Day: 24 January 2015

  • When The Good News Is Followed By Bad News

    Today Alabama become the latest US State to allow same-sex marriage after US District Judge Ginny Granade ruled that the Alabama Marriage Protection Act and the amendment that later enshrined it in the state constitution both were unconstitutional. However just as we start the celebrations HRC the major gay rights organisation reminded us that whilst […]

  • Transparent Free For One Day Only

    To celebrate its recent GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS Amazon have announced that you can watch the all of the episodes of TRANSPARENT free this Saturday for just one day only. This excellent groundbreaking series is about a retired college professor who decides to transition into the woman he always felt he was, and then has to […]


    Fancy a luxurious, distinctive and powerful GT car for less than the price of a new Ford Fiesta? The 840Ci could be the car for you.   The 8-Series, or E31 for the BMW geeks out there, was launched in 1989 after a long and expensive development period that started in the mid 80’s. Although […]