Tag: Two Star Film Review

  • FILM REVIEW | Magic In The Moonlight

    ★★ | Magic In The Moonlight Within a few minutes after the opening of this movie… Woody Allen’s 46th, and probably one of his most tedious … it is very obvious that the magic in the title refers strictly to the staged tricks created by the two leading characters and not to the film itself. […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas

    ★★ | Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas When the movie opens Earlene is sitting on a wall in Venice Beach swigging from a bottle secreted in a brown paper bag and she very dramatically utters to a total stranger, ‘Experience is the name we give our mistakes. Which one are you?’ and I cannot […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Lilting Reeks of good intentions but never really takes off.

    Junn is a rather disgruntled 60-something year old Chinese woman who has been co-coerced against her will into moving into a care facility for Seniors by Kai her son. The opening scenes of this wee British drama see the unhappy mother berating her only child for her present predicament, which is, exasperated by the fact […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Begin Again

    ★★ | Begin Again When I sat watching writer/director John Carney’s latest movie that was hoping to follow on with the surprise success of his last hit… Instead of being enthralled by the warbling tones of singer/songwriter Gretta on screen, I just couldn’t get a certain Sondheim lyric out of my head. ‘Once, yes, once […]

  • FILM REVIEW: Errodity(s)

    FILM REVIEW: Errodity(s)

    The only thing horrifying about Steven Vasquez’s new anthology of gay teen movies of the supernatural is some of the acting.★★

  • FILM REVIEW | Diana

    ★★  | Diana Officially separated from her husband, Diana Princess of Wales is out to hook herself another new man, and the one she has chosen is Hasnet Khan a handsome heart surgeon who she looks up at with her big dewy eyes and blurts out ‘So hearts can’t really be broken then?’ Full credit […]

  • FILM REVIEW: The Adored

    FILM REVIEW: The Adored

    ★★ | The Adored Maia is a model who finds her life in turmoil when a personal tragedy befalls her which severely impacts on her relationship with her husband.In an attempt to increase her self-esteem and to try and kick-start her career, she books a weekend with a prolific photographer, Francesca, in her secluded house […]

  • FILM REVIEW | R/Evolve

    ★★ | R/Evolve Lucas and Lincoln tackle the pains and joys of proposed marriage, of which gay marriage is the defining cultural indifference of the age.

  • FILM REVIEW | The Mudge Boy; Dark, Cruel and Unfinished

    A dark, cruel story of fourteen-year-old Duncan Mudge.