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  • Some people think that Putin has had cosmetic surgery

    Some people are questioning the silky smooth skin of Russia’s number 1. Along with the horsey riding, the random topless moments – showing off his bulging biceps and the ice cold water dips it’s clear that the man looks after his body. Now, the 65-year-old President Vladimir Putin has got people questioning whether he’s had some “work” done […]

  • Trump, Thatcher even Putin are some of the UK’s favourite Politicians

    Trump, Thatcher even Putin are some of the UK’s favourite Politicians

    A study of 2000 Brits has revealed that the UK has a bit of a love affair with some very conservative politicians, including Thatcher, Trump, Putin and Palin. The research conducted by CamRate, found that Brits found Margaret Thatcher to be the most popular female politician followed by Theresa May. The Scottish first minister, Nicola […]

  • ELTON AND PUTIN: It Was A Prank. Hear The Audio Here

    It had looked as though life for the LGBT community was about to be acknowledged in a meaningful way when Sir Elton John announced that President Putin was ready to talk about gay rights in Russia, however it turned out to be a hoax. It had seemed that the Rocket Man singer had managed the […]

  • President Putin PR Denies Meeting With Elton John

    In a curious twist, President Putin’s press secretary has denied Elton John’s revelation that the pair are to meet to discuss LGBT rights in Russia. Legendary rock veteran Sir Elton had announced thatPresident Putin had agreed to meet to discuss the state of LGBT rights in Russia. However, the president’s press secretary has denied that […]

  • President Putin Agrees To Meet With Elton To Discuss Gay Rights

    President Putin has agreed to meet with rock legend Sir Elton John to discuss his nation’s legacy on gay rights. Legendary rock veteran Sir Elton has asked President Putin for a debate on gay rights. The Russian President was responsible for signing in an anti-gay law that forbids the “propaganda” of non-traditional relationships to anyone […]

  • The Putin Butt Plug

    Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, as individual as their users – as unique as a snowflake – or something like that – but this new Putin Plug, is something that we’re curious about. Have you seen the Putin butt plug yet? Putin’s war against gay people in Russia has outraged many, but […]

  • F1’s Bernie Ecclestone Backs Anti-Gay Stance In Russia

    In an interview with CNN’s Ben Wyatt F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone revealed he agrees on President Putin’s stance on homosexuality. CNN are reporting that F1 Racing Boss Bernie Ecclestone, 83, ‘completely agrees’ with President Putin’s anti-gay stance, stating that he even admires the President. He said in the interview with Ben Wyatt: “He [Putin] hasn’t […]

  • The world’s first protest beer against anti-gay Russia

    In a rather cool move BrewDog have unveiled the world’s first protest beer, by satirising Russia’s Anti-Gay Law. * Beer carries a picture of the Russian premier * 50% of the profits will be donated directly to charities that represent the opressed around the world. * BrewDog has sent the president a case of the […]

  • OPINION | Putin’s Peace Prize

    Having allowed myself some time take in the news of Putin’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination I find I have reached no greater conclusion than the; ‘What the what?’ of my initial reactionary facial expressions. But let’s allow credit where is credit due here, please. First off all taking into account the merits of the individual […]

  • Petition to Putin reaches over 221,000 signatures

    A petition hosted on the AllOut.org website has reached over 221,000 signatures imploring President Putin to stop his crackdown against the Russian LGBT community. The petition that calls for President Putin to stop the ‘crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people’ has been signed by nearly a quarter of a million people. With global […]