Author: Greg Jameson

  • COMMENT | Why we should be ashamed of the intolerance and double standards of the left

    There’s much gnashing of teeth from leftists that the Conservatives are trying to hop into bed with the ‘homophobic’ DUP of Northern Ireland in order to prop up a crap minority Tory government. What short memories they have. Gordon Brown, the most recent Labour Prime Minister (the party has now lost three consecutive General Elections) […]

  • Interview | Steven Dehler

    Steven Dehler is the blond-haired, blue-eyed model with a super-finely-sculpted physique familiar from a range of magazine covers and photo shoots, especially for underwear brands such as Timoteo, Freedom Reigns and Marco Marco. He also appeared in the steamy car wash Andrew Christian video. It’s hard to miss Steven Dehler if you’re in West Hollywood […]

  • OPINION | The Ashers Baking verdict, and why gay cake is just the thin end of the wedge

    So the McArthurs of the Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland have lost another appeal against their conviction. They remain guilty of discrimination after refusing to bake a cake with a message in support of gay marriage and were justifiably sued. Good. It’s high time governments stopped offering up LGBTQ people as sacrifices to appease […]

  • Mind Matters

    We talk about our physical well-being all the time; discussing everything from our gym and dieting regimes through to our sexual health and exploits. Our mental health is all too often overlooked, even though LGBT people are known to suffer disproportionately more from poor mental health compared to the straight population. Recovery can be a […]

  • Interview | Dave Tomlinson

    Interview | Dave Tomlinson

    Meet Dave Tomlinson, the ‘Bad Christian’ on a mission.   Dave Tomlinson is a self-styled ‘Bad Christian’ whose church is unapologetically inclusive and whose books reach out to those on the fringes of faith, and even to outsiders. You may recall the media frenzy and raised eyebrows in some circles when he took the funerals […]