Day: 24 July 2013

  • Russia boycott petition goes live

    A petition to boycott the Russian Winter Olympics has been created on the official UK Government’s website. A petition has gone live calling for the boycott of Russia’s Winter Olympics in 2014. The petition reads: Boycott 2014 Winter Olympics Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office With the increasingly homophobic stance being taken by the Russian […]

  • LGBT groups forced to suspend AIDS education in Cameroon

    LGBT rights groups in Cameroon are being forced to suspend Aids education programmes because fears of educator’s safety. is reporting that Aids education programmes have been halted by LGBT organisations in Cameroon “until their international partners help them to improve security so activists won’t be killed while trying to curb the spread of HIV […]

  • How gay is X Men?

    X-men the gay metaphor. This month sees the release of “The Wolverine”. Marking the 6th time that Hugh Jackman has portrayed the character on screen. His portrayal of the physically unbreakable muscle bear obviously has attracted a huge gay fan base, but this is not uncommon for the characters from Marvel’s Mighty Mutants. The X-men […]