A gay man in Brighton has opened up about a vicious assault to him and his boyfriend in Brighton, he says left him battered and fearing for the sight in his left side.

A man, Dain Luka,  in Brighton has reportedly suffered fractured bones in his face and is potentially facing the loss of sight in his left eye after a “homophobic” attack on him and his boyfriend James Flok Loxton.


Mr. Luka says the pair were homophobically assaulted when they were walking home. In a post he describes how two men allegedly started hurling anti-gay insults at them. The would be attackers then jumped Mr. Luka and Mr. Flok-Loxton, kicking them in the face, fracturing “all the bones” in Mr. Luka’s face.




Pictures uploaded by the boyfriends show them to be horribly brutalised and needing hospital attention.

Mr. Luka said in his Facebook post,

My eyes are full of blood and I’ve fractured all the bones in my face. I should find out in the next few days if I’m going to get my vision back in my left eye.”

Noting Brighton’s reputation for being a safe haven for the LGBT community Mr. Luka said,

“For it to happen in Brighton just goes to show that people still can’t be accepting of others.”


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According to his post, the two alleged attackers have been caught by the police.

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