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  • THEATRE REVIEW | Northern Ballet’s Jane Eyre

    ★★★ |  Northern Ballet’s Jane Eyre In an adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s iconic novel, Jane Eyre is an orphan who is treated cruelly by her Aunt and sent to an institute for young girls. From there, she moves to work at Thornfield Manor as a governess and swiftly falls in love with her employer, Mr […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance: FAR – CAST Theatre, Doncaster

    ★★★ | FAR – CAST Theatre, Doncaster Based on an 18th-century text, Flesh in the Age of Reason, (hence the acronym, FAR), choreographer Wayne McGregor’s piece ventures into the relationship between the flesh and the mind. Utilising a backdrop of a pin board of thousands of LED’s, glistening and twinkling like the firing of neurological […]

  • The untold story of Bletchley Park And Alan Turing comes to Cast, Doncaster

    Following the recent 70th anniversary celebrations of VE Day, Idle Motion’s That Is All You Need To Know brings the untold story of Bletchley Park to Cast, Doncaster on Wednesday 17 June in a stunning piece of visual theatre. Total Theatre Award nominated Idle Motion takes the audience back to 1940s England and the melting […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | 4 X 4 Cast Theatre, Doncaster

    ★★ | 4 X 4 Cast Theatre, Doncaster In an original fusion art form, where the gentle poise and delicacy of ballet meets the frenetic pace of juggling, progressive troupe ‘Gandini Juggling’ explore bringing order to chaos using mathematics, numbers, patterns and regularity in 4×4 as two very different sets of skills melt together. Using […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | Kes, Doncaster Cast Theatre

    ★★★ | Kes, Doncaster Cast Theatre In a small, northern working class community in the 1960s, Billy Casper’s life is not the easiest. He struggles with reading and writing, is picked on at school, bullied by his older brother and neglected by his uncaring mother. With nothing in his future but the prospect of leaving […]

  • GIG REVIEW | James Blunt, Moon Landing Tour, Doncaster Racecourse

    ★★★★ | James Blunt, Moon Landing Tour, Doncaster Racecourse On a warm summer evening, Doncaster Racecourse presented the closing concert of James Blunt’s Moon Landing tour. Without the need for flashy pyrotechnics, elaborate sets or backing dancers James Blunt kept the crowd entertained for his 90 minute set with just his voice, his guitar and […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | The Freedom Of Freewill, Doncaster Cast Theatre

    ★★★ | The Freedom Of Freewill, Doncaster Cast Theatre Doncaster has a rising star. Nestled amongst the urban redevelopment of the town centre, proudly placed at the side of a large open space is the Cast Theatre. There is little doubt that this impressive little theatre is going to be the centrepiece of Doncaster’s growing […]