Melanie Sprott

CREDIT: ChristopherWaltonPhotography/
CREDIT: ChristopherWaltonPhotography/

Who are you?
Siriusly Cosplay aka Mel

Why and when did you decide to become a Drag King or do FTM Cosplay?
I started cosplaying in July 2013, and my first cosplay was actually a FtM crossplay of Sirius Black from Harry Potter Marauders era. I am very invested into the character side of cosplay and always choose my cosplays based on the character, regardless of gender (so I do female cosplays as well)

Do you have a favourite character? (Why is he your favourite?)
My favourite character is probably still Sirius Black as I perform in character panels with him along with the rest of my cosplay group (Bandursnatch Studios) at conventions all over the country and they are also very popular on YouTube! I have a lot of fun as Sirius: running around as though you’re a teenager again and sniping at the Slytherins in the group as part of an improv question and answer session where you don’t know what’s coming next is a huge adrenaline rush.

What kind of act do you do and do you have one or more characters? What attracted you to dressing and performing as a male character?
I enjoy the character regardless of the assigned gender. Being tall (5’8 ) with big feet means that when I first started I could buy men’s clothes as easily as women’s clothes and soon learnt my sizes for both! A good binder is a must, both for safety and accuracy in my opinion, and just learning ‘male’ mannerisms or walk is all part of the character development for me. I work closely with a male photographer (Geordie Gent Photography, who took the lovely shot of me as Jayne from Firefly) and he has helped me immensely with body language and posing.

Why do you think Drag Kings/FTM cosplayers are usually ignored in favour of Drag Queens MTF Cosplayers?
Within the cosplay community. I would argue it is seen as more of a norm for FtM cosplay rather than MtF. My friend and I were crewing a convention last year and both ended up crossplaying (I was FtM and he was MtF). We helped each other a lot with the wigs, makeup and posing and ended up confusing people, which was fun! What would you like the world to know?

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The cosplay community in the UK is very open and welcoming of everybody, regardless of whatever you choose to cosplay – male, female, non-binary. If you’re interested, give it a go – it’s addictive! If you have any questions, head to my page and ask me directly if you like:
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Published works include children's books about childhood depression and the importance of being yourself (When Clouds Hide The Sun and Christopher the Lonely Bear) and an easy to use self help manual 50 Things To Know To Have A Better Life: Self-Improvement Made Easy.