We Are Gay UK


The Benefits Of Gusbandry

At her debaucherous 40th birthday party, serial relationship-killer Jackie meets handsome and charming thirty-something River – the perfect guy, who happens to be gay. Their ensuing adventures in self-medication, late-blooming, […]


Eden’s Curve

Peter heads off to university, where he meets William, a classics major who develops a strong attraction to him. However, Peter becomes romantically involved with his roommate, Joe, and Joe’s […]


Most Likely

Kurt and Chloe are a free-spirited couple that, instead of planning a traditional wedding, invite their closest friends to Kurt’s family’s vacation house in New Hampshire. As the weekend unfolds, […]


Successful People

Chet and Laura have spent ten years trying to make it as songwriters. After meeting a younger and highly successful songwriter at a networking event, pregnant Laura and socially-awkward Chet […]