★★ | R/Evolve

Lucas and Lincoln tackle the pains and joys of proposed marriage, of which gay marriage is the defining cultural indifference of the age.

R/Evolve highlights the importance of marriage equality shown through the eyes of the central couple, exploring a dualistic struggle between personal desires and career demands. The beginning of the film showed great promise, with instances of filmic beauty set to a superbly rich soundtrack. Perhaps the filming could have employed a rougher more experimental style of filming to engage the audience in more of a documentary style genre.

The main plot was not necessarily easy to engage with – often bouncing between situations, leaving one to question the plots significance. The strongest moment was presented as a debate between Raccoon and Lincoln surrounding the key issue of marriage equality; leaving a feeling of importance and a taste for more (unlike the superfluous news stories which cheapened the film).

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I was left needing more integrity through the plot, and left wanting to see more head-on confrontations concerning the implications of gay marriage.