Day: 1 September 2013

  • BOY GEORGE: “‘Odds Are One Of One Direction Are Gay”

    Boy George reckons at least one of the boys from One Direction are gay and are probably all bisexual. CREDIT: © PopularImages Depositphotos Iconic singer, Boy George has had a good tongue wagging conversation with the Daily Star about Justin Bieber, Rhianna and the One Direction boys and it seems as though he’s not a […]

  • COLUMN | Tell It To The Hand

    COLUMN | Tell It To The Hand

    I was horrified recently to read a piece in a quality newspaper where a man described his wife as being “pissed”. He meant angry and not inebriated. How odd and confusing. When did pissed start meaning angry? I also saw an advert on a bus saying: “Do the Math!” Eek. It’s maths. It always has […]