It's time to up your lube game.

Life is too short for a mouthful of nasty tasting lube. So why not try a flavoured lube?

From Cherry to a Sex On The Beach there are loads of varieties of flavoured lubes to try out which will add plenty of variety to your BJ and rimming game. These are especially great if you’re going to spend time on oral sex – although some guys have suggested that the flavours are quite nice if you go from anal to oral. However, don’t forget there are risks associated with this including getting gastroenteritis. So make sure you’re as clean as possible down there.

Cheeky Cherry

Durex have long made flavoured lubes, but now they also come in a smaller, some may say a travel-friendly size, so now you don’t need an excuse to get your berries smelling like cherry while on holiday. Get it here.

Saucy Strawberry

Nothing is more summery than the beginning of tennis season at Wimbledon – and what’s famous at Wimbledon apart from the sexy tight white shorts of Novak Djokovic? Strawberries and cream, of course! So make your junk centre court. Game set and match. Get it here.


Ice creamy Salted Caramel

Amazing. What can we say? Bring that Ice Cream flavour to the bedroom. Even better, there are no calories to speak of, so you can just keep on adding.  Get it here.

Picking Blackberries

Ah the smell of late summer as the blackberries come out, ripe and ready for picking. We like it when things are ripe and ready! Get it here.


Watermelon Juiciness

Nothing quite conjures up the summer vibe than the smells and flavour of Watermelon. Imagine laying out on the beach, eating freshly cut pieces of watermelon. Heaven. Get it here.