Day: 26 March 2014

  • Whitehall To Fly Gay Flag For Gay Marriage Week

    Gay gay gay gay… It’s all going down this week, or rather up as Nick Clegg has announced that Whitehall is to fly the rainbow flag to celebrate the legalisation of same-sex marriage. From the 29th March, gay people across the UK will legally be able to marry and to celebrate the historic move Nick […]

  • London’s Manbar risks closure by Westminster City Council

    Manbar, the iconic independent gay bar on Charing Cross Road will be forced to close if it loses a costly legal battle with Westminster City Council early in April. The bar, which is on the site of 79CXR, the legendary dance bar, which ran for eighteen years before being sold to gay entrepreneur Chris Amos, […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW: Northern Ballet’s Cleopatra, Sheffield Lyceum

    After murdering her brother, Cleopatra takes the throne of Egypt, causing chaos in the Country she rules. Her dominance is reinforced by the arrival of Caesar who falls for her charms. But when Caesar is murdered, she seduces second in command, Mark Anthony, to maintain her power, despite the fact that he is married. But […]

  • Justin Bieber To Do A Calvin Klein Underwear Ad?

    Justin Bieber has asked his fans whether he should do a Calvin Klein campaign. Flashing his undies on Instagram Justin Bieber asked his 50m followers on Twitter whether she should do a CK campaign for the famed fashion label… He tweeted: ‘What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign ♛ ? Comment below yes or […]

  • Best of CELEB #CockInASock (NSFW)

    Our timeline has been filled (and we’re not complaining) of lads here there and everywhere putting their cocks in socks – and we’re loving it.