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A6006 Layby

Not a big place and pretty bleak in the winter but summer is best for when it’s overgrown. Wait for brake lights or hazards. The road is very close and […]

Brough Layby

Sit in the car. Lorry drivers tend to get out and stand at the side of their lorries and get their cocks out. Mainly truck drivers, workmen, suits. Are you […]

A616 Ollerton Road Layby

Two laybys nearly opposite each other on the A616 at the Newark end on the road to and from Ollerton. The first layby on the left (Newark to Ollerton side) […]

Stapleford Woods

Heavily wooded area with limited parking, a walk in the woods can prove to be beneficial. Cruisiest Spot: There are many places to pull in along the road, the places […]

Spalford Layby

Good coverage in summer at end of layby as set back from the road with a small wooded area between road and layby. Also, public footpath leads into fields. Afternoons […]

A614 Ollerton Proteus Layby

Very large layby with a wooded edge plenty of places for parking. Loads of lorry reps. Have a drive through the layby first to see what’s going off, look out […]

Wooddale Road Grange Park

The forest past the dog walking tracks. In and around the trees near the benches. The trees in the far corner past the benches have logs to sit on. A […]

Ladybridge Park

This is a secluded, small, forested area on the far end of the Welland Valley football pitch. The area is fully open to public access. The forested area is surrounded […]


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