President Putin has agreed to meet with rock legend Sir Elton John to discuss his nation’s legacy on gay rights.

Legendary rock veteran Sir Elton has asked President Putin for a debate on gay rights. The Russian President was responsible for signing in an anti-gay law that forbids the “propaganda” of non-traditional relationships to anyone under the age of 18. Same-sex relationships are considered non-traditional in Russia.

According to Elton, the president reached out to him after he branded his attitude to gay rights as “ridiculous.”


Putin apparently rang Elton yesterday to accept his invitation to discuss the deplorable conditions that gay people across Russia are finding themselves.

Since the introduction of the anti-gay law, attacks on the LGBT community have been numerous and there has been more than one alleged murder that has rocked the community in Russia.

The news of the meeting come as Putin gives a Russian State Honour to the vehemently anti-gay politician Vitaly Milonov, who was instrumental in bringing about the “gay propaganda” law. The Russian State Honour is the highest award that can be given to a civilian.

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Vitaly Milonov has gone on record to call the Eurovision song content a “sodom show” and he branded Stephen Fry as sick over his suicide attempts in 2012.

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