We Are Gay UK

Day: 16 March 2017


Desert Migration

Saved by the introduction of protease inhibitors in the mid-1990s, many HIV-positive men needed to rebuild the lives they thought they’d never be able to live. In an effort to make peace with the virus inside them, some migrated to […]


Campaign of Hate: Russia & Gay Propaganda

Lucas returns to his native country with co-director Scott Stern to shine a light on the truth of LGBT men and women in Russia and their ever-increasing prosecution. Starring: Michael Lucas Runtime: 1 hour, 19 minutes Release: 2014 IMDB: 6.7/10 […]


Class Queers

What’s it like being a gay teenager in high school? This intimate documentary provides a rare glimpse into the lives of three gay kids. We follow Adina as they weave their way in and out of school, braving harassment and […]


Shy Of Normal

Author Vinnie Judith Rosenberg is battling a severe case of writer’s block. Her friend Jamie suggests combating it by observing complete strangers in public and, based on tiny details of their random conversations, creates three short, funny and whimsical stories […]


Bowser Makes a Movie

Bowser is a young man who simply cannot hold down a job; he’s fired from every one he starts. Following the loss of yet one more job Bowser announces his plan to make his own adult film much to the […]


Next Year In Jerusalem

Manny, devout to his upbringing, is set to marry Rivka, the Rabbi’s daughter. But Manny has a secret only Charlie, an openly gay man in an Orthodox Jewish family can understand. Starring: Peter J. Byrnes, LinDel Sandlin Runtime: 1 hour, […]


Mob Queen

In an effort to gain favor, two low level gangsters hire a prostitute (Candis Cayne) for their boss’s birthday. But all turns quickly negative when the two discover that the beautiful hooker is actually a transvestite. Starring: Candis Cayne, Tony […]


Original Pride: Satyrs

Through archival photos, vintage film footage, and first hand accounts by the men who were there, Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club offers a revealing look at the evolution of gay motorcycle club culture and its influence on the larger […]



Artist Paul Harfleet’s family had always accepted his sexuality, but it was a different story outside the home. Like many young gay people, he regularly faced abuse. So he developed an artisitic work, the PansyProject, to challenge homophobia and promote […]


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