will slip in very easily, plus at £5 it’s a real steal.

Five golden rings?

Okay, you won’t be able to get five golden rings for under £10 anywhere, not even Elizabeth Duke, but you can get three cock rings, for just £5. This 3-pack Pro Rings set comes with three sizes, with a soft beaded effect for extra sensations.

Cockrings are an amazing way to stay harder for longer and can help maintain your erection and even make your penis look and feel larger as it helps keep the blood inside your penis.

Good Vibrations

This Silicone Stimu Ring Vibrating Cock Ring is a stretchable vibrating cock ring with a removable bullet. The vibrations are operated with a single on/off button and 100% waterproof. A must-have for any bedside cabinet for use with a partner or solo play. Available from FETCH for just £4.99

Cleaning up

Okay, it’s not quite a toy, well it could be if you use your imagination, but a douche is a pretty standard piece of kit for every bottom or vers guy out there. This simple, black, Prowler brand douche carries a healthy 89mls of water and is just snug enough to take away on holiday with you as well! Just £4.32 at the moment as it’s on sale.

Exploring new positions

Forgive the picture of the man and woman, you’ll have to use some creative license, but this game, which is called, 50 Positions Of Bondage basically allows you and your partner to indulge in some kinky play, but also learn a new thing or two. At just £4.50 it’s a pretty good stocking filler


Cleaning up

Okay, it’s not very sexy, but a toy cleaner is actually the gift that will keep giving as it will ensure that your (or your partner’s) toys will stay in tip top condition, meaning that you’ll get years of pleasure out of them. The Stimul8 is under £5, contains no alcohol and will leave your toys perfectly, hygienically clean. Practical and thoughtful. Kim Woodburn would be so proud.

Setting the mood

Candles are the perfect way to see the mood for a naughty night in waiting for Santa to come down your stack. Plus everyone looks great in candlelight. We have three sensuous choices, Patchouli and Bergamot, Lavender and Honey or Peony Rose. Individually they’re £4.99 but you can buy all three for £12.99

Master and Slave

Make the roles very clear with these pin badges… One labelled Master the other Slave. The great thing about badges is that they can be removed, so you can swap roles at the drop of a hat! Just £0.99 each.

Be a good egg

If you’ve never tried the Tenga egg, then stop what you’re doing and get one in your shopping trolley right now. FETCH has the awesome Tenga Egg with the iconic dancing men of artist Keith Haring emblazoned on it. At just £8.99 so, technically it’s not under £5, however FETCH is currently running a two-for-one promotion, meaning that they’ll be just £4.50 each.

gay sex toy sale

You won’t be disappointed with this little bedroom addition.

Sex Socks

I don’t know about you, but socks in bed are no longer the joke it used to be, especially with what we’re calling sex socks. FETCH has these Barcode socks for just £4.99