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Law Hill Dundee

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Law Road, Dundee, DD3 6ZP, United KingdomDD3 6ZP

Hey. This is open to anyone any time. Just follow instructions.

Want your dick sucked on the law hill?

Want your ass rimmed?

Meet here

56.470672, -2.983532

Go for a little walk somewhere on the law. Have some fun and go.



You must have a shower and wash your feet.

Clean under foreskin.

Brush teeth, trim nails (fingers and toes)

Trim pubes and shave ass.

Discretion very important. No names. Wear a beanie, tammy, hat.

Wear something easy to take off - joggers, shorts, hoodie with zip

Footwear - something with strong grip. Its very slidey and wet.

Arrive when its starting to get dark to avoid people walking dogs.


How to identify? Stop and tie shoe lace if you see someone.  I guess just have a wander. Play music on your phone speaker. See if they follow. Dangle a scarf or something from your back pocket.  Ask "Are you a friend of Dorothy?" Wouldn't do that myself likes haha

Always use protection. Leave your used condoms dangling from a bush or tree so people know spots. Also its very naughty and exciting.

4   2 0 if desired. No judgment.

Bring your confidence, be brave. 

Straight guys very welcome. 

Be civil, respectful, polite, have a great time.  Can't wait to meet you.




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What kind of action you can expect:
  • Anal
  • BJ
  • Wanking
  • Kissing
  • Rimming
  • Fingering
  • Other
Type Of Guy You'll Meet:
  • Married Men
  • Gay and Bi Guys
  • Younger
  • Mature
  • Casual Attire
  • Builders
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Trans
  • Crossdressers
Best Time To Visit:
  • Evening
  • Night


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