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So, who is going to win Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2016?

It’s back for the Summer. The traditional second series of the year taking us through the long hot months… So this is the one when we get some naked flesh.

Paul Stag takes us through his winners.

Frankie Grande
CREDIT: Channel 5

The 18th series of the very successful show launched on Channel 5 with 15 new faces. This is one down from last time as Beth Chapman the wife of Dog The Bounty Hunter from the TV show was allegedly denied access to the UK due to her criminal record but we are sure the producers will find another lady from the C list of celebrities to fill the gap.

We want Danny Beard.

The main and sister shows presenters Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal have already picked their winners and sealed them in secret to be revealed on the final show in one month’s time.

What everyone else is speculating on is who is going to win this time and take Scotty T from Geordie Shore‘s crown that he won back in February so we polled every bookmaker, that is 26 in total across the country to see who are the frontrunners and who will be out first.

The bookies told us that there is always major interest in CBB and that they usually take a whopping £3 million pink pounds in bets over the duration of a series.

First To go averaging 45/1 chance of winning

James Whale

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James Whale.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The Essex based shock jock and former late night TV host from the outset appears to not fit in with anyone. Already playing the game hard going for immunity.

Saira khan 14th 33/1

Saira Khan.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The Apprentice and Money Programme regular is just too normal for CBB, but one of the more well-known celebs as a regular Loose Woman on ITV lunchtime.

Grant Bovey 13th 33/1

Grant Bovey.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The legendary love rat seems just unappealing now as ever and we like Anthea Turner anyway – Did he really dump his girlfriend to be single in the house?

Aubrey O’Day 12th 22/1

Aubrey O'Day.
CREDIT: Channel 5

American singer songwriter who was in the band (we don’t even know) and dates Pauly D (Double who?) – we are sure the producers could have found someone better.

Chloe Khan  11th 20/1

Chloe Khan.
CREDIT: Channel 5

She was kicked of the X-Factor for bad behaviour but now better known as the huge busted model and webcam superstar. This girl is the definition of vain.

Samantha Fox  10th 18/1

Samantha Fox.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The most famous page three girl of all time turned succesful pop singer with half a dozen top twenty songs turned out to be a lesbian after all. The highest paid contestant here.


Frankie Grande  9th 18/1

Frankie Grande.
CREDIT: Channel 5

Brother of International pop sensation Ariana Grande this flamboyant glittery lad is a star himself in the States and has appeared in CBB there but didn’t win. He may bat for our team.

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Lewis Bloor  8th 15/1

Lewis Bloor.
CREDIT: Channel 5

TOWIE bad boy and this year’s eye candy. Within two hours of entering the house he was already getting jiggy with Marnie in the jacuzzi. So get ready for a month of very fit naked man ass on your TV at peak time.

Renee Graziano 7th 15/1

Renee Graziano.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The gangster from New Yorrrk with the family past and star of the Mob Wives TV show – she may surprise if her busted ankle does not make her too boring and sits out everything.


Katie Waissel  6th 12/1

Katie Waissel.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The former X-Factor finalist and a Britney and Christina impersonator before that.

Heavy D 5th 12/1

Heavy D.
CREDIT: Channel 5

Former street trader most known(??) for his appearances on channel Dave’s Storage Hunters where he bids for shed contents – fame eh!!! His catchphrase ‘Boom’ will make him the most annoying housemate ever and will probably dictate his fate.

Stephen Bear 4th 8/1

CREDIT: Channel 5
CREDIT: Channel 5

The former Ex On The Beach star dated the very popular Vicky Pattison and had a very public bromance on that show, he’s gorgeous so please have another bromance with a Lewis Bloor with added nudity.


Ricky Norwood  3rd 6/1

Ricky Norwood.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The Eastenders’ star who has always courted controversy. Very easy on the eye and with a huge built in fan base if he stays out of trouble he might go all the way here.

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Marnie Simpson  The Runner Up 5/1

Marnie Simpson.
CREDIT: Channel 5

The biggest star from Geordie Shore since her series seven debut due to her incredible antics. Famously ‘all natural’, her proudest boast, but recently she has had her boobs lifted so what’s next? She will be great fun here and is a reality TV specialist.


Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins
CREDIT Channel 5

The favourite before he even went in so it’s his to lose. He even won the first phone vote on opening night to become house leader and get instant immunity. The veteran TV star, actor and all round nice guy in everything from Surprise Surprise to Porridge is also the world’s most famous panto star…..on no he isn’t!

He easily won I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here so the bookies reckon he is a shoe in especially as he is a Celeb Big Brother’s Little Brother regular.

He has a large gay fan base and we will be right behind him but this is CBB so anything can happen and often the older contestants tend to suffer the most from their lack of home luxuries and sleep from all those young Geordie/Towie guys getting up to noisy high jinks.