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If you like what THEGAYUK.com does then please consider donating to keep us alive

We’re aiming to be ad-free and we can with your help. With Facebook and Google hoovering up most of the ad spend in the UK, it’s never been harder to be a publisher – let alone a niché publisher.

If you like what we do please consider helping us out so THEGAYUK can continue to exist.

Our supporters

With thanks to these generous supporters for their contributions.

Antony Simpson

Anna Goodman

Chris Smith

Craig Buchanan


Why is THEGAYUK.com asking for money?

We envisage a website cleared of clunky, annoying and editorially limiting adverts. Did you know that many ad platforms, including Facebook’s, will not monetize our content because of its “adult” nature – but they’ll happily monetize that of Cosmopolitan‘s, the Daily Mail’s and Men’s Health’s – go figure?

This policy of targetting us for non-monetization has left THEGAYUK.com in a precarious situation. In order for us to cover the stories that matter to a gay, bisexual and curious audience we’re asking that our readers make a small contribution.

Who collects the money for THEGAYUK.com

We’ve teamed up with DonorBox to help us administrate donations to the website.

How much can I donate?

We’ve set up a number of Tiers from just £1 to £30. These can be donated as a one-off, monthly or quarterly gift to us. You can also donate a custom amount, if you wish.

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