The only thing horrifying about Steven Vasquez’s new anthology of gay teen movies of the supernatural is some of the acting.★★

But then again as these erotic tales are essentially a voyeuristic look at these boys naked, then it’s obvious to see that they have been cast for their other talents. Over the plot of these four short stories we look at the lives of 10 gay youths, with and without their clothes on, dealing with fantasies that include shooting a brother when he stops wanting incest, to an abused lover coming back from the dead to get some revenge.

It is entertaining soft porn and the ‘horror’ angle just makes it campy and funny. It’s frothy and light and probably more cute than erotic but you will probably disagree if skinny pubescent young men tick one of your boxes. Mr Vasquez explains at the beginning that ‘eroddity’ means ‘tending to rouse sexual desire’. I’m not totally sure if this movie will do that but it will at least put either a smile or a grin on your face.

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