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Welcome to TheGayUK Digital Magazine Page.

 To help you navigate our Digital Magazine we’e created this page where you can Subscribe to the magazine, read our FAQ, or Ask a Question yourself, using the form at the end of the page.

 If you’re a Fan of TheGayUK Magazine then do leave us your star ratings in the Apple and Android stores. If you have problems or issues then do let us know so we can have a chance to help out.




– Our iTunes Magazine app has been updated so you can read your subscription offline as well as other bug  fixes. In order to take full advantage, please delete TheGayUK magazine out of the Newsstand and reinstall. You won’t lose any bought issues by doing this.

 – Once you’ve reinstalled click ‘restore purchases’ – this will put all the previously purchased issues back on the shelf.

 – You will be asked to enter your iTunes password, before the issues are downloaded to your device. Please be aware it may take some time for all issues to download.




Why isn’t TheGayUK showing up in the Google APP store?

Our publisher has advised that there is an issue with the Google store. We hope to have this sorted shortly. If you have an issue with your downloads please use the form above to let us know of your issue.

When is the next issue out?

TheGayUK Magazine comes out 6 times a year so you’ll receive your next issue by the first Friday of the following months: February | April |   June |  September | November | December. 

Where can I buy TheGayUK Magazine?

The magazine is available from Apple and Android stores. The big link buttons above will take you to the correct store.

Is there a printed copy of the magazine available?

We are the UK’s first completely digital LGBT magazine. This saves trees, lowers our carbon footprint and lets you carry all your favourite copies everywhere with you to share and enjoy with friends, in the park or on holiday.

I can’t find the TO BUY button.

If at the top of the App page it reads PURCHASED just simply tap the PURCHASED button and it’ll change to the TO BUY page. To go back to see which magazines you’ve bought just click the TO BUY button and you’ll go back to the PURCHASED page.

I’ve just bought an issue but it isn’t there yet?

When you download an issue it can take up to 5 minutes to load on your device. You can turn the app of whilst it downloads then next time you click on the App the bought issue will appear with READ written under it. simply click READ and the issue will appear.

Will I get the current issue if I subscribe?

Of course. If you subscribe today you’ll have access to all our future magazines for 12 or 6 months depending on your subscription choice.


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