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  • RECIPE | Coffee Jelly with Cream

    RECIPE | Coffee Jelly with Cream

    Serves 8 Prep 5 mins (3 hours minimum chilling) No Cook Coffee lovers and addicts will adore this meeting of dessert and post-dinner coffee. In an unusual twist on a kids party pudding normally served with ice cream comes a surprisingly good and sophisticated version that is perfectly paired with cream. This dessert is not […]

  • RECIPE | Chicken Tequila

    Chicken Tequila Serves 4 |¬†Prep 10 mins |¬†Cook 1.5 hrs (small chicken) Tequila Twist on the Classic Roast The sauce / gravy that this dish makes is so delicious. Spoon it on top of the chicken once you’ve plated up. Fuse the almighty British roast dinner with some interesting international flavours; tequila, lime, coriander, smoked […]