Day: 27 February 2015

  • RIP: Leonard Nimoy, Lived Long And Prospered

    The veteran classically trained actor who was known the world over as Spock the deadpan Vulcan logician whose cool head helped Captain Kirk out of many a near miss on ‘STAR TREK’ has died at aged 83. Back in 1968 when talking about the character he created he told a New York Times reporter, “‘It’s […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Whiplash

    ★★★★★ | Whiplash 19-year-old Andrew Neyman wants to be the next Buddy Rich. This aspiring young drummer who is completely obsessed with his burning ambition has managed to get himself enrolled at the prestigious Shaffer Conservatory of Music in Manhattan, which is ranked No. 1 in the country. Now he is desperate to be recruited […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | The Honey Man, The Birmingham Rep

    ★★★★ | The Honey Man, The Birmingham Rep Sweet, Charming and Sincere. The Honey Man, written and acted by the extremely talented Tyrone Huggins and elegantly directed by Emma Bernard, delights the Birmingham Rep Door with an evening of sweetness, surprise and wonder, as we see the Honey Man captivating the soul of the young […]

  • Hunks Of Daytime On ITV

    Ah, daytime TV – a guilty pleasure in TheGayUK office. It occurred to us that the day time team on ITV, is particularly hot. Men of daytime, we salute you, from Phillip Schofield to Judge Rinder, these are our top Hunks of Daytime TV on ITV. Philip Schofield, ITV, This Morning The original silver fox, […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Hyena, Slick and Brutal

    The ‘hyena’ in this slick and brutal crime thriller is a burly bent copper called Michael Logan who plays so closely with fire, he is definitely going to get more than his fingers burned if things turn out as badly as they probably will. ★★

  • Fans Shocked By Brutal Storyline In Channel 4’s Gay Series, Cucumber

    Fans Shocked By Brutal Storyline In Channel 4’s Gay Series, Cucumber

    Fans of Russell T. Davies’s new drama on Channel 4, were shocked last night at the brutal murder of one of its lead characters. During last night’s episode of Cucumber, Lance, played by Cyril Nri was dealt a lethal blow that kills him in one of the most shocking homophobic attacks ever shown on TV. […]