Aunty has sage advice for a man who’s not out at work.

Dear Aunty,

My new job has asked me to bring a friend or partner to the office Christmas party, but no one knows I’m gay and have a bf of 8 years. Should I bring him along for fear of what might happen or leave him behind like I have done on many occasions?

Thomas, Southend.

Dearest Thomas,

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The office party is a chance for you to let off some steam from the long year of hard work. Trust me when I say, you don’t want any partner, husband or close friends there. It never goes down well once you’re drunk and taking the new office boy over the photocopier! Likewise, after eight years, I imagine the boyfriend is only too glad to have a night off… with a glass of wine… with the next door neighbour… Log fire burning… I’d get home early if I were you!

Live long and prostrate 

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